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Student Visa At Chennai US Embassy
My visa Today on 17th august 2016

Im suresh kumar,Andhra pradesh

Visa: Rejected 214(b)

place: US Embassy Chennai,

VO: come forward
me: good morning sir, how is your day ( the time is 11:20 am)

VO; which university u applied for?
me: Governors state university

VO: where is it located?
me: its in Illinois, University parkway(and i have bank loan of 20 lacs(here i did not say" educational loan") and
> i have 2 others sponsoring
> and I have Scholarship of 10lac from the state Govt of andhra pradesh for the marginalazied Families and students who want to study abroad.

VO: sorry, At this time wer can not aprove ur visa and u will be given 214B
Me: alright thank you.Have a nice day.

I was disappointed..for my poor performance...i walked back with passport i-20 and and 214B with a fake smile on my face

I forgot to smile, even he is not smiling but just kept asking and kept answering

My english is little breaking too but better.
Please help me in where i have gone wrong..and how i should be telling the officer

Please help me frame my financials, my father is 2.5lac he is retd employee, got 10lac of Govt scholorship, Cousin brother is Sponsering me he has 11lac savings with income of 16lac per year,
uncle(peddananna) fathers brother he is retd doctor has income of 4lac and fixed deopsits of time when i apply what should be tell the officer with what i have? please comment
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F1 & F2 Visa together
Guys please suggest what is the chances of visa get approved if applied for f1 and f2 visa together?
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SEVIS fee transfer info
I had applied to a US college for fall 2016 semester but I didn't get the visa. Now I am applying to a different college for spring 2017 semester. I wanted to know if there was any way for me to transfer my SEVIS fee that I paid last time to this college.

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F1 visa rejected twice asking me to make any significant changes in my application please suggest
July 7th

 Hyderabad consulate 10am slot.
Visa: Denied

Me: good morning officer.
Vo: good morning young man how are you doing?

Me: I'm doing good air
Vo: pass me your application
 Me: passed
Vo: typed something in his computer and asked me so what's your purpose of to travel?

Me: to pursue my masters degree in industrial engineering.

Vo: how do you know about western Michigan university?
Me: I have checked the university websites and also I have contacted seniors studying in the same college and they spoke high about the university.

Vo: he asked some thing and I didn't get that.

Me: sorry sir I didn't get that. Could you please repeat that for me?

Vo: what would you be doing after your master's?

Me: I wasn't clear of the question but tried to answer it saying that would be working In a production based company Since I'm passionate working with machines.

Vo: how would you support and who is your sponsor?

Me: my father is my sponsor.
Also I have an education loan of 20 lakhs to support my graduation.
Also my dad have savings of 8 lakhs.

We do pf Amount of 9.3 lakh.

Vo: still do you have any other documents?

me: I said , I have a property valuation certificate from CA and we do have a property close to 2 crore.

Also he asked my under graduate major also my gre score as the second question.

He handed me 214b form and said my visa application is denied.

I wasn't sure what went wrong in my case and re-applied again on july 28th.

Hyderabad consulate

time 11 AM.

Visa: denied

Me: good morning officer
Vo: good morning

Vo: pass me your passport and i20.
Me: Passed
Vo: so western Michigan university right?
Me: yes sir.
Vo: How do you fund your education?
Me: I have taken education loan of 20lakhs and 16lakhs savings in my dad's account. That will be sufficient to fund my education.

Vo: so when did you attend your last interview?
Me: it was on 7th july sir.

Vo: can I see your loan sanction letter?
Me: showed and he examined for 10 seconds and gave back the letter.

Vo: last time you showed 8lakhs cash and now you say you have 16 lakhs where did the extra money came from.

Me: we have agricultural lands and my uncle takes care of it and he transferred the amount which we came from agriculture.

Vo: reapply if you make any significant changes in your application.
Gave back my passport and handed 214b form..??
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F1 finaicial documents
My name is Vijay. I have a question, can I show my credit card amount as a liquid asset to support my studies in US.
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Why f1 students are not posting their Experiences ?
Why f1 students are not posting their Experiences ?

Please share the same.
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F1 visa rejected on first try. Approved on second try.
Hello Everyone, I’m sharing my experience as when I was preparing for my interview I also learnt quite a lot from reading student experiences. First of all I would like to say that US visa interview preparation can be quite nerve wrecking and the interview itself can be very intimidating so my first advice is for you to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I say worst because I think that once you are prepared to be rejected and have a clear future plan and other options in hand the confidence level will increase.
So the first time I went to the interview the experience was as follows.
Visa Consulate : NEW DELHI
Date: 9th June 2016

Me: Good Morning Ma’am.
VO: Good Morning. Tell me about the university you are planning to go to for your MS.
Me: University name and information about my course.
Vo: How many Uni did you get admitted to and why this uni
Me: Tell them the uni names and then explain about my uni and about its curriculum and professors.
Vo: Who will be sponsoring you
Me: My parents.
VO: what is their annual income.
Me: state their annual salary income ( I think this where things started going bad as I did tell her their total income including the interest income and also I think she was trying to ask how they can sponsor me which I did not tell her about in detail.)
Vo: Have you ever been to US before?
Me: Yes. Tell her the time and the reason. (I get the year wrong and because im nervous I can not remember the damn year I visited US. So I try to improvise and tell her that as I was a kid I might not remember the year correctly)
Vo: Asks about my sister in US.
Me: Explain her job.
Vo: Sorry I cannot approve your Visa.
Me: Thank you Ma’am. Can you let me know the reason Im being declined the visa.
Vo: I don’t think you are financially strong enough.
Me: Thank you Ma’am . Have a pleasant day.

So this was nerve wrecking and I was devastated because I come from a very and I mean very rich family and to be declined a Visa for financial reason is quite embarrassing. I think this was because I did not tell her about my liquid assets and my parent’s financial position. She did not have a look at any of my financial documents. So I learnt my lesson and decided the next time Even if the VO wont ask for the documents if I think they are not convinced I’ll insist them to have a look. Also I decided that their was no point keeping silent or in explaining less so when I get the next chance Ill make sure I tell them all that I find appropriate.
Second Interview:
Date: 1st July 2016
So the second interview did not start as a fairy tale as I got to the same counter as my previous VO. I was totally knocked out of my shoes but luckily they don’t allow the same VO to take the interview again so I was sent to a different counter.
Me: Good Morning Ma’am.
Vo: Good Morning. So tell me about the course you are planning to study.
Me: Explain in detail about the course and a few majors without using many technical terms.
Vo: When did you finish your bachelor.
Me: A year ago.
Vo: What have you been doing since then.
Me: helping my father in his business of S/W and data processing and now we have decided its best for the future for me to pursue my MS.
Vo: Explain you fathers business.
Me: Explain to her in detail about my parents business and I even add in their net worth the companies turnover and also the liquid assets available.
Vo: Can you show me some financial docs:
Me: I hand her my CA report. And explain how my parents are happy to sponsor me and how I’m their only son and both my sisters are well settled and independent.
Vo: Give me sec. (Goes and talks to the old lady that rejected my VISA.)
Vo: So are you taking any loan?
Me: No Ma’am as my parents are financially well off and the business is doing well I wont require a loan.
Vo: So no loan documents?
Me: No Ma’am . I explain to her in detail about my liquid assets again and then add in that I have enough amount in my own account to sponsor my own education at least 1 ½ years along with cost of living.
Vo: Okay , Your Visa Is approved.
Me: Thanks Ma’am.

In my experience If you guys think that the VO is not being convinced please do not hold back and explain to them everything that you feel is appropriate. If you have a genuine case and know every detail then you will feel more confident and can explain much better.
Hope this helps someone get the visa.
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F1 visa Experience
BE Information Technology CGPA– 7.37
Backlogs – 15
Work Experience – 11 months
GRE – 294
IELTS – 6.5
Stratford university, Falls Church, VA 22043, United States.
Mumbai Consulate General
27th June 2016. 10:00 AM

ME – Good Morning mam.
VO – (Typing something...)Which University..?
ME – Stratford university, Virginia.
VO – (Typing continuously...)How many universities have you applied?
ME – 4.
VO – (Typing ...)which ones?
ME – Bridgeport, Stratford, UT Dallas and UIS Springfield.
VO – (Typing ...)what's their status?
Me – I got rejection from Bridgeport and UT Dallas and UIS Spriengfield's decision is still pending.
VO – (Typing ...)Who is sponsoring you?
ME – My father.
VO – (Typing ...)what does he do?
ME – He is a businessman.

VO – sorry, for this time I can't approve your visa...!!! This will help you to understand the reason of your rejection.
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F1 Stamping while on OPT
I came on H4 - Converted to F1, will be completing my Masters in Summer (August' 2016). OPT would start from September'16. I have not been to India since 2013.

I am planning to visit India this December when I would be on OPT with employment in progress. I want to know if it's good to go for F1 stamping while on OPT?

I am really worried if this scenario is going to create any trouble while getting an F1 stamp in India. What is the recommended approach here. I would really appreciate if someone could share their experience/knowledge.

what are the chances of my F1 getting rejected and losing my OPT?

What all the documents I need to carry for visa stamping?

Thanks very much for your help!!

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Administrative Processing and 212g
Hi everyone, So here is my situation! I applied to get into a school and got my I-20 and scheduled my visa interview for 2nd June 2016. I was a little nervous!
Visa officer asked some questions about my father's income his annual income and how will support me and asked for bank statements. Everything went smooth but I was handed 212g refusal (Green color). I was asked to submit Notarized letter stating tuition was paid! My case was put under Administrative processing.

I was worried because people said it takes months to get out of administrative processing! But when I sent my documents that were required on 20 June my visa tracking said Administrative processing and than one 22nd June after two days my case was out of Administrative processing and when I checked my case it said You have been issued the visa and will be handed over in 10 business days.

I think administrative processing become longer if you don't submit required documents correctly. I submitted correctly and it took me 2 days to be out of AP.

Now I am waiting for my visa and passport! I hope this helps for those who think AP is a night mare and 212g refusal is something like a monster!

Feel free to ask questions!
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