Endorsement of New Passport Number in the PIO Card
If you get a new passport and you still have a valid PIO card, you can either carry both the passports while traveling to India or you can get the new passport number endorsed in your PIO card. This procedure is not for name change and you must apply for new PIO card in that case.

The following documents are required:
  1. PIO Endorsement Form:
    Complete PIO Card endorsement form.

    If you are applying for minor children, the application must be signed by both parents.

  2. Order form:
    Applicable only for the jurisdiction that process PIO Card through Cox & Kings Global Services (which is at least the entire United States):

    Complete the CKGS Order Form and print it.

  3. Additional Particulars form:
    Applicable only for the jurisdiction that processes OCI through Cox & Kings Global Services (which is at least the entire United States):

    Complete the Additional particular form and print it.

  4. Photograph:
    One photograph should be pasted in the application.

    Photograph instructions
    Instructions on getting the photographs

  5. Proof of address

  6. Proof of name change

  7. Naturalization certificate:
    Copy of naturalization certificate, as appropriate.

  8. Proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship:
    Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender Certificate, as appropriate.

    If required, you can just send the renunciation documents and the fees along with the application, instead of first getting the surrender certificate.

    Not applicable to foreign-born persons who never held Indian passports.

  9. Statement requesting endorsement:
    Provide a statement mentioning that you would like to have the new passport number endorsed on your PIO card.

  10. Passports:
    You must provide the original old passport (for which the PIO card was previously endorsed) and the new passport (for which the PIO card will be endorsed), along with a copy of first three and last two pages of both the passports.

  11. PIO Card:
    You must provide a original PIO card as well as its copy.

  12. For minors:
    When applying for your minor child(ren), the following documents are required only if the applicant's old PIO card was issued before Jun 1, 2010, one of the following is required.
    • If parent(s) are still Indian citizens, copy of valid Indian passport(s).

    • Proof of renunciation.

      If parent(s) need to obtain renunciation certificate, they need to apply for the same prior to submitting application for minor.

  13. Fees:
    As described in the fees section.

    For Houston Only: If your PIO card was issued from a jurisdiction other than Houston, you need to pay addition $20 reference fee.

  14. Prepaid return shipping envelope:

It is not mandatory to get the new passport endorsed in the PIO card. However, in that case, you will have to carry both the old and the new passports along with the PIO card to travel to India.