Specific Power of Attorney for Property Matters in India for NRIs

Specific Power of Attorney for Property Matters in India for NRIs



I, the undersigned,

Rahul Gupta, s/o Ramesh Gupta,

Age: 45; Religion: Hindu; Occupation: Business; Present Address: 123 Spring Creek St, Apt 45, Edison, NJ 08830, USA; Local Address: 5643 Park St, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, 380014, Gujarat State, India; hereby appoint, nominate, constitute, and ordain as my true and lawful attorney:

Ravi Gupta, s/o Ramesh Gupta,

Aged: 39; Religion: Hindu; Occupation: Business; Present Address: 5643 Park St, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, 380014, Gujarat State, India; who is my Brother in whom I have full faith. Trust that whatever acts, deeds, and things done by him and on our behalf shall be in the interest of mine and witnessed whereof in relation to:

Property Detail

  1. All that piece and parcel of property bearing:
    Plot No: XY-235
    Measuring: Net area 328 square meters (392 square yards) and super area of the plot 437 square meters (523 square yards)
    Name of scheme: SURAMYA IX
    Block No.: 534
    Situated at: Rancharda, Ta. Kalol, District Gandhinagar

  2. I appoint my attorney to do all kinds of acts, deeds, and things for and on behalf of me. All the acts done by him for and on behalf of me shall be binding upon us as if they were done by me personally.

  3. That my said attorney shall remain present in India. In the office of Government, Semi-Government, City Survey Office, Public Company, Private Company, Institutions, Local Offices of Government, Semi-Government, Gram Panchayat Authority/Municipality, GEB Authority and Private and Public Institutions, and any other office with works necessary to be done by me, said attorney shall remain present personally and shall submit all kinds of papers, documents to sign and seal on my behalf, shall apply to the competent officer/authorities of Government/Semi-Government, and shall get the necessary permission if necessary to obtain.

  4. To appear before any court and to file and defend any legal suit, proceeding, etc., and to appoint an Advocate, Solicitor, or Attorney on my behalf to appear on my behalf in any such legal proceedings. To sign Vakalatnama, Pleadings, Suits, Applications, Appeals, etc.

  5. That my said attorney can sign above-mentioned property-related documents like Sale Deeds, Sale Agreements, Affidavits, Bonds, Declarations, and any other Documents that require signatures, and present them to the Sub-Registrar Office and Notary Public.

  6. I further say that no proceeding is pending in any of the courts/authority in respect of the said property or any part thereof. There is no stay or injunction on the said property.

  7. To appear before any Income Tax/Sales Tax or Professional Tax Authorities and to represent my interest or case before them, and to act for us and on my behalf for any purpose as may be necessary under any Acts, Rules, or Regulations, or under other circumstances.

Generally, my said attorney shall do all kinds of acts, deeds, and things, for and on behalf of me in the above acts, deeds, and things on behalf of me as if I were personally present in India. Regarding the said Special Power of Attorney, I have written here and signed below after reading, thinking, understanding and without pressure, without intoxication, cleverly and bona fide of the body, good health, good position, free consent, etc. This said Power of Attorney is and will be binding to me and my heirs, guardians, and other related persons, etc.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I put my hand on this 26th day of November, 2017, at Ahmedabad.



Rahul Gupta s/o Ramesh Gupta



Ravi Gupta s/o Ramesh Gupta


  1. ___________________________

  2. ___________________________

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