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My mother's birth date went wrong in ds160 form.
While filling my ds160 form, I entered wrong date of birth of my mother and I have already booked appointment date for visa interview. what should I do to change my mother's birth date in ds160? Do I have to fill new ds160 and book new visa appointment? plz help
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F-1 Visa Experience
Hello All,

I came across this website which makes reading and sharing visa interview experiences very easy. Check it out! They answer quickly to any questions you may have about the process.
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F1 visa
I have my visa on 2nd june 2017.
Il be joining UTA for MS in information systems (MIS) fall 2017.
I have already done MBA in marketing, so far I have 2 internships in Market research and business development. A professional work experience of 2 years in Business development.

will my MBA be an issue for my visa??
anyone with similar profiles??
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F2 visa rejected four times
Fist time my husband on f1 status to months for his graduation
after asking all regular questions not approved
same rest of two times

The fourth time he got his OPT
and got an offer letter from a company
still got rejected after a couple of questions
what does he do when does his opt start
when is his work start date
who is sponsoring --MY FATHER IN LAW

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My Visa Experience
Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share my visa experience with everyone because these forums are very helpful for uncertainties and clarifications.

Visa Interview Info:
Date- April 6, 2017.
Location- Toronto, Canada.
Visa Class- F1 Visa renewal
Note: My interview was for a 3rd country national (I am not Canadian or American)

 So on the 6th i got there for my interview and this is what happened with the consular:
Consular: Hello, how are you?
me: I'm good, you?
Consular: Good. Hand in your I-20 and Passport
me: Gave it to him
Consular: What is my major? Why did I change majors? Do I have anything to show my grades?
me: I brought my degree audit and then I handed it over to him. He was happy with what he saw then he handed it over back to me and said "Your visa has been APPROVED" it will take 3-5 days for you to pick it up. Also, HE TOOK MY I-20.
Me: Thank you and I left

Post Interview:
*The next day(4/7/17)- Today was a Friday: I checked my status and it said Administrative processing. It can take up to 60 days blah blah blah! I started panicking but then everyone goes through Admin Processing and there is also the bad one which takes a while.
*Monday (4/10/2017): I checked again in the morning and it said my visa has been issued. I was very relieved.
*Tuesday (4/11/2017): I got a tracking number. It said my passport has been dispatched.
*Wednesday (4/12/2017): Very late in the afternoon. I got an email saying my passport is ready for pick up
*Thursday (4/13/2017): Picked my passport up and I was out of Canada back to the states.

Honestly, the whole process was scary because I just left the country while school was going on to renew my visa and planned to stay 2-3 days but I ended up staying 5! Also, with everything going on right now, it was kind of scary too.
Good luck everyone!

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F2 visa experience
   Luckily my f2 visa experience was very nice for the second time.
As usual i went fro OFC and cleared everythng.
My consular appointment time was 11.30 am. I reached there by 11 am, entered the consulate . I was really worried about visa interview but i did't showed. For the second time i took all the documents even which are not needed. My turn came
VO.Just wait a moment sorry
 said no problem
Vo-Hi give me your passport
i gave
vo- for which visa are you applying for ?
 said f2
vo- what is your husband doing?
i said he is doing his PHD
vo- your I20 please
i gave
Vo- Tell me about where did you met your husband?
i said we met in a friend's marriage place
vo-So its a love marriage?
i said yes and smiled
Vo-where does your spouse stays ? in a university housing or an apt?
i said apartment
then cleared one doubt regarding university housing and the vo was very happy in clearing that doubt
Vo-in which part of the new mexico does your spouse stay?
i said XYZ
vo was typing something for a minute and finally said OKAY YOUR VISA IS APPROVED HAVE A GREAT TIME IN THE USA.
One thng i understand is everything depends on our lucky.But be prepared and don't be nervous. BEST WSHES
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F2 to F1 approved
My Visa interview was in the last week of March 2017 at Mumbai.
Day 1 just 10-15 min for biometrics and photo.
Day 2 I went little early considering mumbai's traffic. Had appointment at 9:30, I reached at 8:30,IV done at 11:30. There was a long queue outside as usual. be prepared to have water bottle with you. It was very hot even in the morning time.
VO: passport, i-20,sevis please.
VO: why do you want to do this course?
      How it will help you in your career?
      What are your plans?
      What is your husband?
      You are already in USA?
 I approve your visa but, your case need some updates. When are you flying back to USA? I said after 6 days.
VO: you will get your passport on 6th day sure.
 Online status on day of interview: administrative process
After 3 days same status them sat Sunday consulate was closed.
On 6 the day I.e Monday morning status was same. I was worried as I had flight in the night. I didn't had passport.
Status changed at 11:00 visa issue passport is still with embassy.
At 2 pm status was passport under process. At 3:30 passport ready for collection. Uhhhh finally!!!!
I collected my passport and went to airport.
What I learned--- be true to VO, don't make traveling arrangements before visa approval unless it's urgent.then explain your situation to VO.if you did just tell it to VO, so they will try to give your passport by that time if you need some administrative process.
I read all previous post helped me a lot to prepare for IV. Whoever is reading this please share your experience to help others
Thank you
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J1 visa - Chennai
Hi guys,

My J1 visa interview occurred last month. I entered the Consulate 15 min before.

VO - Give me your passport.
ME - **Passed it. And he scanned it**

VO - Can you please pass your DS-2019 form?
ME - Here you go.

VO - So have you completed you Under graduation??
ME - No sir. I am in my second year, I still have 1 year to graduate.

VO - So this will be your summer internship??
ME - Absolutely.

VO - Sounds great. How do you know this company and how do you apply internship with them?
ME - I did some freelancing work with them. And said how I applied.

VO - Sounds like a great deal. What skill you will be learning?
ME - Web Development and Project Management

VO - What other activities will you be doing in USA?
ME - I planned for NYC visit and go for base ball games :)

VO - Wonderful. Is that with your other interns?
ME - Yeah

VO - Is some else is applying for the intern in the same company with you from India?
ME - Nahh

** Typed for 15 seconds and took my passport.**

VO - Your visa is approved have a great trip.

Gave me some other instructions to follow when I go to USA.
Left he consulate with a smile :)
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F2 dependent visa rejeaction
Vo- Passport please
i gave passport
Vo- how long have you been married ?
i said 9 months
Vo-give me your I20 and husband's I20
i gave
Vo-is your husband in cpt or opt ?
i was confused hearing this and said opt. So Vo asked again which company.
again i had confusion and said "i am bit confused ,my husband is doing doctorate"
Vo- okay .so your husband is studying in unm ?
i sad yes
Vo- where does he stay?
i said he stays in an apt near to university
Vo-in which place?
i said ABQ
Vo-okay can you go inside the university?
i was confused and said we will be staying near to university.
Vo-Is he getting funds to cover expenses?
i said he is being paid well
Vo-how will he meet your expenses?
i said through his assistantship
Again the VO asked the same question i gave the same answer
Vo- he is getting only $ xyz amount
i was stucked for a moment
Vo-is he getting any other financial source of income ?
i said he has the savings for the past 3 years
and i asked whether vo need the bank statement
Vo- yes
i gave and VO checked& was whispering about funds
after 5 second VO entered something in the system and took a blue paper and checked the second column in it and said sorry your visa can't be approved this time .

Can anybody can suggest some answers .i am so sad
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Hi all!
I am currently in F1 OPT and am volunteering in a hospital laboratory and my EAD expires on Jun 15th 2017 and at this point I figured out that I would rather go for PhD program. But the only issue which I have is how to bridge the gap between my EAD expiration and receiving I-20.
Say, am applying for phd program by Jun1 for spring intake and they send me I-20 by october/november... what should i do to be in status in USA.?

Thanks in advance
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