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how to answer to VO regarding BANK STATMENTS
friends please help me out am going to show bank statements for 6 months which have recent transactions so when VO asked how should I respond.?
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F1 Visa Experience: Approved
I went to US consulate (Kolkata) on 7th June. I read that most of the applicants get rejected, so I was a little nervous. I took all my documents to the consulate and waited in the line until my turn came.

VO: Hello.
Me: Hello.
VO: So where are you going?
Me: I am going to University of Cincinnati.
VO: For which course?
Me: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: (told)
VO: What's your father's annual income?
Me: (told)
VO: What does your mother do?
Me: (told)
VO: What's your parents' income?
Me: (told)
VO: Your Visa is approved (Kept my passport).
Me: Thank you.

What I learnt from this experience is that getting a F1 Visa isn't difficult. I read an article which said that out of 90000 applicants, only 4000 got their student visa in 2015. I think that applicants get rejected because of their own fault. Sometimes they get too nervous and don't use proper grammar while speaking. So be confident and stay calm. You will get your visa.
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Can i apply for F1 visa with my wife and son.
I did apply for F1 visa last 22nd of may and rejected. I was so confident as I have done my BSc from UK, also travel to France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and many more. After finish my study I came back to Bangladesh and start job. the visa officer asked me two three question and give me the letter, was written section 214(b).

can I apply again within a month?
my uncle will be fund my all expenses, is it the negative thing?
I want to took my family with me at the same time, is it ok?

please if someone already have this kind of experience share with me. as I am very nervous right now.
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F1 visa interview experience. Converted from H4 to F1.
I recently converted my visa from H4 to F1. I have been on H4 for about 5 months now. I couldnt have applied for F1 COS since my school was starting in just a month and my course duration was only 11 months. I had to be on F1 for atleast a year to be eligible for OPT. Sigh, after researching about so many clauses and caveats I finally decided to get my visa stamped under F1 from Canada. Here goes my experience

VO: Hey how are you
Me: I am good sir.How about you?
VO: i20 please?
VO: Why F1 when you can study on H4?
Me: I wanted to get the practical training at the end of the course.
VO: Thats good you have done your research
VO: What did you do back in India?
Me: (Told)
VO: Whos Xyz( financer on i20)
Me: Hes my bro-in- law. He works for a hedge fund in NYC.
VO: Why he and not your husband?
Me: ummmm.. He offered to help. We both have enough funds too. He just wanted to.
VO: ok. What do you plan to do after the course?
Me: Work for a year and move back to India.
VO: What does your husband do?
Me: Works for general motors.
VO: How about your husband then?Will he also move back?
Me: He has been offered a leadership role in GM India. So that's flexible.
VO: (After a lotttt of typing) Allright your visa is approved.

Lasted for about 15 minutes of which 5 minutes was his typing towards the end.

Good luck with everyone who is in my shoes. Hope this helps. Be prepared with all answers important questions like Why F1 and not H4, What plans after the course etc.
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Hello people, I am so happy that my F2 dependent visa has been approved for USA. Finally I am going to meet my Husband and I am travelling in May most probably.
I read a lot of post from here before my scheduled interview as I was really nervous with sleepless nights. It was a like a nightmare. People experiences on this forum helped me a lot to get over the interview easily. I too thought of sharing my experience so people can get some use of the information.
My interview was at 7.50 Am and it started at 8.50 Am due to long waiting Que. I applied with my 4 month kid. I was really confused if I should bring my kid along or not as it wasn’t mandatory to bring a child below age 14. I was tensed too as he won’t allow me to give my interview properly and will cry a lot. I read many stories in which a lot of people Visa got rejected because VO got offended due to baby’s crying and stuff. But finally I decided to take him along. Unfortunately, my baby started crying the moment I entered the embassy. I was as nervous as he didn't stop crying. I was holding my kid along with my documents as they didn’t allow bringing anything inside the embassy which was really a tough job as and unfortunately I was the only one with a kid in the embassy that day.
Anyways, the VO asked me following questions:
VO: Hello ma'am.
Me: Hi and good morning ma'am
VO: Show me your passport and I 20's
Me: Given
VO: Did your husband applied from Pakistan or from USA?
Me: From Pakistan
VO: What are your qualifications?
Me: told
VO: you never felt like working somewhere after marriage?
Me: No
VO: OK, but did you ever worked somewhere before marriage?
Me: No
VO: Why? (Strange look) you have such a good degree.
Me: It’s because I got married as soon i completed my degree.
VO: (Grimed) and said, any plans to work in future or for higher studies?
Me: No not at all, it’s because i can’t leave my kid behind alone at home as you can see how naughty he is
VO: Laughed and said yes I can imagine how hard would be your life with a kid and without a husband.
Me: Yes ma’am, even he misses his dad.
VO: Give me 2 minutes I’m coming back.
That was the time I thought I’m rejected as she didn’t ask for my bank statement or anything else like marriage photos and other stuffs.
She came back, returned my I 20 and asked for my passports again and said, Congratulations your visa have been accepted. You can collect your passports in 2 working days
Me: Thank you ma’am with a smile and left.
OMG! That was the moment, I’m so happy, and I collected my Visa too today :)
So, my personal advice to everyone is to be confident and don’t panic and stop smiling, just don’t lie and tell everything confidently and honestly. Plus, show strong ties to your country.
And for those who are having kids and thinking not to take them, please take them as they want to see the applicant there even thought if it’s not mandatory. I got the Visa only because I took my child along and which gave a very good impression due to which they didn’t ask many questions from me nor asked for any other document. They get happy to see cute kids around which make them happy too and it diverts the direct attention from you.
Thank you, so much guys, I hope it help you guys :)
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Marriage certificate For J2 visa
Hello Everyone,

I am a J1 visa holder and working here in USA since January 2015. I got married on Dec 2nd 2015 and came back to USA on Jan 18th 2016.

Due to time constraints, I could not apply for marriage certificate (Even though I could have applied they do not issue marriage certificate before 30 days of marriage).

Now I want to bring my wife on J2 VISA.I checked consular website and they say marriage certificate is mandatory. My wife has passport and my name is there as spouse.

Does anybody have similar experience ?

Is notarized marriage certificate will work from India. We have all the proofs of marriage like marriage albums etc.

Please help if somebody has gone through similar experience.

Thank you in advance.
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Change of status approval from H4 to F1! Dilemma in travelling to india. Help me Please
Dear Members,

   I came to USA in October 2012 on H4 visa and took break for my family and I applied for XYZ University (MS in Computer Sci) in Chicago. Got admission in 2015 SUMMER and I continued my study on H4 visa and I applied for COS (change of status) in October and in February 2016 I got my COS approval.

My Questions

i) I am going to graduate in August (SUMMER 2016), will there be any problem for OPT query or denial?

ii) Can I travel India in MAY to get my F1 stamped?

Appreciate your help.

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Change of Status from H4 to F1
I have applied from H4 to F1 conversion to USCIS and they received my case on Nov 27th, 2015. And today I called USCIS to know the approximate time for the process completion. They said that right now Nov 29 , 2014 cases were going on, and the approximate time is 11 months.
Is anybody having any clarity regarding this? (approximate time frame for approval)
Is there anybody who applied for same such conversion after Nov 2014 and got their process completed?
Please let me know your current status, so that I would know the approximate time frame and could take a better decision.
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Change to F1 status
Hi everyone!
I applied to change the visa status for my wife to F1 and the Vermont Service Center received the application on 07/06/2015. It's been more than 6 months that her application is pending. I checked the processing time and it says they are processing the application of December 1, 2014. Is there anyone having the similar kind of situation?
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date: 29 dec 2015 9:00 am
univ ; NYIT

vo: hello sir good morning
me: very good morning mam

vo: can i have ur I20 n passport
me: sure mam..( given my i20 n passport)

vo: when did u passout?
me: 2012

vo: oh! what u did all this time?
me: after completing my bachelor degree , ihave worked in abc company..

vo: then y u r planning to left the job and going for masters?
me: In this highly competitve world, it is better to have advance degree from abroad studies,that which helps to gain in depth knowledge n for my long term career growth.

Vo: ok , what is the position u r looking for?
me: iam looking for highly reputed position in the field of my study computer science.

vo: ok sorry this time iam not approving ur visa ,as per 214(b).
me: ok

i have answered very confidently,but the result disapoointed me..
i have rescheduled my visa slot on 12th jan 2016 at chennai consulate. As per my above experience, any one can suggest me what wrong i did last time? n plz suggest me how to get through my visa interview on 12 jan 2016..

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