OCI Miscellaneous Services - Application
Submitting Application

You must sign the application form, paste the photograph and sign in the signature box provided.

In the U.S., all the applications must be submitted through Cox & Kings as the Indian Embassy/Consulates no longer accept them directly. For other countries, they may have to be sent either to Indian consulates worldwide or some other similar agency.

Application Tips

If the applicant is in India, they can apply to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Amritsar. Or at

Under Secretary (OCI),
Foreigners Division,
Ministry of Home Affairs,
Jaisalmer House,
26 Man Singh Road,
New Delhi-110 011

Phone: (91) 11-2338 7436

Email: [email protected]

Each applicant must submit a separate application form along with the documents and the fee. Unlike the initial OCI application, it is not possible to combine the family members together in one application.

Application Status

Once the Indian Mission/Post/Office receives the application, they will issue a File (Acknowledgement) Number and will be sent to you by e-mail.

The application can find out the stats of the application at Online Status Enquiry by entering the Registration Number or File (Acknowledgement) Number.

If there are any objections while processing the application, they will be displayed in Online Status Enquiry. Please follow the instructions and send requisite documents to the Indian Mission/Post/Office where you have applied along with the File (Acknowledgement) Number.

If the concerned officer seeks a personal interview, the date and time of the interview will be sent by e-mail. Please attend the interview along with the requisite particulars/documents.

Processing Times
Processing time for OCI Miscellaneous services is approximately 60 days from the time the application is sent from Indian Visa Application Center to the Indian Embassy or Consulate. Until all OCI cards and passports are secured and in your possession, you should not purchase non-refundable tickets or reservations.

Receiving New Set of OCI Documents
The processing may take around two weeks from the receipt of the hard copy of the application and the decision will be made accordingly whether to grant or deny the application. There is no refund even if the service is denied. Upon approval, the new OCI documents (OCI registration certificate and visa stamp) would be issued after surrender of the old documents to the Indian Mission/Post to which the application was made.

According to the Online Status Enquiry, if you see that requisite service(s) have been contracted, please mail the document described below to the Indian Mission/Post/Office you applied at after 10 days from the date of dispatch of documents from New Delhi or any day after receipt of documents at the Mission/Post/Office, whichever is earlier. You are not allowed to appear in person. However, in case of applications filed in India, you should instead approach the appropriate FRRO or MHA OCI cell (wherever you applied) in person or through authorized person.

Please submit the passport for pasting the new visa.

In case of re-issuance of OCI documents, please surrender the existing OCI registration certificate and produce the passport containing the existing visa for cancellation (in case the old passport has been surrendered, it need not be produced).
In case of issuance of duplicate OCI documents for damaged documents, please surrender the damaged documents. In case only one OCI document had been lost, the other document shall be surrendered.