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H1b transfer
Greetings of the day!!!

Myself Rajesh, i got my H1B stamping in 2008 but i was not able to travel on the same visa till date.

Now i want to travel USA and looking for a employer who can transfer my H1B to his company, i want your help in correcting my understanding whether i am right in understanding this process.

Kindly reply.

Rajesh Poojary
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Issue in Visa
I am a Kashmiri Muslim, are there chances or any issues in my visa?
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F1 Visa interview after Change of Status in US
I would like to thank immihelp for its vast and great source of information. It helped a lot to get prepare for my visa interview.

Change of status happened in US from H4 to F1

Visa interview happened in India during a visit.

Which university you are Studying?
Which semester you are in?
You already applied your change of status in US?

Visa approved.

It was very simple and took 2 minutes at interview. Thank you immihelp for all the information.
My university is in top 50 in US.

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F1 VISA renewal with 221-g
Consulate : Chennai, India.

I am a PhD student and I got 221-g during my first VISA interview in 2011. It took 4 weeks for the security clearance before getting my VISA, and the VISA stamping mentions ‘Security Clearance Received’. I went for the VISA renewal in March 2015, since an F1 VISA with 221-g is valid only for 4 years for Indian students (5 years otherwise). I got 221-g again. During the interview, the interviewer asked a few questions about what I work on, when will I graduate, etc. He said I will get the VISA, but it will require some administrative procedures just like the first time. He further asked for a hard copy of the following documents : i) CV ii) Summary of Research. I didn’t take them with me, so I asked him if I can submit them later in the day. He said I can submit them at the VISA application Center and he kept my passport with him. I submitted the required documents at the VISA application center on the same day; and I got the VISA in 2 days. The new VISA says ‘Prior Security Clearance Received in 2011’. I guess my application didn’t go through the security clearance all over again, since my status hasn’t changed (same university, degree, and program). I was expecting a processing time of a couple of weeks, but it got over in a couple of days.

I was asked for a hard copy because of some technical glitch in their email server. Otherwise, we are supposed to email them the required documents. Nevertheless, taking a hard copy helps.
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Permanent Residency for Life-Saving Medical Treatment
Any advice you can provide to guide us would be so very appreciated! For more information, please visit:

If my friend, Sadeepa returns to Sri Lanka she will die. In 2004, she moved to the U.S. to study medicine. After a year of excellent grades, she grew gravely ill and was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic disorder that causes the accumulation of copper in the eyes, brain, kidneys and liver. Untreated, it is fatal. And there is absolutely no treatment in her home country, Sri Lanka.

But with access to treatment and therapy, Sadeepa can live a long and healthy life. A private bill to secure permanent residence for Sadeepa would allow her to complete her Master’s degree, obtain full-time employment, and support herself. In 2012, a private bill was introduced and passed which secured permanent residence for a Nigerian national so that he could enroll in a U.S. medical school.

Thank you truly for your support. For more information, please visit: And please consider sharing. Please keep in touch with us at and
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H4 to F1 Visa without COS
I would like post my experience, we went through for my wife as she got her Visa from H4 to F1. To give some background, Initially she came to US on H4, as we decided to pursue further studies for her and secured an admission, she needed an F1 visa because obviously F1 has its own benefits.

We chose the path to go back to India and get a F1 stamp instead of doing COS here with USCIS and waiting for about 3-6 months. So here’s her Visa Interview experience at Mumbai Consulate.

She: Good morning, How are you?
VO: I am fine, how are you, Good morning.
She: Handed over Passport, I-20, SEVIS Fee Receipt
VO: Why XYZ Univ?
Me:I choose XYZ because it’s ____ program is very flexible, it offers carrier relevant curriculum.
VO: So you planning to do _____ Course?
She: Yes
VO: Why MS in ____?
She: The curriculum of the course is aligned to what I have studied in undergrad and also to my past work experience. So it would match with my skills set and will enhance my knowledge .
VO: Had you other to other Universities other than XYZ?
She: 2
VO: Which Other universities you had applied?
VO: Why only in _____ state only?
She: So that I can live with my husband
VO: Where does your husband work?
She: So and So company and designation
VO: Who’s going to sponsor you?
She: My Husband
VO: Your visa is approved, you’ll get your passport in 2-3 days, Enjoy your stay.
Me: Thank You!

Hope this helps to somebody who is in the same situation. Best luck!
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Need to know about the Required docs for appying for F2 Visa in India
Hi There,

I have been searching on net from a lon'g time but since I could not get any case which is according to my Situation,thats a reason I am writing my all concerns and Query

Here is a thing,

I came to USA in Jan-2014 on b1/b2 Visa then later in july I applied for my Change of Status as F1 While in USA my Cousin Sponsored me for my F1, I took the Admission for ESL Classes Sponsored by my Cousin,i don"t work here as its a esl program not any CPT or OPT
Now if I want my wife and son to Visit USA, What all the Documents I need for Applying their F2 Visa and also can my Cousin Sponsor them too? , I am getting my wife and son"s I-20 from my language school my cousin is showing the funds for their I-20,I will get that I-20 Issued by my College and then when my wife will go for the F2 Visa Interview in USA Embassy in Delhi, What all the Documents she needs to carry? does she need any Financial Documents from my cousin like his usa bank statement or I-134 Affidavit of Support Document or any Sponsorship letter on the name of USA Embassy Consular,
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MRV fee recipt lost
Hello all,
I have lost my MRV visa fee recipt issued from Axis bank. However my interview is already scheduled.
Is it mandatory to have the recipt with you at the time of interview?
Any help is much appreciated.
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J1 Hardship Waiver Process I-612 Experience 2014
After 7 long moths my J1 Hardship waiver has been approved. I decided to write my experience to help others that are going through the process. I will recommend to hire a lawyer if you are thinking on doing the hardship waiver. It is very important to have someone with experience in the area.
My argument (Affidavit) was based on the following:
1) Employment hardship: we claimed that my husband was not able to leave with me to fulfill the two years because he was going to lose his job. Because of this, he wasn’t going to be able to pay his students loans. At the same time, he was not going to be able to find job in my country because he does not speak the language.
2) Family Ties hardship: My husband never lived outside the USA. Also, one of his family member was sick and we used to help that person with house duties.
3) Educational hardship: His degree required him to go to conference every year.
4) Financial Hardship: As I mentioned before, he needed to stay to keep paying his students loans. We also claimed that if I had to leave the country his debt was going to increase due to the visiting me and others things.
5) Separation Anxiety: We claimed separation anxiety if I had to leave the USA (This was used only the Request for Evidence.)
USCIS Process:
1) May 3: USCIS received my package.
2) May 22: USCIS requested more evidence. They claimed we did not provide enough information about the hardship if I had to go to my country to fulfill the two years without my husband.
3) August 4: USCIS received the request for evidence.
4) October 28: USCIS was seeking for a second opinion from the Department of State to make a decision (After two inquiries!).
5) December 22: USCIS approved my case. USCIS approval was received 2 weeks after the Department of state made a decision.
Department of State Process:
1) June 6: Received my statement of reason, passport data page, fee, and DS-2019.
2) October 29: Received forms I-613 and I-612.
3) December 8: Favorable recommendation was sent.
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F1 Visa Issues
Hi everyone :-)
I am a bit concerne about my new F1 Visa...
Here is my story.
I was issued a F1 visa two years ago and I have studied twice in the USA with the same visa, both time I completed my courses. After that I wanted to study once again with the same visa but the school director told me that i could not have studied in the USA with my current visa as I have been outside the US for more than 5 months even though my visa was going to expire in the 2018.
So as i was told I applied for a new F1 visa which was aproved two weeks ago and I received my passport by mail few days ago. I now have two visas of the same tipe in my passport... my new visa will expire in the 2019.
My question is:
Why the embassy did not put a CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE STAMP on my old F1 visa???
I am reading other people experience and I saw that anytime someone gets a new visa the old one gets stamped with the cancelled without prejudice stamp....
Do you think I will have some problems at the border because my old visa was not cancelled???
Can please anyone give me some information? Has anyone ever had this kind of situation??
I also e-mailed the embassy as soon as I received my passport but the take ages to reply and I have to book my flight ticket as my course will start in February...
I am very confused :-(
Thanks in advance.
Wish everyone a good day...
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