Matters After Issuance of Foreigner Registration Certificate

Liability of Production of Registration Certificate

  • Every registered foreigner shall, within 24 hours, which can be extended if sufficient cause is shown, on demand by any Registration Officer, any magistrate, or any police officer not below the rank of a head constable, produce his certificate of registration for inspection by such registration officer, magistrate or police officer.

  • If the Registration Officer, magistrate or police officer, not being below the rank of an inspector, is of the opinion that the passport or other documents of identification produced by the foreigner do not furnish adequate proof of identity, and if the registration certificate does not bear the photograph or finger impressions/signatures, he may be asked to produce four copies of passport-size photographs, four complete sets of finger impressions/signatures, one of which shall be made on the Registration Certificate. The finger impression/signatures shall be made in the presence of the Registration Officer and each set attested by him.

Report of Absence from Registered Address

  • If at any time a foreigner proposes to be absent from his registered address for a continuous period of 9 weeks or more, or is changing his registered address, the foreigner is required to inform in person, or through an authorized representative, or by registered post to his Registration Officer his intention to leave either temporarily or permanently the jurisdiction of the Registration Officer. In case of return, the foreigner should inform the Registration Officer of the date of return, and, in cases where the foreigner is moving away, the change of address. Any changes made subsequently should also be given to the Registration Officer.

  • Every foreigner staying for a period of more than 8 weeks at any place in any district other than the district in which registered address is situated shall inform the Registration Officer of that district of his presence. This can be made in writing, and the requirements deemed to have been fulfilled if, prior to arrival, the foreigner furnishes to the Registration Officer of the said district the dates of his proposed arrival and departure from the district.

Change in Registered Address

A foreigner shall be deemed to have changed his registered address if he changes his residence from one place to another place in India, and, if having no residence, he leaves his registered address knowing that he is not likely to return within 6 months of leaving it.

Reports of Other Changes Except Address

Every foreigner is required to furnish to the Registration Officer of the district in which his registered address is located the particulars of any circumstance affecting the accuracy of the particulars recorded in his certificate of registration within 14 days after the circumstance has occurred, and generally shall provide the Registration Officer all information as may be necessary for maintaining the accuracy of the certificate.

Surrender of Certificates of Registration on Departure

Every foreigner who is about to depart finally from India shall surrender his Certificate of Registration either to the Registration Officer of the place where he is registered or of the place from where he intends to depart, or to the Immigration Officer at the port/check post of exit at the time of final departure from India. If the certificate is surrendered to someone other than to the Immigration Officer of the port/check post of exit, a receipt indicating such surrender of the document may be obtained and shown to the Immigration Officer at the time of final departure.

Duplicate Certificates of Registration

If any Certificate of Registration issued under these rules is lost or destroyed, the foreigner to whom it was issued shall make or send a report of circumstances in which it was so lost or destroyed with an application, in writing, for the issue of a duplicate copy of the Certificate of Registration to the Registration Officer of the district of his registered address.
Production of Proof of Identity

  • Every foreigner shall, within 24 hours of demand by any Registration Officer, magistrate or police officer not below the rank of a head constable, produce, at such place as may be specified, his passport or such other proof of his identity. This time period can be extended in case of sufficient cause shown by the foreigner.

  • Every foreigner entering India shall, on demand by the Registration Officer, deliver his passport or other proof of identity to that officer, and shall thereafter attend at such time and place as the Registration Officer may direct for the purpose of returning his passport, and shall be entitled to receive a receipt for it from the Registration Officer.

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