OCI Online Registration Application Form
In order to apply for OCI, you must complete both Part A and Part B, as per the instruction below:

  • Part A:
    Visit Ministry of Home Affairs' web site and click on 'Online registration' and complete the form (Part A) online.

    You are recommended to use 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' as other web browsers may have a problem for saving the dates in the application.

    When filling Part A, you choose the application type either as an individual applicant or family group. You will be asked to complete the rest of the details accordingly. A family of 4 (spouses and two minor children) can complete part A in one attempt. All family members applying together must reside at the same address. If a family consists of more than 2 minor children, the application for the third (and all subsequent) minor child(ren) must be completed as an individual by selecting the option for an individual applicant. Alternatively, in case of applying as a family of five or greater, the family can be split up with the father and mother on separate family applications. The Family Group option should be opted if only one of the parents is applying along with one or two minor children. In the case where your children are not minors, an independent application for each such child needs to be completed.

    Make sure to select the right consulate that is applicable to you. Otherwise, another consulate can not process the application for you.

    Before clicking on the "Submit" button, recheck the information you entered for accuracy and completeness because information once submitted can not be changed.

    Once Part A is filled out, click 'Save'. A print window would appear. Click OK to print out the requisite application form consisting of Part A (which has been completed as online registration). The blank form of Part-B will automatically print along with Part A. Make sure that all lines, boxes and information on the form are present and legible.

    In case you made an error and already clicked the Submit button, restart the process and enter all the details all over again and discard the previous application. There is no problem with it.

    A barcode and Web File Number will be assigned to you by the computer upon completing the online registration. You must retain this Web File Number as it will be required when you submit your application at the consulate.

    The information furnished by the applicant in Part A of the application cannot be manipulated either at the time of processing in the consulate or at the time of printing OCI document. The Consulate General of India will not be responsible for errors in the document due to your furnishing wrong information in Part A. If you find that you've provided incorrect information on the application, through a request for the issue of fresh document/visa sticker, it may be possible to get the wrong details changed after the OCI certificate is issued, through OCI Miscellaneous Services. You must not manipulate the data in the hard copy.

    Put Part A of the application for each applicant together, up to 4 family members.

    Photograph should be pasted (not stapled) in the designated box in Form A.
    Photograph instructions

    Copy of the already registered applications can be obtained using REPRINT FORM option in individual registration form by supplying the Web File number as well as the date of birth.

    Please send an email to [email protected] if you need any help in filing the application.

  • Part B:
    The applicant must then complete Part B, which should be typed, preferably. Alternatively, it may be handwritten in capital letters with Black or Blue Ink only.

    Irrespective of the number of applicants in Part A, Part B will be a single form (representing all applicants). It needs to be signed by all adult applicants and not by minor children.

    When submitting the application, please don't include any pages containing instructions after Part B.

    In case the space provided is not sufficient, additional sheets may be used for providing requisite details.

    You must answer question #21 and #22. If you don't have close family members living in India, 'No close family member living in India.' is an acceptable answer.

    Question #20/#21 regarding the Employer Address, make sure to give the name and address of the employer. In case you are retired, you should give the name and address of your last employer.

  • Signature:
    • Part A:
      • Each family member must have a separate Form A signed by that family member.
      • You must sign within the boxes provided next to photograph. If you sign outside the box, application will be rejected.
      • Minor Children:
        • For child of 5 years and above, signature / name of the minor child should be in the signature box under their photo on the first page of the application.
        • For child less than 5 years of age, thumb impression of the minor child should be in the signature box under their photo using only a blue or black inkpad. Use left thumb for boys and right thumb for girls. Do not place both signature and thumb impression in the same box.
        Parents can not sign on behalf of the child under any circumstances.
    • Part B:
      • As it is common for all family member, each applicant must sign the same Form B.
      • Minors do not sign part b of the application.
      • Wherever parent's signature is required, it must match with the signature in the passport. Otherwise, applications will be put on hold and a new application will be asked.
      • In case of minor applicants, both parents should sign at the bottom of the application, even if both parents are not applying for OCI. If only one parent is available to sign for the minor, proof of custody or a death certificate must be provided.