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H1B to F2 change of status

I am
Current on H1b visa maxing out on May 04. My spouse is currently on F1 opt valid till April 30. He is gng to apply for stem opt next month.

My question is, Can I apply for a change of status to F2 Visa when my spouse stem opt is still pending or should I wait till his stem opt approval.

Appreciate your help. Thank you in advance
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F2 requirements?
I am trying to help my friend's daughter to get her F2 visa. Her fiancé is on opt and have F1 visa stamped till sometime in 2022, he is going to India in Feb and plan to get married there. Now he has already visa he does not need to go to embassy to get visa stamped but the daughter will have to go once she get marriage certificate. I have few questions:

1. Can she apply for an appointment before marriage but actual appointment date would be after marriage?
2. Does she need i-20 for herself or would that be her husband's i-20?
3. If she needs i-20, how can she get it? Who should apply husband/daughter and can it be applied before marriage?

Goal is to get married in Fed first week and come back to usa together.

Any help would be appreciated.

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conversion of L2 to F1
Hi, My daughter is studying undergraduate on L2 visa. She would be attaining 21 years of age before she completes her course. I understand she would need F1 visa for the remaining period. What is the process of getting L2 converted to F1. Can this be done without leaving US?
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Renewing F1 visa on OPT via Dropbox

I wanted to make a clarification. My F1 visa expires end of May, 2021 while my STEM OPT expires end of Feb 2022. I want to renew the F1 visa till end of OPT so that if any emergency happens, be it for work/family-related travel, I'm able to leave and re-enter US without hassle. When I went ahead to schedule the interview, it said I qualify for interview waiver. Is this usual since I'm not studying anymore? In addition, my first F1 visa was issued in Japan, since I happened to be working there at the time. As expected, I am seeing/hearing contradictory information online and from friends.

Thank you.
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My F1 Visa was approved after 5 rejections in 6th attempt
When I applied for F1 Visa for Fall 2019, my visa was refused 5 times, and finally succeeded in the 6th attempt for Spring 2020.
I can’t share all the interview questions I faced in all 6 attempts here.
for all the people who are facing rejections, I would suggest you not to give up at the same time don’t just attempt without practicing!
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F2 Visa Interview Experience OCT-2020
F2 Visa Interview Experience
Location: Hyderabad - India
Date: OCT-27-2020
VO: Young lady
Time: 11:15 AM

Note: VO is not taking Documents, We have to show all Documents one after one from outside mirror.

VO: Hello, Good Morning.
ME: Good Morning !!.
VO: Can I see your i-20’s and Passport?
Me: Yes Sure. (Showed I-20’s with DSO Letter stating that due to pandemic University providing only Digital I-20’s)
VO: When did you get marry ?
ME: Told Date
VO: Where does he currently stay ?
ME: Told Place
VO: What is your husband currently doing in US?
ME: He is working as a software engineer at ABC Company
VO: Thank you (Muted Mic for 3-4 mins and verified all details in Computer screen and asked
something to an Indian lady standing next to her )
ME: Sure (Waiting)
VO: Do You have Kids ?
ME: No.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Certificate ?
ME: Yes Sure.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Photos ? (Show one after one Please )
ME: Sure.
VO: Thank You (Again Muted and Long Discussion with one of the old Visa VO) (4-5 Mins)
VO: How much money does your husband earn?
Me: He Earns $$$$$$ per Annum.
VO: Can I see his pay slips ?
ME: Yes Sure; (Showed from out side she just noted all details like Date, Gross Pay and all)
VO: Again long Gap (2-3) Mins
ME: Waiting…
VO: Can you show your passport once again ?
ME: Showed, She Scanned Barcode.
VO: Can you place left, right hand four fingers and both thumbs on the scanner one after one?
ME: Yes Sure.
VO: Thank You (Again Wait for 2-3Mins) Entered Some data in her computer.
ME: Waiting.
VO: Can You Please Drop your Passport in the Drop Box.
ME: Thank You …!
VO: With Smile… Welcome.
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Chances of getting F1 VISA
Hi All, I'm currently working in TCS with 5yr experience and now I'm applying for F1 VISA for Spring-2021. What would be my chances of getting F1 VISA? Any suggestions, thanks in advance
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Visa got rejected please help!
Here is my full visa interview experience
VO- Good morning.
I- Good morning sir.
VO- For which program do you plan to go?
I- I plan to go for Undergraduate
VO- please hand over your I-20 as well as passport.
VO- Why did you choose this university?
I- I choose this university because it is ranked first for value for money programs as well as its course load includes subjects in which I am interested like AI and computer graphics also the professor over there are involved in very fascinating research field like Haptic systems and computer vision.
VO- Which all universities do you apply to?
I - I only applied to this university because of the reasons I mentioned earlier as well as my sister is a senior at Tech itself so it would be easy for me to transition over there. Also I was afraid to join to other universities due to home sickness.
VO- okay, why did you choose Cs?
I- I choose cs because I had Cs curriculum in my high school and I got lot of interest in my Cs classes and I have also learned c++ language.
VO - Who plan to sponsor your education?
I- My parents will sponsor my education.
VO- What does they do and what is their annual income?
I- My father is a manager at finance and accounts department in Minda Corporation and his annual income is 18lacs inr/per annum.
VO- What do you plan to do after graduation?
I- I plan to do masters in the field of my interest and after that I will come back to my country for work as whole of my family is here.
VO- sorry I can’t approve your visa as of now.
Please tell me what changes I can make to my application.
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F2 visa got denied 214(b)
I hve my F1 visa and My Wife applied for F2 visa. This are the interview experience/questions

VO:Which type of visa are you applying for?
Wife: F2
VO: What type of visa your husband is holding?
Wife: F1
VO: Which university he is studying?
Wife: XYZ university
VO: Who is your sponsor?
Wife: My Husband.
VO: Who is your husband's sponsor?
Wife: His parents and One of Indian bank
VO:Your husband has currently OPT/CPT?
VO: When did you get married? How many people are present? Has it happened in Punjab or mumbai?
Wife: told date and place and approx. number of people
9. Asking you one more time who is your and your husband sponsor?
Wife: My sponsor is my Husband
under 214 B your visa is not approved.
This was the overall visa experience

How would i overcome such rejection please help me
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Administrative process
I have been assigned an administrative processing in South Korean embassy, with a white slip and passport returned, and was asked to mail some documents. How long does the process takes in this country, any experience?
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