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F2 visa
My fiance is on F1 visa (OPT with 2 years of experience) we are planning to get married in *January 2020* And his I20 is about to expire in *May 2020* . So what visa should I apply for? F2 (as I20 period is very less are there any chances of rejection?) or B1/B2 ( As per my knowledge, we can stay max 6 months in USA)? What would be the best option for me?
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Visa approved but still administrative processing
I had my f1 visa interview on 31st may at mumbai consulate and the officer told me that my visa was approved and i would receive a message in a week to collect my passport. But still today the status online is showing administrative processing and last update date is 31st may the day of my interview. Can anyone help me regarding this?
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I-20 and F1 status pending

My I-20 document said it covers till the next 3 years, however, I might not be able to continue my education dues to funding issue. Yet, I am in the process of marrying a US citizen and will apply for permanent resident status. If I do not have sponsorship from school to register to the next semester, is my 1-20 still ok to stay in the US or it will be automatically terminated? What kind of status do I have while staying in the US?

Thanks in advance.
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J1 - 2 years requirement

My DS2019 says I am not subject to 212(e). Same my visa stamp.

However, my lawyers suggest to ask an Advisory Opinion from DoS, as they should have the final answer. Has anyone ask for an Advisory Opinion? Was the answer aligned with the DS2019/visa stamp? I am not sure if I should "play with the fire".

Please help! If I am subject to, my I-485 will be rejected, and I will have to leave USA.
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Urgent query about DS 2019...almost about to start a new program on J1 visa.
I have been issued a J1 research scholar visa by a Research Institute in USA. The Consular Officer signed my original DS 2019 on the day of my interview , however I lost that signed DS 2019 two days later due to a bag theft. I have got a new DS 2019, do I need to get another appointment at the US Consulate to get my new DS 2019 signed? I have a valid J1 visa in my passport. I am travelling in a week's time. Need legal opinion urgently.Thank you
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Chances of J1 visa acceptance ?

I have applied for J1 research scholar visa after getting my DS-2019. I got my B1B2 issued last year and over the last 12 months I have spent 9 months in the United States in 3 different trips ( one for 2 months, 6 months and 1 month with no overstay). Will my history of travel on B1B2 affect my chances of getting J1 approved?
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H4 to F1 visa
Hello all,
 I had my visa interview on may 31st at Hyderabad consulate.

VO : So you are on H4. why don't you continue studying on H4?
Me: I told After completion of my masters degree, I would like to gain practical experience on the Data science courses I have done.

VO: She paused me and asked You can work on H4 right?
Me: I told I could not work on H4. Also I told my husbands visa is going to expire. I don't want to depend on his visa.

VO: She asked me Do you want to utilize OPT?
Me: I told yes and have not continued and the officer started typing... and gave me 214b denial form.

Also I have one semester left and program end date on my i20 is December 2019. I missed to tell that I would return to my home country after my practical experience.

I am planning to reschedule my visa interview. Could anyone tell me How to improve on telling answer for Why h4 to F1?

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Renewal of J1 and J2 visa in India
Our J1 and J2 visa of USA expires in June end 2019. We have got new DS-2019 form. We wish to apply for renewal of J1 visa (and J2 for wife) using drop box interview waiver program.
My queries are
1) "Do we qualify for drop box interview waiver program?"
2) "Do both of us need to be present in person for submitting the drop box letter with all original documents at the drop box centre in India OR Is it fine if any one of us or someone else visit the centre with all documents?"
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H4 to J1 - administrative processing
Hello Everyone,

My wife attended her visa interview on may 13th 2019 for J1 visa. She was previously dependent on me ( J2 till June 2018, H4 from june 2018 to now)
After she got her I-797 , she couldn’t get her H4 stamped and she went for J1 visa stamping interview directly. VO gave her 221g refusal form and put the visa on Administrative processing.
They took her passport / ds-2019. We haven’t heard anything from the visa consulate after that.
Do you have any suggestions about how to proceed from here on ? Any idea about the approximate duration for Admin Processing. Her residency start date is June 17th. So worried about it.

Thank you.
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I recently secured an Internal Medicine Residency position in the US and applied for a J1 visa. My interview was in Delhi on 14 May 2019 and it got rejected. I was handed the 214 B letter and the officer said I violated the B1B2 visa, which I did not. My intent fo my previous travels to the US was for observerships, residency interviews, and CS exam. Has anyone had a similar experience? She did not take any documents except the DS2019 and my passport. I was not given a chance to present any documents. All questions were only about my observerships and why I spent so much time in the US. I am applying again but what are my chances and how I prepare better for the next interview?
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