New Passport In Lieu of Lost or Damaged Passport – Indian Citizens in USA

New Passport In Lieu of Lost or Damaged Passport - Indian Citizens in USA

Indian citizens residing in the USA can get a new passport if their current passport is lost or damaged. Your passport is considered damaged if the passport number is unreadable, the name is illegible, the photo is not intact or it is otherwise damaged beyond recognition, mutilated or smudged entries or washed out or torn or apparently visible damaged.

Complete Application Procedure

A new passport may not be issued for the second loss/damage of the passport. Habitual losers of passports will be subject to inquiry.

You will receive a new passport with a new passport number with fresh validity.

On the ‘Passport Application – Get Started Page‘, under ‘Choose your Passport Service‘, please select ‘New Passport In Lieu of of Lost/Damaged‘.

Additional Documents

  • Police Report
    In case of loss passport, a police report with the name of applicant(s) and reference of lost documents(s) such as the passport.

    Current police report must be no more than 6 months old.

  • Annexure F

  • Proof of Indian Nationality
    Please provide one of the following:
    • Indian passport copy: First five and last two pages
    • Indian birth certificate
    • Matriculation/Higher Secondary/School Leaving Certificate
    • Indian Photo Identity Card: Driving license or Election Commission ID or PAN Card
    • Any other document containing photo and indicating Indian nationality of the applicant

Incomplete Details

If you recently lost your valid Indian passport and do not have all the details, you can visit the Indian Embassy/Consulate in person between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. They need basic details such as name, birth date, lost passport number, date of issue. They will try their best to trace the details.

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