Newcomer to USA Guide
Millions of people travel to the United States every year. Many of them are traveling for the first time. There are many differences between their home country and the United States. Therefore, many people may not understand various procedures, what to bring, how to get settled, and how to get things done. Many people may ask others such as relatives, friends, or colleagues who have already been to or are staying in the USA.

Instead of getting the information in pieces, this section of our website describes various aspects of the U.S. to newcomers. It gives basic information and ideas about what to expect and do. Of course, you will not learn everything and become an expert overnight, and it's nearly impossible to absorb all the information immediately. However, it is a good start.

This document describes various aspects of the U.S. Before reading this document, it would be useful to read Travel to USA, which explains, in great detail, everything you need to know to travel to the USA.

Please note that the articles displayed here are based on the experiences of others and they are not final authoritative statements. Therefore, you should use this guide as a reference only and always use your own judgment.