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Company Decided Not to Proceed with PERM

I came here with L1 visa and I was told last year that I am next in line for the PERM. This May 2019, the company said they are processing my PE...

L2 EAD RENEWAL (California)

RD - 8/23/2019 RFE Denied - 12/10/2019 RFE AGAIN In January- No Response Feb 28.2020 - New Card is Being Produced Keep praying and...

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Respuesta a : Company Decided Not to Proceed with PERM

I have L1A. Will I need the company to do it? Or I can do it on my own? Thanks

Respuesta a : Company Decided Not to Proceed with PERM

That’s what the Immigration Lawyers told me. Did you file for 140 directly? Or you needed company to do it for you? Thanks

Respuesta a : L2 visa

I have exactly the same case as yours and our company immigration lawyers said that he is ok to stay here and that there is no need to leave the...

Respuesta a : L1A Extension

I did. The company applied for L1A last February and we got a RFE in March. Took months for the company to reply and they filed premium processi...

Respuesta a :

It is better to renew the passport first, otherwise, the validity of the EAD and I94 will be the same as the expiry on her passport.

Respuesta a :

It happened to us so we had to file for replacement. Unfortunately, the process took 6 months til we received it. God bless and hope you can get...

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