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Change of Status from H4 to F1
I have applied from H4 to F1 conversion to USCIS and they received my case on Nov 27th, 2015. And today I called USCIS to know the approximate time for the process completion. They said that right now Nov 29 , 2014 cases were going on, and the approximate time is 11 months.
Is anybody having any clarity regarding this? (approximate time frame for approval)
Is there anybody who applied for same such conversion after Nov 2014 and got their process completed?
Please let me know your current status, so that I would know the approximate time frame and could take a better decision.
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Change to F1 status
Hi everyone!
I applied to change the visa status for my wife to F1 and the Vermont Service Center received the application on 07/06/2015. It's been more than 6 months that her application is pending. I checked the processing time and it says they are processing the application of December 1, 2014. Is there anyone having the similar kind of situation?
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date: 29 dec 2015 9:00 am
univ ; NYIT

vo: hello sir good morning
me: very good morning mam

vo: can i have ur I20 n passport
me: sure mam..( given my i20 n passport)

vo: when did u passout?
me: 2012

vo: oh! what u did all this time?
me: after completing my bachelor degree , ihave worked in abc company..

vo: then y u r planning to left the job and going for masters?
me: In this highly competitve world, it is better to have advance degree from abroad studies,that which helps to gain in depth knowledge n for my long term career growth.

Vo: ok , what is the position u r looking for?
me: iam looking for highly reputed position in the field of my study computer science.

vo: ok sorry this time iam not approving ur visa ,as per 214(b).
me: ok

i have answered very confidently,but the result disapoointed me..
i have rescheduled my visa slot on 12th jan 2016 at chennai consulate. As per my above experience, any one can suggest me what wrong i did last time? n plz suggest me how to get through my visa interview on 12 jan 2016..

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Sevis terminated
Hi, I got visa in July and I went to USA and came back with in a week due to my personal reasons, I want to defer my admission , I got a new i20 with new sevis number on it, old one got terminated from same university , now my question is whether I have to pay sevis fee again or it will get transfer automatically , I'm trying to call university but they are not responding, I need reply very urgently please reply asap
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Graduated high shool, applying F1 for UG in community college. Help?
I graduated from high school in June 2015. As I hadn't taken the TOEFL and SATs earlier, I took them after high school. Also, a few family issues occurred. Due to this, I didn't attend any college for Fall 2015.

I applied to 5 normal-ranked (Times Higher Education #150-200) universities and got accepted. But, I've decided that I wanna attend community college in California so that I can save up and improve my grades and then transfer to UC Berkeley, as I'm a CS student. The only step left is my visa interview. I'm worried that I might get rejected, and since I do not have time to make second attempt, I might miss my chance to go to community college.

I need to be in the U.S by November 26, 2015. Yes, I know its late, but I do have an emergency appointment approved. All that's left is trying to be confident and not get rejected.

I've probably not explained myself clearly, but if you can understand, and give any suggestions to get approved a visa for community college, it would be a great help! Anything at all.
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F1 Visa approved in 1 day after 221g
An american guy about 30 yrs old, rejected one H1b visa before me.

VO: Please come forward

Me: Good Morning Sir! How are you doing today?

Vo:Good (serious face) Please pass me your i20

Me: Yes Sir

VO: Which University

Me: Trine University

VO: What is organisational leadership (Unexpected question. Organisational leadership is mentioned in my i20 for MS in Leadership

Me: Explained

VO: How many did you applied

Me: 4 universities. 3 accepted and 1 rejected

VO: What are they?

Me: Told

VO: typing something in the computer. After 3 minutes, asked "Have you been to Liberia?"

Me: I am sorry?

VO: Have you been to Liberia or do you have any links to Liberia?

Me: No (loud voice since I did not expect this question and I have never been to Liberia)

VO: Whats your plans after course?

Me: I will return to India and work as a Project Lead

VO: Who is your sponsor

Me: Told

VO: Typing seriously in the computer. After 5 minutes, took blue form (I am rejected - my mind voice) wrote one case number and told "Your application will be put in administrative processing and it will take 2-3 weeks)

Me: So is my visa approved?

VO: I can't say anything now since we have to look into your case. But you can track online. Gave blue form with 221g

Next day after interview - Online status - Issued. same day - got email asking to collect the passport

6th November - Received passport with visa stamped

The VO did not ask me any documents except passport and i20

Profile -



Work experience - 9 years

BBA - University of Madras - 2005

International Business diploma - New Zealand - 2011
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visa issued passport not delivered
I had my interview on october 6th
visa issued on October 7th
VO told me to retreive my passport after one week
it's been 3 weeks now and i still didn't receive my passport

delivery case on my profile is blank
and there is no status update available for my pass #
Has anyone had the same experience ?

my program begins on December 1st
i am worried
i tried calling and emailing the consulate no answers

help plz
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switching visa from tourist to F1
If anybody is on 5 years tourist visa while applied for tourist visa extension can apply for student visa while application is in process while i-94 is going to expire in 40 days?
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J1 Programs
I am a prospective student at NYU. They have two options, On-Campus and Online and since I am an international student and New York is a very expensive, I was wondering if I qualify for any of the J1 visa programs to work and pay for my studies while in New York. I also thought I could do the Master's online and visit the U.S. for the Summer Travel Program if I qualify.
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My visa from B2 to F1 - change of status
Hi I applied for F1 visa in October, 2015 for Spring Semester, 2015. I just got my visa approved today i.e Sept. 28, 2015. USCIS informed that they will mail my approval notice. Can anyone share what's next?As I understand I need to go to the college and get registered, right?


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