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F1 visa denied

I'm originally from Congo DR, but I have been living in South Africa for few years now. I was lucky enough to receive a soccer scholarship from a college in Kansas McPherson. The college sent me the acceptance letter and the I-20 form. It was my first time applying and doing everything by myself. I paid the SEVIS fee and everything that was required from the school. I applied twice for an F1 visa at the US consulate general in Johannesburg and both times they denied me a visa.
The first time, the officer told me he wanted to see a bank statement that shows the amount written on my I-20, which was $24000, like I said before it was my first time applying so I didn't know which bank statement to show, that day i only brought a bank statement that matches the amount on my scholarship, which was $4000. I got denied for that.
The second time, I came with a bank statement that matches the amount on the I-20 but that officer denied me a visa as well, he said he needs to see original bank statements and an original scholarship letter from the school.
Now I'm kind of scared to go back an reapply again because every time they ask for something else, it's really tiring and it's not like the application fee is refundable. The first officer didn't say anything about the original bank statement, and now the second doesn't wanna only see that but he also needs an original scholarship letter. I don't know what the third will ask at this point.

Can somebody please tell me what I need to do to get pass through this process? which documents I need from my side and what I need to ask the school to send me so that I don't have problems next time I apply.

Thank you!
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F1 visa

I got my visa rejected twice the first interview was on July 24 time 9:30 in the morning and it went on like this...

Me: Good morning mam
VO:which was your passed out year?
Me:this year 2017
VO: what is your percentage?
Me: 70% with zero backlogs
VO: what is your gre score?
VO:who is sponsoring you?
Me:my father
VO: what does he do?
Me: he is an agriculturist
VO: what is his annual income?
Me: 12 Lakhs per annum
VO: what does he grow?
Me: paddy
VO: how many acres?
VO: can you show me your passbook?
Me: first passed on the fixed deposit bonds and savings bank statements then she again asked for passbook then I passed the passbook looked at it for a while...
VO: sorry sir this time you are not getting ur visa and gave me letter containing 214b and told me this form will explain you why...

I thought that since I don't have educational loan and may be I am not financially strong enough so she rejected I planned to go with my educational loan next time...

Got my educational loan sanctioned for 20 lakhs took the letter Along with other FD bonds and statements and went for the interview

Second interview on august 10 morning 11:30

Again got the same VO the second time so she sent me to the other counter where a male VO is taking the interview I was waiting for my turn..

VO: hello sir
Me:good morning sir, how are you?
VO:fine,how do you do?
Me:fine sir
VO: have you attend your visa interview before?
Me: yes sir
VO:which was your passed out year?
VO:what was your gpa or percentage?
Me:70% with zero backlogs
VO: saw my i 20 why fdu?
Me: talked about university...
VO: stopped me in the middle and asked how you are going to manage your expenses?
Me: I have an educational loan of 20 lakhs and my sponsors got liquid cash of 15 lakhs 9lakhs in the form of FDs and 6 Lakhs in my sisters account as she is also working in TCS as a software developer...
VO:what does your parents do?
Me: my father is an agriculturist and my mother is a homemaker
VO: what is his annual income?
Me:12 Lakhs
VO: how many acres?
Me:26 acres

Thought for a while told me unfortunately you are not getting your visa this time and gave me the 214b section letter...

I was in shock that what might me the reason for my rejection I couldn't sort it out...can anyone please suggest me the changes I need to make to get my visa approved I am planning to go my third interview next week...

Thank you.
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complicated case but VISA aproved.
Hi all,

I'm writing in today to just tell you if you are reading this - just stay positive. Everything will fall in to place.
Here is my profile:

- Visited USA on Visitor Visa B2 Aug 2013
- Did COS to F-1 Nov 2013. Joined a community college who luckily gave me admission.
- Went out of F-1 status in December 2015.
- College was not informing me, I found out and I decided to just leave.

That was the biggest mistake. Never leave. Just take help. Go to Mexico for stamping. Bigger lesson learnt is never screw up immigration issues. Always be a lawful resident.

- Returned to India Jan 2016
- Re-appeared for F-1 interview July 2016 - REJECTED. Informed me I clearly violated all the rules and to re-apply for next year. He luckily did not revoke/cancel my B2 VISA.
- I struggled to manage in India, but I stayed persistent and applied for F-1 again in March 2017 (not giving up so soon :-) )

GUESS? My VISA went into Administrative Processing. i was pretty sure that I came in their database records regarding overstay/violation/previous refusal.

But I guess things had to fall in place. I got my VISA issued. Can't believe that I'm writing this. All those sleepless nights of ambition have come true. Just stay persistent. I went with an approach that USA is not the only country on the earth left, so don't be disheartened - and I got it :-)

- Greet the officer. You set the tone of the interview
- Be confident. I know that it is overrated, but it is true.
- Speak good english. I see many students stammering and that's not a confident sign .
- Have faith. Everything is going to be okay.

I know that it is easy to say, but I've been in your position - trust me, when it has to happen, it will.

Good Luck all!

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J1 waiver NORI

I want to know whether I need to send attested copies of degrees and certificates to India for NORI stage 2. Please let me know if someone recently processed NORI processing.

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F1 visa rejected

My brother's F1 visa got rejected yesterday.
Consulate: Kolkata
VO: What is your specialization.
My Bro: Hybrid Programming
VO:WHat is it?
My Bro: Explained what it is
VO: Did you visited Qatar? (My brother visited Qatar in 2015)
My Bro: Yes, My company sent me on onsite project to Qatar.
Vo: I cant approve your visa and gave the 214B slip.

Now we are not sure if visiting qatar is an issue nowadays. Did any one experienced this kind of issue? What changes we should do in the second attempt?
Please if someone can help.
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F1 Visa Interview
Location: Kuwait
Interview Date: 11th July 2017
Status: Approved

My interview was scheduled at 7:30am and I reached at 7:15am. I did not have to wait in any queue and within 10 mins I was in queue of the VO. Following is the Details:

ME: Good morning Sir!
VO: Good morning, Pass me your documents.

VO: So your brother lives in the US, What does he do?
ME: Replied (He is a Student in the same College I'm going to)

VO: Where does he live?

VO: Will you live with him?
ME: Yes Definitely!

VO: What does your father do?
ME: *Told him his job and then passed his Employment Document*

VO: Okay go Live with your brother and have a good time there!
ME: Thank you Sir! Have a Good Day.

What I got to know from my experience is that, the most important thing is your attitude towards the Interview. I dressed in formal attire and I was confident.

Tip: Have a smile on your face and don't hurry while answering, even if you are nervous just show him that its just another basic interview.

Best of Luck for your Interview!
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H4 to F1 Visa Approved
Location: Mumbai, India
Visa Interview Date: May 1st, 2017

I reached at the consulate around 8.15 A.M. as my interview was scheduled at 9.00 A.M.

At around 12 P.M. I was moving in the queue inside the consulate waiting for my turn. I started observing Visa Officers (VO) and interviewees as much as I could. I saw that the VO on counter no. 31 was strict as she was rejecting most of the visas. I was just hoping not to face that VO for my interview. But no… it was my turn and the staff member told me to stand right in front of the counter no. 31. I saw that the VO rejected F1 visa of the guy interviewed before me.

I went to the counter with smile on my face.

VO: Good Morning, how are you?
Me: Good Morning Ma’am. I am good, thank you. How are you? (Handed over my I20 to her)
VO: Please give me your SEVIS fee receipt.
Me: (Gave)
VO: So, are you going to pursue your Master’s?
Me: Yes Ma’am.
VO: Which university?
Me: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.
VO: Why do you want to pursue Master’s?
Me: After marriage, I was bored sitting at home for two years. So, I thought of upgrading my knowledge with this course.
VO: Who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My husband and my in-laws are sponsoring my education.
VO: What is your husband’s salary?
Me: (Told)
VO: So, your husband works in ABC Company?
Me: No Ma’am, my husband works in XYZ Company. I was working with ABC Company while I was in India.
(I think she was cross checking the information mentioned in my DS-160)
VO: What will you do after Master’s? (While I was framing answer in my mind, she asked further) will you remain housewife?
Me: Yes, I will remain housewife.
VO: Alright, your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you very much Ma’am.
VO: But since your visa status is changing, I need to run certain additional checks. So your passport will take 5-6 days to get ready. Have a nice day.
Me: Okay Ma’am. Thanks once again. You too have a nice day.

And my passport was ready for pick-up within 3 days!

So friends, prepare your answers well in advance, carry all the relevant documents with you, do not stumble while answering, be confident and yes, be positive.

Good luck!
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H4 to F1- Need Help please
Hello All,

I am currently in the US on a Dependent Visa Type (H4). I am a victim of a Domestic Violence case by my husband and his family. Since I had this MS admission in a university before my marriage itself, I checked up with university and deferred my admission to Fall 2017. i'm Leaving to India to attend my Visa interview as My husband won't support me for any documents to transfer my visa within US.

1. What are the possible question generally asked a H4 holder trying to transfer to F1?
2.In my interview, if I am asked why are you transferring H4 to F1, How do I represent myself ?
3.what possibilities do I have to receive my F1 visa?


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F1 Visa enquiry
Hello there,
Hope you doing good. My visa interview is on 10th July 2017. And i have got I20 from University of Redlands, besides that I applied in various universities but didn't get any offer. Also Redlands is a private university. Do you think it can make my profile weak in front the VO. Also it'd be a great help if you put a little light on financial documents required. Thanks.
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student visa f1
Location - dhaka,Bangladesh
I had my Visa interview on 15 June and I got rejected without any reason.I applied for an undergrad visa for western michigan university and i got 16k usd scholarship to fund me.pls tell me what I did wrong so that I don’t do it the next interview went like this…..
VO: hello
Me:hello. Good morning mam
VO:where are u going?
Me: Michigan ,Kalamazoo mam
VO:where did u complete ur highschool
Me:I replied
VO:who will be paying ur 14k usd?who is ur sponsor?
Me:mam my parents will be sponsoring me.
VO:took few seconds to type then said I won’t be issuing u a visa this time try again next time.
Pls tell me what my mistakes were
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