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MRV receipt number not activated even after 5 days
Hello all,

MRV receipt number not activated even after 5 days. How long does it usually take? The phone numbers provided are all automated. Who should i contact to get this resolved? Is there a phone number where I can talk to a real person? I have even sent an email to support@ustravledocs. No reply from them as well.
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Left U.S.A before orientation program with my F1 visa
hello every one,
I left U.S.A before my orientation program and i took transfer in new college as well and withdraw.they told me that my sevis is terminated.Now i want to come back to U.S.A with a new i20.For that purpose i spoke to some universities from India,they told me that i do not require new F1 visa because it has not been 5 months since i visited India nd they told that i need new sevis number for a new i20 as my old sevis number has been guys please give our opinion as soon as possible. so that i can come as fast as possible and the suggestion i require for u all is that is it possible to come on new sevis number on my old F1 visa
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F1 VISA Interview - Seeking Advice

I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me any insight/advice. My case is a bit complicated and unique. I am currently in the States doing an MBA (set to graduate in December of 2015). In a few weeks, I am planning to go to my home country after 10 years for a 4-week vacation.

During my stay in the States I have always maintained my F1 status with logical explanations as to why I've done so. I briefly fell out of status a few years ago, while I was in school due to an oversight by the school official. However, my motion for reinstatement was approved upon evidence that the DSO did in fact neglect to file Form I-539, and my status was eventually ratified. Other than this incident, my grades have always been pretty good. Once I get to my home country, I need to go to the embassy to get a return visa.

Any advices as to what I could do to increase my chances would be greatly appreciated!
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F2 visa chances
I am persuing PhD in USA, but my f1 visa is going to expire soon, I still have a valid I-20. In the meantime I got married and my wife wants to apply for F2 visa, (she wants to visit for short period of time), what are the chances of getting an f2 visa if she applies after my f1 visa expires?
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F1 student visa Candidate is a derived benificiary
Folks often people are concerned that they might get rejected for F1 student visa if one is waiting on immigration petition. This is not true

Here is my experience

Meta data
Location consulate Hyderabad India
Candidate Female aged 23/24
Applying for F1 visa to graduate with Ms degree in Bioinformatics
School Location Nj/NY metro area
Current status of applicant: Derivative Beneficiary listed on parents I-130 form F4 sister US citizen
sponsoring married sister with children
Candidate full disclosure mentioned in F1 as listed in I-130 of mother

VO: Good Morning very friendly but very professional ( Caucasian aged approx 45)

Candidate Good Morning Mam

VO so you are going to xxxx school good choice

Candidate thank you

Doing Bioinformatics you are smart

Candidate little flustered thank you

You are listed In an immigration petition how did this happen

Candidate My mothers sister sponsored my mother and while doing so in section c she
filled my name as well for beneficiary family member

VO oh how old were you then?

8 years old

VO how old are you now ?

Now I am 23 approaching

VO so way back

 Who lives in NJ/NY area

My Aunt who sponsored my mom.

VO you are approved good choice of school and field good luck. When you arrive at. Your port of entry
Mention exactly they way you did to me.

Thank you
Moral of the theme
Be a straight shooter and confident

Also one can easily guess that the information was whetted and the VO had complete profile of the candidate, sponsorers
School,financials with nothing's ... So technically the biryani is pre cooked just microwaved and served
Be straight with facts and stand up to the facts
good Luck everybody
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F-2 Dependent visa
I got a chance in a US university for a PhD with Financial support, I have to be there by this August, I need to take my wife with me as dependent, she is from the same university and same batch with me here in Sri Lanka where we did our Bsc degree. we married on 14/05/2015 and going to apply for visa within next week. can anyone guide me with this I want to be perfect when we go to visa interview , I need my wife to go to USA with me. Thank you.
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H1b transfer
Greetings of the day!!!

Myself Rajesh, i got my H1B stamping in 2008 but i was not able to travel on the same visa till date.

Now i want to travel USA and looking for a employer who can transfer my H1B to his company, i want your help in correcting my understanding whether i am right in understanding this process.

Kindly reply.

Rajesh Poojary
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Issue in Visa
I am a Kashmiri Muslim, are there chances or any issues in my visa?
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F1 Visa interview after Change of Status in US
I would like to thank immihelp for its vast and great source of information. It helped a lot to get prepare for my visa interview.

Change of status happened in US from H4 to F1

Visa interview happened in India during a visit.

Which university you are Studying?
Which semester you are in?
You already applied your change of status in US?

Visa approved.

It was very simple and took 2 minutes at interview. Thank you immihelp for all the information.
My university is in top 50 in US.

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F1 VISA renewal with 221-g
Consulate : Chennai, India.

I am a PhD student and I got 221-g during my first VISA interview in 2011. It took 4 weeks for the security clearance before getting my VISA, and the VISA stamping mentions ‘Security Clearance Received’. I went for the VISA renewal in March 2015, since an F1 VISA with 221-g is valid only for 4 years for Indian students (5 years otherwise). I got 221-g again. During the interview, the interviewer asked a few questions about what I work on, when will I graduate, etc. He said I will get the VISA, but it will require some administrative procedures just like the first time. He further asked for a hard copy of the following documents : i) CV ii) Summary of Research. I didn’t take them with me, so I asked him if I can submit them later in the day. He said I can submit them at the VISA application Center and he kept my passport with him. I submitted the required documents at the VISA application center on the same day; and I got the VISA in 2 days. The new VISA says ‘Prior Security Clearance Received in 2011’. I guess my application didn’t go through the security clearance all over again, since my status hasn’t changed (same university, degree, and program). I was expecting a processing time of a couple of weeks, but it got over in a couple of days.

I was asked for a hard copy because of some technical glitch in their email server. Otherwise, we are supposed to email them the required documents. Nevertheless, taking a hard copy helps.
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