OCI Application Documents
You must one set of all application forms and required documents, except two copies of the document. checklist. All photocopies must be self-attested with a statement that "This is a true copy of the original" and your signature.

If applying as a family group, please ensure that Part A of each application is put together followed by only one Part B. Thereafter, the supporting documents should be arranged in the same order as Part A of each applicant.

Please do not staple your documents. Do not use use paper clips either.
  1. Online Registration Form, Part A and Part B.

  2. CKGS Disclaimer Form:
    Applicable only for the jurisdiction that process OCI through Cox & Kings Global Services (which is at least the entire United States):

    Complete the CKGS Disclaimer Form and print it.

  3. Additional Particulars form:
    Applicable only for the jurisdiction that processes OCI through Cox & Kings Global Services (which is at least the entire United States):

    Complete and and print it. Please make sure to answer all questions. Do not leave any answers blank.

  4. Photograph:
    You need to paste one photograph on Part A. You may need to submit additional photograph. Exact document checklist would be generated on CKGS website when you fill the application using their widget.

    Photograph instructions

    Instructions on getting the photographs

    There is a photo upload option at the Government of India (while filling the application form). Uploading the photo is optional. In any case, one physical (paper) photo is still required.

  5. Copy of Passport:
    Photocopies of the following pages US passport (or non-U.S. and non-Indian passport for non-U.S. citizens):
    • Information page that contains the picture and basic details of the passport.
    • Endorsement/amendment pages. That is, for 24 pages US passport, copy of pages 22, 23, 24. For 28 pages US passport, copy of pages 25, 26, and 27.

    Do NOT send the original non-Indian passport with the application. You will have to send that only after the consulate receives the OCI card from New Delhi, India. Original passport is required only at the time of OCI match up.

    New York, Chicago, San Francisco jurisdiction:
    In case of Canadian citizens through Naturalization, provide a copy of 'landing paper'.

    Exception for Houston jurisdiction (for new OCI only, not for in lieu of PIO card):
    1. You must send your original valid US passport along with the application.
    2. You will need 2 courier services - one for returning the passport back after verification; the other for sending the OCI card.

  6. Birth certificate:
    • For all applicants that are born abroad (outside India), a photocopy of birth certificate or any government issued document that shows parents name, date of birth and nationality.
    • If you are applying through parents, and one parent was born outside India, submit birth certificate and passport copy of the parent born outside India.
    • If birth certificate or any of the documents are in any language other than English, the document must be translated into English and it must be notarized.

    Do not submit originals as they can't be responsible for original documents.

  7. Naturalization certificate:
    Copy of naturalization certificate, as appropriate.

  8. Proof of Indian Origin

  9. Application through Spouse
    • Copy of marriage certificate
    • San Francisco, New York only.
      Notarized Joint Statement signed by couple stating
      • they were married 2 years prior to the submission of the OCI application.
      • in case of dissolution of marriage or deceased spouse, he/she must notify and return the OCI card to the consulate.
    • Copy of passport
      • Copy of the information page that contains the picture and basic details of the passport.
      • Copy of the endorsement / amendment pages.
    • In case spouse is non-US national Provide copy of the one of the following of the non-US national spouse:
      • Permanent resident card - both sides
      • Employment Authorization Card (EAD) which states 'Serves as I-512'
      • Pages showing H1/H4, L1/L2, F1/F2, J1/J2 etc.
        • Transfer notices and receipt notices are not accepted
        • Visa must be valid for at least 3 months

  10. Proof of address

  11. Proof of name change

  12. Return of documents:
    Enclose proof of payment of the CKGS courier service charges or prepaid envelope with Air Way Bill No # with service provider name.


  13. Proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:
    Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender Certificate, as appropriate.

    If required, you can just send the renunciation documents and the fees along with the application, instead of first getting the surrender certificate.

  14. PIO card holders:
    Original PIO card

  15. Legal status:
    If you are non-US citizen, provide a copy of one of the following:
    Non-US citizens who are applying for their minor children must also provide their US legal status.

    Do not send as original document as they can't be held responsible for loss or damage to original documents.

  16. Fees

  17. Minor applicants:
    1. Parental authorization form. It must be signed and notarized for both parents.

    2. If any of the parents are non US citizens, proof of their legal status in the US, as described above.

    3. Copies of parents US/Foreign passports or OCI cards:
      • US/Foreign passports of parents:
        • Copy of the information page that contains the picture and basic details of the passport.
        • Copy of the endorsement/amendment pages.
      • OCI Cards: If parents have OCI cards, copies of both information pages on the OCI card.

    4. Copies of parents proof of Renunciation:
      If one or both parents are naturalized citizens, proof of renunciation for parents must be provided.

      You should provide either certificate of renunciation issued by an Embassy/Consulate of India or Cancelled Indian Passport with stamp stating the passport is cancelled due to obtaining US citizenship. However, for Washington Jurisdiction, both are required.

      If parents need to obtain renunciation certificate, they need do obtain it prior to submitting application for minor.

    5. When applying as individual and not as part of family:
      1. Copy of parents marriage certificate
        Marriage certificate must be issued by marriage registering authority. Certificates issued by community institutions like church/mosque/temple/gurudwara etc. are not acceptable.

  18. Check list:
    Two copies of the completed check list. Make sure to arrange the application documents arranged in the order in which they are listed in each check list. Otherwise, application will be returned unprocessed to applicant(s). The consulate or their agency will not be responsible for any kind for loss of documents during transit by mail.

Make sure that the photocopies are legible (readable). Even though not required, it is better to send color photocopies. If the consulate is not able to read the contents and/or recognize the photograph on the photocopies, the application will be returned to you without processing.