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Hello I am Indushree **** *. I was studying MS in San Antonio university After THREE months of ist semester. I returned to India due to some family problem. Now I am out of that university.
   Suppose I join a different university in USA for MS will my f1 visa holds good as it has got the validity up to 2023

Kindly let me know the rule
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My F2 experience.
My husband is on Optional Practical Training (OPT) STEM on (F1). After our marriage in April 2017, naturally, I was seeking an F2 visa so that I could join him in the US. I am briefing my F2 visa interview experience in the following lines:
Embassy: Mumbai.
Date: 1st Nov 2018
Decision: Approved.

Profile of F1 visa holder:

Degree: MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. He works Full Time for a reputed company in New York.

Documents For F2 visa interview:
· Passport
· F2- I20
· F1- I20 (copy)
· Marriage Certificate
· Marriage Album
· Copies of Transcript (F1)
· F1's last 6 months bank statement (bank in the united state)
· F1's last 6 months salary slip
· F1's U.S. tax documents for the last 2 years
· My educational documents
· My documents based on the previous job experience.

Preparation for Interview:
I searched many blogs on the internet but found questions for F2 visa interview

Interview Experience:
I was scared since I had heard many unsuccessful visas about F2 visas. Overall I was anxious however the interview went well.

Me: Good morning Ma'am
Consulate Officer: Good morning, what visa are you applying for?
Me: F2 dependent visa.
Consulate Officer: May I see your i20?
Me: Handed over my passport, i20, removed all the documents from the folder to be ready. She would constantly type and ask questions after a certain time gap which made my heart beat in my mouth.
Consulate Officer: Can I see your Husband's i20?
Me: Handed over.
Consulate Officer: What does he do?
Me: He works a full time...he is on his STEM OPT.
Consulate Officer: When did you guys get married?
Me: We got married 19 months ago, we have known each other for more than 5 years.
Consulate Officer: (HAPPILY) Oh! So, you guys have a love marriage?
Me: Yes Ma'am.
Consulate Officer: Do you have any wedding pictures?
Me: Handed over the pictures. PS: We had a court marriage.
Consulate Officer: (Happily smiling), where does he live now?
Me: He lives in New York.
Consulate Officer: "Your visa is approved ma'am'.
Me: Thank you very much, have a nice day.

So this is my visa interview story.
Wishing all the very best to the prospective visa applicants.

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F student visa denied. I-130 pending

My spouse is a green card holder in the USA. He filed a I-130 4 months ago. I applied for F1 student visa twice and got denied for the same reason (section 214(b)). although I have strong ties in home country (family) but the officer did not want to look and listen to me she just focused on my husband and my pending petition and did not give me the chance to talk and explain. The second interview I tried my best to convince the officer that I am going to return home once my program is finished and to take a look at my previous visas and my arrival and departure date and that I always stick to the rules of non immigrant visa. He was not convinced and denied it again. I have all the needed documents, sufficient funds. denied 'cause I have a husband there.

Now my ESTA is canceled and it will be so hard to get a tourist visa since I have 2 denied visas in the system. Does anyone has the same experience ? please share I am hopeless.
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F1 visa renewal in Ottawa - on OPT

Does anyone have the experience of the interview in Ottawa. Were you approved? rejected?

Please let me know.
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Change of Status (COS)
Hi Everyone,

Need your valuable suggestions/ recommendations/ experiences here.

Currently am on F1 OPT -Extension and my OPT will expire on Jan end besides my H1 got picked up and in process with RFE. My I94 will expire on Mar 2019. On other hand am planning to apply for day one CPT.
Here comes the issue,my wife, she is on F2 pursuing her masters and applied for COS a month ago.
I have heard very frequently, that even for COS from F2 to F1 it is almost taking 7-10 months (CA Center).
So, what is the best way to approach this case?

Had anyone faced similar issue?

Will going to CANADA, will help her in getting F1 stamping? If not Canada, what are all other neighbor country's will you recommend?

Your earliest responds would be highly appreciable.

Thanks in Advance!
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H4 to F1 Visa Interview Experience(denied)
H4 to F1 Visa Conversion.
Visa Interview Date: Aug 8, Hyderabad Consulate (first attempt after H4visa)
Status: Rejected
Interview Questions:
VO is mid 30's and she is in hurry.
Me: Good morning Officer
VO: Pass your Passport
Me: Sure, (gave her)
VO: How many universities you applied?
Me: I applied to two universities, Governer state university and Trine University. I was looking into Bradley University as well.
VO: Where do attend classes?
Me: Trine University main campus is in Angola Indiana. However, they are having another campus in the south bend which is 1.30hr drive from my place. I attend class in south bend Indiana.
VO: How many classes per week?
Me: 2 per week
VO: How many classes per semester?
Me: 30 per semester
VO: How many classes per week? (again)
Me: 2 per week. I completed 2 semesters with good grades
VO: Can I see you recent transcripts?
Me: My apology officer, I am not carrying them. it's in my university portal
VO: you don't meet F1 regulation, Visa got rejected. (Gave me 214b form)
Me: Thank you Officer(Sad).

Visa Interview Date: Aug 16, Kolkata Consulate (Second attempt)
Status: Rejected
Interview Questions:
VO is early 30's. (woman)
Me: Good morning Officer
VO: Good morning. Pass you are documents
Me: Sure, (gave her)
VO: Any changes compare to the previous interview
Me: No, Last time I forgot my transcript. I am carrying the official transcript now.
VO: So, you are on H4?
Me: Yes officer.
VO: Do you have any relatives in the USA?
Me: Yes, My brother is live in Atlanta.
VO: What is the purpose of the visit?
Me: I am having a family function.
VO: Is your husband traveling with you?
Me: No, he couldn't make it
VO: Why you need F1?
Me: My university is offering a research program in my favorite subject big data. To be a part of it I need to be on the F1 visa.
She is looking at me and listening to me.
VO: Is that an academic program.
Me: No, my professor suggested me. as it is my favorite subject.
She went inside and came back in 1-2 mins
VO: Do you need f1 for CPT?
Me: No, This is for a research program which my professor suggested me.
She starting typing.
VO: Sorry your visa got rejected. you can proceed on H4 and reply later(Gave me 214b form)
Me: Thank you Officer(Sad).

Please suggest me. I am planning to go for visa interview again on Jan 2019 India.
Please guide me. open for any kind of suggestion.
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F1 renewal PhD student experience

I'm a PhD student at Boston University and would like to share that my F1 visa was renewed using dropbox. I submitted my dropbox application on Tue, Oct 9 to Delhi office in Shivaji Metro Station and received an email on Tue, Oct 15 that the passport can be collected. When I checked the passport, it had a new 5 year visa stamped/attached to it and the old one had "cancelled without prejudice" written on it.

I had heard a lot of cases where for F1 renewal, people were called for interview and after interview, 221-G was given to request for more information and this led to more delays due to administrative processing. I was fortunate to avoid this and wanted to share my experience to add a data point to the cases where the visa is directly issued from dropbox.
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F2 Visa approved in 3rd attempt- Chennai Cosulate - During STEM OPT
I would like to share my Wife's F2 Visa Experience

We got married in February, Attempted for F2 Visa Thrice
1st Attempt - 28th Feb 2018
2nd Attempt - 27th Mar 2018
3rd Attempt - 4th Oct 2018

1st two attempts I was on F1 Initial OPT, so there is not much time left on my OPT so it got rejected. Both the times they gave 214(b)

[B]1st Attempt Interview:[/B]
28th Feb 2018
VO: Good Morning, What's your purpose of Visit
Wife: I got married recently, so I am going to be with my husband to support him
VO: What is he doing?
Wife: He completed his Master's and started Working in so and so company
VO: Can I see your spouse's I-94?
Wife: she gave I-94 along with Travel history, They started asking more questions on travel history which she couldn't explain.

They sent her to a different counter, there the VO asked few questions like what does your husband like and what is your dream destination, how do you know each other and refused the Visa by giving 214(b)

In this attempt I was there in India and in I-94 it reflected that I am not in USA, so that's the reason I believe they rejected.

[B]2nd attempt[/B]
Not much change in my status with OPT expiring on Aug 2nd,We never should have tried without my STEM-Extension approved
VO: Good Morning, What's your purpose
Wife: Going to support my husband in F2 Visa
VO: Can I see your Husband's OPT card?
Wife: Shown the documents
VO: Can I see your Marriage Certificate?
Wife: Shown the Document

VO: Sorry we cannot approve your visa this time, Your status did not change much after your first attempt
the interviewer gave the 214(b)
Wife: Can you say what home ties I'm missing, I have all the supporting documents. Or which Visa should I try?
VO: Sorry mam, I cannot share all those details with you, You can try next time

[B]3rd Attempt[/B]
This time we waited long, Did lot of preparation.
1)Adding spouse name in Passport
2)Waited for my OPT Extension to be approved
3)Changed to a better job.
4)Got help from an Immigration attorney called Murthy Immigration Services.

Took care in filing all the details perfectly in the DS-160, In the refusals section fill in with all the details needed - In what way your status is different from the previous attempts.
In my first two attempts DS-160 I did not fill the sponsor section properly. I left it as self sponsor which means herself sponsoring her trip,
She do not have a job and they would have decided that she can't afford for the trip

She had a couple of Mock Interviews given by the attorney which helped a lot I believe.

The interview went like this
VO: Good Morning, Mam
Wife: Good Morning Nice to meet you
VO: Whats the purpose of your visit
Wife: <This time she elaborated the answer> I going on F2 visa to support my husband who is pursuing his OPT in SO and so Company, He got two more years left on the OPT which ends on Aug 2020
VO: What is his salary?
WIfe: Told the salary
VO: Oh that's nice, Can I see your Husband's EAD copies
Wife: Yes Sure, <Gave the both EAD copies?
VO: Can I see the Employer verification Letter?
Wife: Gave the document
VO: Fine, When did you get married?
Wife: told the date
VO: How many guests attended your marriage?
Wife: Told the approximate count
VO: So what are your plans after your husband's OPT expire, are you planning to stay in US?
Wife: We will come back to India and plan our family because apart from us no one is in USA.
VO: So you have some properties in your name?
Wife: No, we don't have properties on our name but my father-in-law have many properties, I can show the documents if you need to see
VO: No that's fine, I am approving your Visa enjoy your stay, We will mail your passport in 2 days. <She ran out happy from the place after collecting the I20>

So that's our experience guys. Hope it will help someone
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Damaged visa
Hello All,

I am from India, I did my Masters in US and graduated in the year 2017 May. Current status is F1 and work authorization is EAD-OPT(Stem Extension). Unfortunately my F1-visa and passport is damaged. I re-applied for passport here at Chicago Indian Embassy. I got a new passport. I would need to go to INDIA for stamping.

Could some one please help me on this situation. What should I do now?

If I go to India, what are the chances on Visa getting Approved?

I am currently working as a full time employee for an American company, and my EAD-OPT is valid until 2020 May. .

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F2 visa status showing different in every link

My wife applied for F2 visa.

Interview date: 23 Aug

Visa status : Administrative processing
Passport tracker status: There is no status update available for the passport number submitted
Status in site: Your passport is still with US embassy
Status while email at [email protected] : Delivered to post

Why the status are completely different in each place? I don't know what does that mean. Please help
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