Patriot International Travel Insurance

Patriot International Travel Insurance is popular travel medical insurance anyone traveling outside their country of residence and outside the U.S. for a short duration. Travel can be for pleasure, business, study, missionary work, or for any other reason.  U.S. citizens as well as non-U.S. citizens are eligible to purchase Patriot International Travel Medical Insurance.

After you pay the chosen deductible (varies from $0 to $2,500), Patriot International insurance will cover eligible medical expenses up to the selected policy maximum, which can vary from $50,000 to $1,000,000, depending upon the age.  However, for persons from 80 to 120 years of age, the policy maximum is only $10,000.

Patriot International travel insurance is underwritten by Sirius Specialty Insurance Corporation, and is rated A- “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

Patriot International Travel Insurance Benefits

Patriot International travel insurance will generally cover any new medical conditions, sicknesses, injuries or accidents that may occur after the effective date of the policy.  As long as it is medically necessary, it will provide coverage for physician visit, prescription medicines, emergency room visit, hospitalization, ICU, surgery, X-ray, lab work, CT Scan, MRI, and a lot more. 

In addition to primarily providing medical coverage when traveling internationally, Patriot International insurance will also cover emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, loss of checked luggage, trip interruption, return of minor children and emergency reunion benefits.

Patriot International Travel Insurance Features

Patriot International travel insurance is available to purchase from 5 days to 1 year. You can extend it for a minimum of 5 days or a longer duration at a time; when you extend coverage, you have the same policy. If you still need coverage after 1 year, you can renew your policy for a second year; when you renew the insurance, your deductible will start over for that year of coverage.

Patriot International travel insurance meets the Schengen visa insurance requirements. As soon as you make a purchase online, you can download the instant visa letter from MyAccount.

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Patriot International Travel Insurance Restrictions

While Patriot International is an excellent foreign travel insurance, it has several restrictions:

  • It does not provide COVID-19 coverage.  Please look at alternate travel insurance plans.
  • It is unavailable if your residence country is Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Venezuela.  For several African countries, you need to do a paper application instead.
  • Unlike many other international travel insurance plans that have $25 cancellation fee, Patriot International has a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Compared to other travel insurance plans that have no pre-certification penalty, Patriot International has a 50% pre-certification penalty.

How to Purchase Patriot International Travel Insurance

While Patriot International Travel Insurance is available from many websites and agents and the prices are exactly the same for exactly the same insurance for the same age, policy maximum, deductible, and duration, it is advisable to purchase from a broker such as Insubuy that provides professional advice to you so that you purchase the right product. Most importantly, Insubuy is available seven days a week and is willing and able to provide post sale customer service, including claims resolution assistance in case you face any difficulties with legitimate claims. With Insubuy, you get such additional assurance at no additional cost to you and is very valuable.

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For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance.

Visit or call +1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400