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F1 visa
Hi, I need some clarification on my DS160 profile. Have been to the U.S embassy one's unfortunately my F1 visa was denied but wanted to reapply now. I finished college 2010 to 2017 my first visa attempt that's 7yrs. On the Work/Education/Training information I only filled in a year course i had in desktop publishing, i didn't put in my academic record on the first profile application but now wanted to fill in my academic record on the second application. Need to know if it's possible for me and will i have any questioning problems at time of interview. Please your advice is highly welcome. Thank you

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F1 Visa Approval
Profile - Been rejected thrice in 2011 for F1 visa
              University - Oklahoma city University for the first 2 times and NYIT for the 3rd time.

Visa Interview date - April 25th 2015, Venue - Chennai, Visa type - F1
University - University of South Florida, Master's in Management.
Work experience - 2 years, GRE - old format gave in 2010 dec (converted score - 302), Toefl - 102.
Profile - Below Average.
Interview time - 8:30. Reached the line at 7:30am.
Went inside the Building at 7:55 and within no time was already in line for the counter no 22.

ME - Good Morning Sir.
VO - Morning.

VO- Passport and I20.
ME - Handed him.

(there was a staple on my passport)
VO - handed my passport back and asked me to take it off and come back in line.

Waited for my turn again.
Handed him the passport again.
Typed something for few seconds with silence.

VO - Have you applied for visa before?
ME - Yes sir.

VO - you have been rejected 4 times.
ME - No sir it is three times.

VO - No it is 4 times.
ME - Kept quite.

Was 100 percent sure wont get the visa

VO - Ok your visa is approved.
ME - Thank you very much sir.

So, My visa interview ended in just 2 mins without even asking me which university. Maybe it was just luck and also i chose a decent university.
Just wanted to share my exp with you guys.
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F1 Visa Experience Hyderabad
Consulate : Hyderabad
Visa Status : Approved.
Appointment time :10:00AM

VO was young American female.
VO:Good morning sir.How are you ?
Me : Good morning mam.i am are you ?
VO : pass me passport and i20.
VO:why are you going to US?
VO:Who is sponsoring you ?
Me:Father and brother
VO: what is your father?
Me:Retd govt employee working as consultant.
VO:What exactly was his previous job ?
Me: Answered
VO: Smiled
VO:How many siblings ?
VO:Wow.Really ? ( smiling)
Me: yes mam (smiled)
VO:whats your mom ? She was smiling again
Me:housewife mam
VO:What do you wanna become ?
VO: Your visa is approved sir.Have a great trip
Me:Thank you Mam.Have a great day.

VO did not ask for any documents.Just be confident and answer to the point.

Timeline :
16th March 2018:11:00AM VAC Appointment.FInished in 10mins
19th March 2018 :10:00AM Visa interview :Visa Approved durning interview
19th March 2018 :4:00PM Visa Administrative processing.(normal process)
20th March 2018: 2:00PM : Status changed to issue.

Waiting for pickup email to pickup the passport.

Hope this experience helps.
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Getting student visa for my mom
I'm going to shift to US, and want to take my mom along with me to live there. So, i'm exploring options and stumbled upon Student Visa option. My mom is not so educated and I'm wondering if it is possible for her to get a student visa - even for a basic school (definitely not a college). If so, what are some ways to get it?
Thanks in advance.
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F1 visa renewal
I'm a bit late to post details of my experience since I got immersed in work as soon as I returned to the US. However, in case it helps, please find the details below:

Consulate: Kolkata, India

Visa type: F1 renewal; had received pink slip the first time at Delhi consulate, which had taken 6 weeks to resolve

Interview date for renewal: 29th December 2017--was issued pink slip again, consulate didn't keep my passport

Required documents (publications list, CV and summary of past, & present research); sent on 30th December 2017.

First status change: January 4th 2018, still said 'Administrative Processing'

Email received from consulate: 23rd January 2018; asking me to submit my passport for 'final visa processing'.

Second status change: 24th January 2018, still said 'Administrative Processing'

Submitted passport: 29th January 2018

Final status change: 1st February 2018, 'Issued'

On 2nd February I received a text message from the consulate asking me to pick up my passport, which I did on the same day.

During my 3.5 weeks of waiting with no news I did a lot of searching on the internet from other people's cases. My understanding is that in general, renewal for F1 visas for students not working on research topics on TAL takes between 2-4 weeks. Although I have also heard of cases where students on TAL were not given a pink slip at all or their processing took the standard 2-4 weeks. However pretty much all cases that I have read about that took more than a month (in some cases 2-3 months) were TAL cases.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
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J-1/J-2 visa approved
I'm sharing the timeline in the hope that it's useful to others
Consulate: Hyderabad, India
Interview date: Feb 15
Visa approved at interview time
Feb 15: Case status was still "Ready'
Feb 16 evening: case status - administrative processing for me as the principal applicant (this is NOT the 221g administrative processing, but the standard administrative processing that happens before issuance); for my dependents, status changed to ISSUED!
Feb 17, 18 was the weekend, Feb 19 is a US holiday
Feb 20 afternoon: my application status changed to "Issued"; my dependents' passports with visas had already left the consulate in the morning but mine was still at the consulate as per passport tracking status.

I think many observations can be made from the above that I hope will be useful to others. All the best!
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F1 Visa Rejected
Last year Dec 20 2017 visa was rejected.

I got married on Nov 30 2017 and my husband stays in houston.
I had got admit from UHCL and i applied for F1 visa in DS160 form i had filled as single and applied for F1 visa.
My visa got rejected and my college deferred my application to Summer 2018. I am planning to apply for Visa interview again should show it has married now? or single ?

If i show as married will VO reject me again ? Which is the best option for me?

Kindly suggest

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F1 Visa
My F1 visa request was rejected twice last year (for the same school.) I am now applying for a similar visa category but with a far more prestigious offer.

But the thing is, I made a mistake wile filling the DS160 for the second interview. I was literally copying the application for my first interview and mistakenly said I have never been refused a visa. I noticed the mistake a couple of months after my visa got rejected.

The VO didn't say anything about it and the basis I got rejected wasn't related with my mistake (the paper he gave me explains my visa request was denied under Section 214(b) )

So question is: Is there any chance that the system didn't recognize the mistake I made? How good are my visa approval chances this time with a full ride offer?
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j2 visa under AP
applied for j2 visa,
finger prints- december4,2017
interview- dec 11,2017
interview went well & was told by VO that i am good to go & she signed my DS2019 also, kept my passport too.
 on 12/12/2017 recieve email asking to fill form 5355 which asks for last 15yrs information which i did d same day.
case udated on dec15,2017 & since then no updates & ceac site shows AP.
emailed d help desk twice but they give a general response every time.
already have a B1/B2 visa & have been to US TWICE.

40 days & counting......
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F1 Visa Rejected
Visa Date:01/09/2018
Appointment Time:11.45

Me:Good Morning How are you?
VO: I am fine..
VO: Why MIS course?
Me: I heard from couple of my friends that course is good and faculty is excellent and course is blend of management and technical skills. I am interested in that course.
VO: How many backlogs?
Me: I said one
VO: How many Admits?
ME: Told that course is related to my work experience and i liked the course.
VO: How are you funding?
ME: Told i got educational loan 15 lakhs , personal funds of 30 lakhs and dad will sponsor me if i need more funds.
VO: What does Dad do?
ME: Runs Business gets annual income of 40 lakhs and explained about property.
VO: He asked me Program Date is started yesterday already?
Me: I told i had called the college and informed them will be joining bit late.
VO: Sorry Visa is rejected.

Can anyone please explain why my visa was rejected??

Thanks for the help.

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