Shipping for NRI Paperwork through VFS Global

For handling the NRI paperwork through VFS Global in the USA such as Renunciation of Indian Citizenship, OCI Card, India visa, or Indian passport, you can either use the shipping services of FedEx / UPS on your own or through VFS Global. Even though legally have both the choices, VFS Global procedures make buying shipping through VFS Global for sending and receiving documents as the most practical option.

The cost to use UPS or FedEx through VFS Global is $15 per application and is separate cost for sending and receiving documents.

UPS shipping through VFS Global
For UPS shipping, “Express Pad Pack” is strongly recommended. Additionally, UPS Express Envelope is accepted as well. No other envelopes or boxes are accepted, including those provided by UPS. Please note that Express Pak is not the same as Express Pak.

FedEx shipping through VFS Global
For FedEx shipping, “FedEx Envelope” and “FedEx Reusable Envelope” are accepted. No other envelopes or boxes are accepted, including those provided by FedEx.

Tips for shipping through VFS Global

  • Even if you have multiple applications such as for multiple family members, you must send only one application per package. If you put multiple applications in the same package, the application will be put on hold which will cause delays and incur an additional cost. Visit the VFS Global Shipping page to make an online payment for the difference.
  • The package’s weight must be less than 0.5 Lbs (half a pound).
  • You must paste the shipping label provided by VFS Global on the envelope.
  • Do you can not request the pick up by UPS or FedEx at your place as such service is not included in their price.
  • You must use the shipping label to submit an application only to your jurisdiction.
  • If you send the application in the wrong packaging, your application will be put on hold.
  • Do not print the label. They will generate the UPS / FedEx label when sending back the documents. UPS / FedEx will not send you a copy of the return courier label.

If your application is put on hold, it will not be processed until VFS Global is reimbursed for the difference in the amount for shipping applications in the wrong packaging or additional applications. Visit VFS Global Shipping page to make an online payment for the difference.

You will get an email acknowledgment once VFS Global receives the actual application package at their Application Center stating ‘Received, but Not Verified’. Later, they will send an email informing you of the outcome of the verification process.

Hold at Location
As there is no signature on delivery option available, in case the person chooses a residence/home delivery option, the courier would simply leave the package outside the residence if no one is at home. Therefore, if no one is normally at home during the day time (such as both spouses work), some people may not be comfortable with the package lying outside. In such cases, they can choose ‘Hold at Location’ and in such cases, the package will be held at one of the nearest FedEx / UPS locations near your residence. Once you get the notification about the arrival of such a package, you can visit there and pick it up.

UPS Location Finder

FedEx Location Finder

Prepaid / Own Shipping Label
If you use your own shipping label, you must provide the AWB Number and the service provider’s details in the application at the shipping stage.

VFS Global will not take any responsibility for pick-up and delivery to you. The shipping service providers often don’t acknowledge receipt of the envelopes. VFS Global will not drop off your prepaid envelopes to your shipping service provider either. That means, you will have to drop off the package to the shipping service provider, and when the application is processed, you will have to arrange to get it picked up from the VFS Global location.

FedEx Prepaid Envelopes and USPS Pre-paid labels (they have an expiry date) are not accepted by VFS Global. If you send any of them, VFS Global will not contact you and it will cause delays in getting the items shipped back to you.

When sending the documents through USPS, they sometimes deliver packages on holidays or weekends and even after VFS Global office hours. Therefore, there are chances that such packages may be lost.

Handwritten return envelopes are not accepted.

VFS Global will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damages to the documents while in transit.

In short, this method will cost you more money than arranging shipping through VFS Global, additional tasks and headaches. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Return of Documents

  • The documents will be returned only to the address specified in the application form.
  • In case your address has changed, VFS Global is unable to change the return address and does not take any liability for claims that may arise from the same.

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