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F1 Visa Rejected
Last year Dec 20 2017 visa was rejected.

I got married on Nov 30 2017 and my husband stays in houston.
I had got admit from UHCL and i applied for F1 visa in DS160 form i had filled as single and applied for F1 visa.
My visa got rejected and my college deferred my application to Summer 2018. I am planning to apply for Visa interview again should show it has married now? or single ?

If i show as married will VO reject me again ? Which is the best option for me?

Kindly suggest

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F1 Visa
My F1 visa request was rejected twice last year (for the same school.) I am now applying for a similar visa category but with a far more prestigious offer.

But the thing is, I made a mistake wile filling the DS160 for the second interview. I was literally copying the application for my first interview and mistakenly said I have never been refused a visa. I noticed the mistake a couple of months after my visa got rejected.

The VO didn't say anything about it and the basis I got rejected wasn't related with my mistake (the paper he gave me explains my visa request was denied under Section 214(b) )

So question is: Is there any chance that the system didn't recognize the mistake I made? How good are my visa approval chances this time with a full ride offer?
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j2 visa under AP
applied for j2 visa,
finger prints- december4,2017
interview- dec 11,2017
interview went well & was told by VO that i am good to go & she signed my DS2019 also, kept my passport too.
 on 12/12/2017 recieve email asking to fill form 5355 which asks for last 15yrs information which i did d same day.
case udated on dec15,2017 & since then no updates & ceac site shows AP.
emailed d help desk twice but they give a general response every time.
already have a B1/B2 visa & have been to US TWICE.

40 days & counting......
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F1 Visa Rejected
Visa Date:01/09/2018
Appointment Time:11.45

Me:Good Morning How are you?
VO: I am fine..
VO: Why MIS course?
Me: I heard from couple of my friends that course is good and faculty is excellent and course is blend of management and technical skills. I am interested in that course.
VO: How many backlogs?
Me: I said one
VO: How many Admits?
ME: Told that course is related to my work experience and i liked the course.
VO: How are you funding?
ME: Told i got educational loan 15 lakhs , personal funds of 30 lakhs and dad will sponsor me if i need more funds.
VO: What does Dad do?
ME: Runs Business gets annual income of 40 lakhs and explained about property.
VO: He asked me Program Date is started yesterday already?
Me: I told i had called the college and informed them will be joining bit late.
VO: Sorry Visa is rejected.

Can anyone please explain why my visa was rejected??

Thanks for the help.

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Renewing F-1 as a PhD student
I first received an F-1 visa in Aug 2013, to enter the US as a PhD student. I
had interviewed in Chennai. I received a 221(g), and the visa was issued in 8

The F-1 expired in Jul 2017. Since I had received a 221(g), I could not use the
dropbox option, and had to interview for a renewal. I interviewed in Dec 2017,
in Chennai. The interview was brief. I was asked to show my I-20, expired F-1
visa, SEVIS I-901 fee receipt. I showed the receipt from my payment in 2013. I
was asked for a resume. I was asked the approximate monthly stipend I received,
aside from tuition support. I was asked how much longer my PhD was going to
take. My answer was 1 year.

I received a 221(g) again. The visa was issued in 3.5 weeks. I was tracking the
status of the visa online (at Once created, my
case was not updated for about 3 weeks. Once the status was updated to say that
the visa was under processing (I forget the exact term displayed), it was issued
the next day. The visa was renewed till Dec 2021.
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F1 restamping in Vancouver
Time to give back to the forum.
Interview date: December 6, 2017
Appointment time: 8:00 am
Visa type: F1 (re-stamping, MS-> PhD)
In the interview, asked for resume and detailed letter of research. I was given the 221 g yellow form, and asked to email these two documents. I emailed the documents on the same day (December 6) at 12:00pm.
December 6 Status: Admin Processing
Until January 3 Status: Admin Processing
On January 4: Last status update date changed to January 4 @ 2:30pm Canada time.
On January 5: Status changed to Issued @ 8:30 am.
On January 5: 9:00 am received email from consulate with tracking number.
On January 6: 9:00 am received email from Canada post that passport is available for pickup.
On January 6: 6 pm flew back to US. Immigration happened at Vancouver, very smooth, no questions asked. Also, I got a security clearance date on my visa: Date: December 29, 2017.
Thank you to all those who helped me with my questions.
Good luck to others with the interview and AP.
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F1 Visa status Administrative Processing
I had applied for my F1 visa for Spring 2018, on December 14th 2017. I was told my Visa is approved.
Today after 4 working days the status still shows Administrative processing. Someone else who had applied after me has received their Visa.
I have googled for answers and they seem to all say it could take 60 days.
I am really on tender hooks and want to know how and if I will be given a visa.
If someone has had a similar experience or has any knowledge on the matter please do respond
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limitations for a holder of a J2 Research fellowship visa to the USA
I have a question regarding limitations for a holder of a J2 Research fellowship visa to the USA.
My friend just got a 1 year extension for the visa (after been 1 year in the state).
We have a very important reunion in Amsterdam this coming January.
He said that his visa has some limitations and he can not attend the reunion in Amsterdam as he will not be able to enter the USA and the only way is to pass through the US embassy in the country of his Origin.
Is this correct?
How can we solve this issue and have him come for the reunion in Amsterdam without having problems going back to the USA after the weekend.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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I received 221g at delhi consulate on 12th dec.I was given a slip and asked to upload the documents ticked in the white slip(resume, research, work exp, travel history, purpose of visit). I have submitted them and received an automated mail saying it would take 4-6 weeks for additional processing. I would like to know the processing time for this as my college starts on January 8th. Can I go to my college this Spring? Thank you, for your time.
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f1 visa approved at hyderabad consultate
Got a token number of 16 >> (1 + 6 ==7 ) its my lucky number
VO: Hello Sir !.. How are you doing today ?
Me : Fine Sir
VO : Can you pass me on your i20 and passport
Me : Yes sir , sure
VO : Which university Sir ?
Me : Valparaiso university
VO : Why this university?
Me : This university has got the specialization relating to my work experience . And also the courses mobile computing and cyber security are related to my experience .
     They also have a 3D virtual education system ,where students are taught virtually in a 3D virtual world.
VO : When did you graduate ?
Me : 2009
VO : What you have been doing all these years?
Me : I worked in few companies and currently working in TCS
VO : Since how many years have you been working
Me : 1.8 years sir
VO : Whats your previous company prior to TCS
Me : told the company name
VO : What all universities you applied
Me : Harrisburg , Longisland brooklyn, Concordia university and Valapraiso
VO : Whats your GPA
Me : 64 %
VO : Whats your GRE?
Me : 297
VO : How many backlogs?
Me : 8
VO : How are you sponsoring your education?
Me : Through bank loan from syndicate bank and my father would be sponsoring my living expenses
VO : Whats your father ?
Me : He works in state organization as supervisor
VO : Whats his income?
Me : told YYYY lacks
VO : What about savings ?
Me : He has XX lacs in form of FDs and XX lacs in his PF account .
VO : What kind of work would you like to work ,once you come back.
Me : I would like to work on mobile application development relating to augmented and virtual reality technolgy.
VO : OK sir ..thank you . your visa is issued.
Me : thank you sir , thank you.

Left the counter with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Was on the top of the world as that VO made my day.
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