Should You Rent a Luxury Car on Your International Trip?

If your daydream is about driving a luxury car, then you can fulfil it on your next trip by renting one. Regardless of the popular belief, a luxury car can save you money. Want to know how this is possible?

For a weekend getaway, hiring cabs or taxis for every stop can cost you a lot. It’d be smart to instead rent a limo to enjoy a luxury experience with a fixed fare. No doubt, the luxury car rental market is experiencing an incredible surge.

1. Luxury Rental Cars vs Economical Rental Cars

Why rent a luxury car when I can rent an economical one at a much cheaper price? Apart from the luxurious experience it offers, a luxury car can also help you combat tough driving conditions, thanks to the advanced tech and safety features inside.

2. Say Goodbye to Worries with Insurance Plans

Many of these luxury cars have the best GPS systems that allow you to navigate your way even through the most complicated routes. If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, there are two main things to keep handy: a trusted car, and your travel medical insurance plan. With travel medical insurance, you have a safety net against medical emergencies while traveling abroad.

3. Drive Smooth, Ride Smooth: Rent a Luxury Car to Experience Grandeur

Make sure to rent a luxury car for the experience. Take your partner out for a week and give them a relaxing ride in your rented car. Don’t overdrive or try to show off sportiness, because the smoother you drive, the better you feel.

4. Is There an Age Limit?

J.D. Power busts the myth that you have to be above 25 years of age to be able to rent a car. The truth is that luxury car rental companies in the U.S. pay for a fleet policy which allows them to get most of their vehicles insured at a decent price. But, the price depends upon the average risk of the vehicles insured. Believing younger contenders to be rash drivers, these U.S. luxury car rental companies reduce the risk by setting up a 25-year-old age limit. However, you can always question them about it.

Do You Know Why You Want to Rent a Luxury Car?

Why do you want to rent a luxury car? Understand if it’s meant for a short getaway or a long trip, then choose wisely. Renting a limo can be great if you’re taking a small group out. But, if you’re going out for a long road trip, get a Mercedes-Benz E400, or Jaguar F-Type. Rent a Genesis G90 if you want a smooth ride and a boost in performance.

How to Decide which Luxury Car to Rent

Evaluate your destination and choose your car accordingly. Here are some examples to help you decide:

If you are traveling to San Francisco, you should rent a smaller car, because there’s a major parking issue. In fact, some residents would advise you not to rent a car at all. But, taking your own car is even daunting, especially when crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Besides, traffic is not managed well in San Francisco. So, even though renting a luxury car might not be ideal, it’s better than taking your own car.

If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon, get a muscular crossover, especially if you are traveling in the winter. Some roads can be blocked due to snow, some are slippery, and some roads are bumpy. None of these conditions are ideal, and SUVs should be your only choice. Go for cars that are all-wheel-drive, like a Subaru Outback.

New York travelers should beware of potholes on the roads and bumpy rides, so go for a car that has less curb weight. This is because the New York law bars cars over a legal weight to cross any R-Posted Bridge. Look to rent an Audi A4 or a Mercedes.

Combat your Fear of Renting a Luxury Car

Worried of Luxury Car Rental Damage?

Luxury cars have lower ground clearance and softer suspension, which keeps your ride smooth. But, also remember that these two features can damage them on rougher terrain, or even on curbs and speedbumps.

Lots of horsepower doesn’t mean you have to use it all. Drive for enjoyment, not for unleashing chaos on the road. Think of belonging to royalty while driving a luxury car, and behave like a royal. Obey the traffic rules, keep everyone safe, and enjoy your day.

Worried about Accidents in a Luxury Car Rental?

Are you acquainted with the different functions of the luxury car that you are renting? Always study the car that you plan to rent from luxury car rental companies.

Request a brochure and give it a day. Understanding your vehicle will help you avoid accidents in a unfamiliar land. But, before signing that deal, make sure that the luxury car is insured.

Worried of Theft of a Rented Luxury Car?

Don’t worry. Here’s what you can do.

  • The moment you realize that your car is stolen, report it to the police station and your car rental company immediately.
  • Request your luxury car rental company to provide you with the vehicle identification number and the car’s license number. Check with your rental company if the car you rented had a collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver.
  • Next, request an Incident Report Form from the rental company. You will need to submit the same to the police, and then re-submit it to the car rental provider once your police report number is generated. The sooner you complete this process, the better will be your chances of getting coverage for the recovery of the vehicle.
  • Your next step would be to request a replacement car from the car rental company. If that is not something that your rental company provides, go ahead and rent another car from a different rental company.

Here’s a Pro Tip for you

While driving your rental luxury car at night, remember to dim the lights. The headlamps are usually more powerful than those of economical cars. It may bar your vision of other cars from the front. Prevent a collision by dimming the lights.

Look out for deals on luxury car rentals and free upgrades, then book the one that you always dreamed of driving for your next trip.

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