India Employment Visa - Additional Documents
In addition to the regular set of documents required to get an India Visa, the following additional documents are required for Employment Visa.
  • Appointment letter: An employment appointment letter that contains the salary information.

  • Contract letter: An employment contract letter. The letter must be detailed and comprehensive.

  • Resume: The applicant's resume.

  • Organization registration: Proof that the organization is registered in India, proof of registration of the firm in the State Industries Department or the Export Promotion Council concerned, or any recognized promotional body in the field of industry and trade etc.

  • Tax liability letter:
    A tax liability letter from the company in India which must certify the following details:
    1. Indian company should be liable/take responsibility for paying taxes on behalf of the applicant.
    2. Foreigners being hired will not exceed 1% of total workforce.
    3. Within 1%, foreigners should not exceed more than 20 employees.
    4. In case the number of employees is within 1%, but more than 20, applicants should understand that there may be a delay in decisions made on the issuance of the visa.

  • Employee Details Form.

  • Project details/Annex II form:
    The Project Details Form must be completed on company letterhead and should be signed by an authorized person at the company.

    Every question must be answered. 'N/A' in response to the questions is not allowed.

  • Sponsor letter from organization in India:
    Applicants who are intending to volunteer, work with charities or non-profit organizations must include a letter form the sponsoring organization in India on letterhead indicating the nature and the duration of the visit and where it will take place. The letter should be signed by an authorized person at the organization.

  • Justification letter:
    A letter from the employer in India certifying that applicant is a skilled and qualified professional, technical expert, senior executive or in a managerial position. This letter should state that the applicant's skills are not available in India.

  • Documentary proof of the applicant's educational qualifications and professional expertise.

  • Checklist
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