Indian Passport Application in USA - Submission
An application for Indian passport in USA can be submitted to CKGS either by shipping or in person. Submit the documents in person or by mail, to CKGS, according to your jurisdiction. Both options are described in detail below:

  • Shipping:
    Shipping your documents to CKGS is a preferred method as it saves travel times and parking charges, as well as avoids waiting at the CKGS application center.

    You can use the Shipping method for sending the documents as well receiving the passport back.

    When you choose the shipping method, please print the label which will be automatically addressed as follows:
    • Attn To:
      • New Passport Application
      • C/O Passport Department
      • IPAC Address
      • IPAC Location
      • IPAC Zip Code

    Applicant can use either UPS/FedEx or their own shipping label.

    • For UPS, use only Express Envelope. Do not use packages or tubes
    • For FedEx, use only Envelope or Reusable Envelope. Do not use 'Small Pak', 'Large Park', 'Small Box', 'Medium Box', 'Tube' or any similar containers.
    • Do not request a pickup by FedEx. Visit FedEx Office location to send documents.
    • Send only one application per package. If you send more than one applications in one package, your applications will be kept on hold until you pay the balance payment (the money that would have been charged to you, if you had one application per package.)
    • Weight of the package should not exceed 0.5 LB.
    • Use the shipping label provided by CKGS. Do not use your own shipping label, as it is simply not worth the troubles it will cause you as CKGS will not take any responsibility of pick-up or delivery and it will cause unnecessary hassles and delays.

    Once CKGS receives your application, you will receive an email acknowledge with the status 'Received, but Not Verified'. Once they verify your application, you will receive another email indicating the outcome of the verification process.

  • Walk-In (By Appointment):
    While making an online application, you will select the 'Walk-In' as the submission option and follow the steps below:
    • Choose your 'Appointment Date'.
    • Select your time slot
    • If the date/time slot is already booked, the next available option will be displayed
    • You will get a confirmation of your appointment date and time booked.
    • Come in person at the CKGS Application Center at the designated appointment date and time to submit your application.
    Appointments can be booked through My Account as well. You can also cancel your appointment and reschedule.

    The application can be submitted in person either by the applicant or immediate family member of the applicant, with a proper authority letter and proof of relationship.

    In case you are applying for minor child, both parents have to present themselves at the counter. If one of the parents is unable to attend, an authority/consent letter must be given by the parent not attending, authorizing the other parent to apply alone.