Application - Proof of Indian Origin
  • Former Indian Citizen:
    Copy of first three and last two pages of the last Indian passport held. Visa pages or blank pages should not be sent. If that is not available, any document that provides sufficient evidence that you held Indian citizenship, such as:
    • A notarized copy of educational certificate issued by an institution in India and land ownership certificate by which eligibility may be reasonably ascertained, OR

    • A duly notarized affidavit to that effect, OR

    • A copy of an Ancestral Nativity Certificate issued by an Indian official or magistrate with sufficient authority to confirm Indian origin of the applicant.

    The decision of whether to accept this type of document as proof of your Indian citizenship will be made by the Consular Officer and will be final in such cases.

    Indian bank statements, Indian cell phone provider statements, Indian lease agreements, Indian credit card statements etc. are not valid as proof of Indian nationality.

    If you currently hold an unexpired Indian passport, it must be sent for cancellation.

  • Others:
    If you do not have an Indian passport but you are applying on the basis that your parents and/or grandparents were Indian citizens, copies of the following documents are required:
    • Proof of both parents current citizenship and previous citizenship.

    • Your birth certificate that mentioned your parents' name. If you are applying on the basis of your grandparents being Indian citizens, your birth certificate as well as your parent's birth certificate. All birth certificate must show the parent's names clearly so that to establish the relationship with your parents and grandparents.

    • AND one of the following:
      • First three and last two pages of both parent/grandparent' Indian passport.

      • Both parent/grandparent's domicile certificate issued by the competent authority.

      • Your parents PIO/OCI cards

      • Any other document that provides sufficient evidence of your parent/grandparent's Indian citizenship, such as a notarized copy of school certificate and a land ownership by which eligibility may be reasonably ascertained. The consular officer's decision will be final whether to accept this type of document as proof of your Indian origin.
    • If applicable, copy of any U.S. court order regarding custody of minor child/divorce.

    In the case of minor applying with their parents under "Family Group," copies of parents' Indian passports need not be again enclosed with the documents of these children.

    However, if applying for a minor child as an individual (NOT as a family), photocopies of the parents OCI cards or US Passports AND earlier Indian Passports are required.

If the applicant is a PIO card holder and is eligible for an OCI, copy of PIO card.