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F2 dependent Visa
My spouse is pursing masters in US. i have applied for f2 twice within time gap of 10 days
got refused with reason 214(b).
currently am an employee in my home country. Could this be the refusal reason?

please suggest for these kind of refusals.
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F-2 Visa Interview 09-02-2017 approved
Hello Friends,

I am posting this , as this will be usefull for who attending the F2-Visa.

I am done with graduation and in OPT and working in X company.

First Trial:June 2016(Just completed my masters and I am in OPT with out job)

VO is a Young Man

VO:Please hand over Visa and passport.
My Wife:Handed over
VO:What is ur husband Doing
My Wife:He completed his studies and now in OPT .
VO:Is he working
My Wife:No,he is applying for jobs and attending interviews
VO:According to rules,your husband has only 60 days left to get the job and Cant approve your visa now as he does not have any job.
My Wife:thanks

Second Trial:09-02-2017(This time,In Sept 2016 I got job with good package)

We are very much in mental depression and loosing health and apart from almost 2 years .This time she prepared well for all the situations answering very honestly.

VO is a Young lady

VO:Good Morning
My Wife:Good Morning.
VO;Passport,I-20,Which VISA are you applying for .
My Wife :F2
VO;can you give your husband I-20,she took and entered my SEVIS ID,she did not find any employment information in their system ,and then she said to my wife regarding that she did not find any employment info of your husband.My Wife said it was there in second page of I-20,then she saw and asked for OFFER LETTER (with big smile LOL) and checked my offer letter and second page of my I-20 which is in SYNC and asked about my package.
My Wife:Said xxxxx amount.
VO:please ask your husband to update the employment info to school.
VO:Good luck and njoy .
My Wife:Thanks

I am fortunate that I took the OPT approved I-20 of mine before sending my wife to second trial,that helped me.With out the second page of my I-20 which contains my approved OPT employment information,this will be definitely rejected.I am not sure why employment info is reflecting in I-20 ,but not in their system(I sent mail today to my school reg the same today).

My OPT expires in June 2017 and I am very much worried about approval because i have very short span(4 months) of OPT left.But fortunately it was approved with out asking much questions and she answered all the answers with confidence and honestly.I sent all the payslips,offerletter,client letter not to pose any chances of rejection.

I hope this will be use full for you and good luck and dnt loose hope.


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f-1 student visa
this is Jessie in the United States Southern California, love of literature and art, like tourism, to participate in the Los Angeles Chinese National Orchestra, as pipa. Love her extensive, in the education industry for 8 years, has a wealth of experience in studying visas, very patient guidance students in the school application and visa issues. US visa, you can contact with me for you to assess the risk of visas, a detailed interpretation of American life.
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Related to wife's and son's F2 denial
Hello Friends,

Hope anyone will help me on this.

I came to the USA on Visitors and changed it to F1. Recently I am in 3rd Semester. My wife also got Visitors and she went back to India just after 1 month as my Kid didn't get visitors for the first time and is studying in India. Today my wife and Kid applied for F2. EWverything was going good and they asked few questions to my 6 years kid as well. Soon when the officer came to know that my wife has visited the USA previously, then he went inside, took some time and came back. To my surprise, he just not only denied F2 of my wife and kid but also canceled B1/B2 of my wife giving reason that "you have not made proper use of your visitor visas." My wife answered everything properly and the interview was for about 30 minutes. Please help me for the next step. What should I do? Should I apply for F2 again or B1/B2 for both? And when and when? Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.
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Processing time cos b2 to f1
Hi there, is there any one who changed status b2 to f1? pls share your experience for processing time. I applied cos on Oct 24, 2016. my class will start tomorrow Jan 31. I m still waiting it. I am a bit worry now.

Thank you.
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Need help for F2 visa
Hi friends am at F1 student currently doing master's in computer science fourth semester am recently married am paln to give dependent visa for my wife so she went visa on December 06th 2016 her visas was rejected .
we plan to reapply please help me for this scenario.

VO young lady

my wife:Good morning madam
VO: good morning
VO:give me your i20 and passport
my wife: she gave it
VO:your spouse studying at silicon valley university
my wife: Yes
VO: He is studying or working ?
my wife: He is studying not working
VO: He is living in apartment or Motel ?
my wife: Room
VO; When he will finish he's studies ?

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F2 rejects for 2 times
As a brief introduction,
I did my master and I am currently on F1 STEM OPT, I got STEM approved from June 2016 to June, 2018. I got married and now my spouse is applying F2 dependent VISA.

Gud mrng
Can i see ur passport?
she gave pp

Can i see ur husband's i20?
she gave all my i20s

Officer : Is ur husband working or studying?

When did he finish his masters?
May 2015


His 1yr extension s over..
she answered taht "It is extended to 2 years"

Wr does he stay?

Who s sponsering u?

He s non immigrant
N ur visa s rejected, according to 214b
Reapply again

Gud mrng
Gud mrng

Can i see your passport?
she gave her passport

Can i see ur husband's i20?
she gave my i20s and EAD card

Was it a arranged marriage?
Yes it was arranged marriage

Wen did u get married?
early 2016

In which company ur husband s working?

VO checked my i20 second page..
Sorry in this category u cant go to US. Ur visa s rejected n handed over me 214(b) form again

I asked he s in stem extension till 2018. why I cant go?
VO: he s working in student visa,he s nonimmigrant.. U have to wait till his status changes

When can i apply again?
VO: U have applied couple of months ego n ur visa rejected for the same reason. Under this category u cant go. U hav to wait til his status changes. Sorry

Can't I bring my wife under F2 dependent VISA when I am on F1 STEM OPT?

Also VO replied that my wife cannot apply under this category(F2). So what would the other options/category that she has to apply for the third time?? Is it B1/B2?

When VO says that she cannot apply under this category(F2). Then why did the university provide me F2 for my spouse?

Please help me out. How can I bring my wife to US?

Thanks in advance!

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I am excited to share my US visa experience here. Following story is intended to share my experience friendly and does not intend to insult any person or authority thereunder.

I am a law student from Mumbai and was intended to pursue LL.M. from the U.S. I read most of the Visa experiences before applying and most of the students says, just be confident, give your answers with a smile and all. Always remember the Visa officers are not concerned about your smile or confidence but they want the true information and cross verification of your profile by reading your face expression. The funny thing is that the student who says just be confident, has a father working as a Bank Branch Manager or C.A. or has own business. If you have enough fund by your family, Visa interview is just a normal process for US school admissions but if you are being financed by a bank loan, huge family fund in account like 25lakhs at a time, uncle as a sponsor and US School’s scholarship, then congrats! your profile is an interesting case for the Visa officer! :D

First of all, DO NOT read visa experiences online, those who clear the interview do not have time to share but those who fail, seeks reason by sharing online and can make you uncomfortable before you give your interview.

My Visa interview at Mumbai US Consulates:
I went there early in the morning, white shirt, fresh mood, smile on the face ? what else we need?
I saw young visa officers on the starting counter numbers and was hearing every interview as approved! Wow.. but wait, at the last counter, there was one 60+ year old officer talking for a long time like 15 minutes on each interview.. (Oh god don’t send me there) finally my time came, yes at the same 60+ years visa officer! I ask the security if I can go to the nearby counter which has been vacate just infornt of me, He said No! stick with yours!
There was one guy before me, was talking very confidently, I think he had good finance. :p officer approved his Visa. ThereWeGo!
My turn came. He waive me a hand to stop.. He was eating biscuits. Went inside.. came back… how I can look at him when he is eating biscuits and how can I ignore him to miss if he shows his hand and call me.. I was in place of dead and live.. He drunk water.. waited more 2 minutes and called me…
Me: Good Morning!
VO: put his hand out of the window and the mike was not working when he was speaking,
Me: I passed, Passport, I-20 and Sevis Fees Receipt.
VO: Where you going?
Me: Brooklyn, New York.
VO: for what?
Me: for LL.M.
VO: Why did you chose this school?
Me: School has awarded me $11000 scholarship, I have 300+ email conversations with the director, school is in New York which is a great opportunity to learn international law with nearby various court houses and public offices in Brooklyn City!
VO: Went inside for 5 Minutes and came back.
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: I have 25 lakhs bank balance and rest of the finance is sponsored by my uncle (NAME)
VO: Have you ever travel out of your country?
Me: No.
VO: You do not qualify for the visa this time and the reason is listed on this paper (Section 214B – Immigrant Intend). You may reapply soon in the future. You understand?
Me: Yes sir!

I was not ready to leave the place, I was shocked! The whole game failed. Everything was finished! Even if I try to apply for the next time, appointments were delayed by a month but my program was starting within 15 days! I asked many experienced foreign ministry officers, they said there are 99.99% chances of visa rejection in second attempt with the same school, profile and semester. I had already invested 1.5lakhs in admission process and was not ready to waste it for not giving a last try. Still there is 00.01% chance of success. I tried to reschedule an appointment but was not possible in Mumbai so decided to fix it in Hyderabad Consulates. I got an appointment just 4 days before my program starts..

Experience in Hyderabad.

Seriously speaking, I was not scared at all while waiting outside for an interview. I was there just because my mom was forcing me to give a last try and I wanted my mom to stop asking me the same thing again n again.
My second turn came.. I told my brother that I will sing a song inside and will come out so don’t make any hope for me Okay?
I saw, the rejection rate was higher in Hyderabad as compare to Mumbai.. Lol 00.01% chance is also gone!
There were 3 students before me, the VO was a young guy of 25-27 age angry young man!
The present interviewee got his visa approved!
The second guy was stunned! Lol..
The VO said to him: You are coming for the second time to me for an interview please go to another counter, but he still did not leave the place, VO again showed his hand asked to move him in a direction then the guy left for other counter.
Third girl..
VO: When did you pass out?
Girl: Blah Blah
VO: Percentage?
VO: How you are financing?
Girl: Education Loan
VO: What is the security for loan?
Girl: My house.
VO: uuffff! Ok your visa is approved!
Girl: Thank you!

My turn,
Me: Good Morning officer!
VO: No reply, Serious face. When did you pass out?
Me: Blah Blah
VO: Percentage?
Me: 53%
VO: Terrible!
Me: hehehe (Shameless smile)
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My uncle (NAME)
VO: Where he works?
Me: (told company name)
VO: (Surprised! And angry.) You are telling me the wrong name.
Me: No sir its right.. please check the second page.
VO: How much he earns?
VO: (Angry) I can do the maths, you are telling me the wrong amount.
Me: Sir he was in Astralia last year hence his income is low on the document but if you see previous year statement it’s enough there.
VO: Keep Quite.
Me: ….. (give me my documents, I wana go home asap)
VO: Show me your bank details. Not balance certificates but Transaction History.
VO: What your fathers do?
Me: He is physically handicap.
VO: Not working anywhere?
Me: No.
VO: Went inside for about 5 minutes.
Me: (Just give me my documents back, I wana go)
VO: Came and started typing,
Me: I was pretty sure he is going to reject my visa because I never read such experience on the internet before.
The VO through my documents out of the window and I was searching my Passport in the documents like a crazy. I collect the documents and was looking as to when he is throwing my passport at my face and the VO said…
Me: Thank you so much sir! (Wait, what did he just said?) Oh my god. The guy behind me saw the whole story and was smiling at me. I started running from the place and the securities were running behind me….
Today, I am doing my LL.M. in the US immigration Law and in the first lecture introduction session, I said, I am doing my LL.M. in Immigration law just because my visa was rejected in first attempt Everybody laugh and agreed to my pain..
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F1 visa interview - Status Rejected
Hi.. I applied for F1 Visa in July 2016 and my visa got rejected because of 214(b) immigration law. I was not asked much questions and my visa was rejected. Now I am going to apply again so please help me find out my mistake in the first interview.

VO- Pass me your I20 and Passport.
ME- gave.
VO- So which uni your going to and which program.
ME- I am going to Kent State University and for Computer Science.
(VO was typing for a lot of time and was not asking questions. So I only told that..
I did my bachelors in Computer Engineering in 2013 and Currently I am working in Multinational Company as a Software Developer from past 2.5 years.)
VO- Which year you graduated?
ME- 2013, Sir.
VO- What is the post in your current company.
ME- said..
VO- What is your GRE and CGPA.
ME- GRE- 302 and CGPA- 7.88
ME- No backlog.
VO- Who is going to sponsor
ME-My father is going to sponsor for my education.
VO- Can you tell me his annual income and show me your financial documents.
ME- His annual income is 8L per annum and We have 37L of savings and I am also taking 10L of loan. Showed all the financial documents.
VO-(Typed for 1 minute) I cant give u visa due to immigration law.

Can you tell me what was my mistake? I have a good profile and enough funds and I am also going to a National Ranking University.
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F1 Student - Fail to Registration for 1st Semester
I was on F2 Status in USA. I have applied universities for MS in Computer Science Program and received I -20 from university for fall 2016 semester. After then i have applied for change of status from F2 to F1 status. I got the approval for F1 Status from USCIS on September 21, 2016.

i meet with my college international advisor for registration for fall 2016 but she told me its too late for registration cz class has started from September 07, 2016. She told me to contact with Department and registration office and meet with dean and registration office but unfortunately both guys does not allow me for registration.

so i didn't registration for fall 2016. My F1 status is effective from September 21, 2016 . Now i can't attend to college for fail to registration. What would be my F1 status.

my status will be invalid since i can't attend class. Right?

Kindly help me out about this issues. What i have to do right now ?
How many options i have to do valid my status ?


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