Indian Passport Application in USA - Documents
For Indian passport services in USA, please collect the following documents. To enable the Consulate to properly scrutinize, color photocopies of the documents are preferred, but not required.

All affidavits must be notarized.

  • Completed and signed Document Checklist, which is generated at the time of online application

  • Application Form

  • Nationality Verification Form:

    This form will be automatically generated through CKGS Application Widget Online.

    You must insure that your details are identical to the details in your recent original Indian passport, unless there is change required. You can change your details under 'Miscellaneous Services'.

    You must affix a photograph to it.

    Normally one copy needs to be submitted.

    However, 8 copies must be submitted in the following cases:
    • Passport is lost/damaged or expired more than 6 months

    • If your visa status has expired or pending. Application only for Houston, New York and San Francisco. Not applicable in Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC.

    Sample Form

  • Passport:
    • Current passport - original.
    • Additional booklet if any - original.
    • If the old passport is 5 years old or less, please send the previous passport as well.
    • Photocopy of first five pages and last two pages of the current passport

    If you have more than one original passport, provide the copies of all the passport.

  • Proof of Legal Status:
    Notarized photocopy of the appropriate documents from the list below:
    • Current valid US visa on passport
    • Green card
    • Employment Authorization Card (EAD)
    • I-797 Approval Notice (Receipt notice is NOT valid proof) OR I-20

    Note: Indian Embassy/Consulates in USA provide passport services only to the legal residents of the U.S. If your parents or other relatives are visiting the U.S. on a tourist visa or someone on a business visa on short term, the Consulate can not provide the passport services to them. Therefore, if their passport is due to expire during their visit, it is best to get it renewed in India itself before their visit.

    The following is applicable to Houston, New York & San Francisco (Not applicable to Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, DC).

    If your visa status is expired or pending,
    • Notarized Affidavit

    • Notarized photocopy of the valid Indian passport and the valid green card of two witnesses

  • Notarized copy of Proof of Residence

    Senior citizens who do not have address proof in their name can submit a notarized copy of address proof of their son/daughter with whom they are staying along with notarized copy of their passport's first 2 and last 2 pages.

  • Photographs:
    Three photographs, except in case of lost/damaged passport or passport expired more than 3 years ago, 8 photographs to be submitted.

    Photograph instructions
    Instructions on getting the photographs

  • Fees:
    Depending upon the passport service desired, passport fee varies.
    Passport Fees

  • Marriage Certificate:
    If you have mentioned your marital status as married in the application form, and if your current passport does not have spouse's name, you must enclose
    • Notarized copy of your marriage certificate.

      Only marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of marriage will be accepted. However, in case of Christians, marriage certificates issued by the Church and in case of Muslims, marriage certificates issued by Quazi will be accepted.

    • Notarized copy of the first and last pages of passport of the spouse. If US citizen spouse does not have passport, copy of their ID card.

  • Expired Passport:
    • Expired less than 6 months:
      Enclose a self-explanation letter as to why the passport was not renewed in time.

    • Expired for more than 6 months but less than 3 years:
      Enclose a Notarized Affidavit along with a self-explanation letter as to why the passport was not renewed after expiry for such a long time.

    • Expired more than 3 years:
    In case an interview is required, applicant will be informed.

  • Change of Appearance:
    If your appearance has significantly changed compared to the appearance in the current passport, change of appearance affidavit is required. Please glue a current photo to the form and have it notarized.

  • Additional Documents:
    You need to send additional documents accordingly to the type of passport service you are applying:

    New Passport or Renewal of Passport
    Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/Damaged Passport
    Emergency Travel Document
    Passport for Children under 18 years of age
    Indian Passport-US-Born Child-Indian Parent
    Correction (spelling only) of Parents Name
    Change of Name - Complete
    Change of Name - Splitting Name
    Change of Name - From Maiden to Married
    Addition of Spouse's Name
    Deletion of Spouse's Name
    Change of Date and Place of Birth
    Change of Appearance
    Change of Address
    Tatkal Passport
    Passport pages exhausted - Additional pages can not be added. You need to apply for 'Re-issue' of passport under 'Passport pages exhausted' option.

  • Tatkal Service: (Optional)
    • Tatkal Request approval email.

    • A letter address to the Consulate explaining the Emergency along with supporting documents such as medical papers, student admission, business letter, visa papers, etc.


    If Tatkal Service is required, follow the instructions given under Tatkal Service. Additional Tatkal Fee must be paid.