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visa refusal in 221(g)
   my visa is refused on 221(g) section and by this term i dont hav to take another date and just go to us embassy with the remaining document they needed. so can anyone tell me wts the chances in this type of situation?
  Actually i hav completed my batchelors in april'05 and i hav got my provisional degree certificate only and the consolute officer wants original so now i will go second time with original.
  so can anyone tell me wts my chances in this ?since thre are no such cases as mine.
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hi friends

i have applied for the F1 can any one tell as there are no dates in chennai can we apply to delhi
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gre score cards

I hav a emergency appoinment for 3rd dec in chennai.however i dont have GRE score card as I wrote it 2 ago n lost it.I hav applied for a scorecard to be sent but doesnt look like it will reach me bfor 3rd.

also there are no more dates available in chennai before feb and my course starts in jan.

Can anyone suggest what I can do now.

Thanx in advance.
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Got my visa on third attempt
   I got my visa on my 3rd attempt. I was rejected twice in US Consulate Chennai, so i had to defer my admission for spring to try for visa. My parents were Green card Holders plus my siblings were also working in US. This put me in a horrible situation as I thought i was a certain reject as there is no reason "why should they even give me a visa?" I hadnt known that those with visa rejected could try at other consultates, so when i heard about this, i booked in Delhi. Believe me i have made hell of a lot promises to trips to various temples across india esp Tirupathi.

On the day of the interview, i had reached there at 8.30 though mine was at 9.30 am. The gaurd told me to come only at 9.15 am. I went and sat on the platform across the consulate. Then went there at 9.15 am. Afer checking the appointment slip and security check, i was to stand in a huge line outside. It took around 30 minutes to go to the counter near the entrance of the consulate. There the Indian gentleman clipped the I-20 with the passport along with DS forms. checked for the yellow reciept(VFS Service). Then he asked me to go to another line. After another half hour we were led to the building where they collect our cellphones and do security checks. Following this we had to stand in 2 queues for our finger print check. There was a nice American White lady who greeted everyone with smiles and asked us to go to another line.

The main line or the final queue was interesting as we get to meet different people. Everyone discussing only visa and not even the cricket series. I was very nervous as i couldnt take another reject. There were 2 lady's one in her forties, the other in her thirties who wore specs and another smart gentleman. There was a lot of B1/B2 visas and few tourists visas as well. That day most of the people were getting visas. Only one lady student was not given visa by the young american lady. Finally it came to my turn. I had gone to the old lady. This how the interview went.

Myself : Good afternoon
Vo: Good Afernoon. How are you?

Myself: I am doing good. ( I stopped myself from asking how she was doing and so on)

VO: So you are going to Univ of *********
Myself: Univ of ********

VO:Which course?
Myself: ********

VO: You have graduated right.can i see your degree?
Myself:(I showed her my degree only. Imp lesson, dont show docs unless asked makes things worse)

VO: You graduated last year. what were you doing so long?
Myself: I took time out to write GRE,TOEFL. After which i was working.

VO: How much did you score on your TOEFL?
Myself: 290 Maam.

VO:Thats a good score.Isnt it? can i see your score card?
Myself: (blushed and handed over my TOEFL score card)

VO:(she just flipped thru the DS forms w/o reading it, it never happens in Chennai)
VO:How are you going to pay the fees? who is going to fund you?
Myself: My father.he is blah blah. We have blah blah funds, (showed her CA statement).

VO: well. you will recieve your visa in a few days
Myself: Thank you Maam.Have a nice day.good bye.

I couldnt believe it. Less than 2 minutes. In chennai they can take upto 30 minutes also if they are not convinced. It was the work of GOD i believe. So guys, never give up. you never know.
its luck to get visa and nothing like if everything is okay you will get.

The vo : didnt ask even if i want to come back. why i want to do the course. it was too miraculous to end up so simple after 2 rejects. My weeks of preparation was not required. All required was gods grace and you will get it no matter how bad it is to get.
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my Visa Int...Hope this helps...
Hi guys
This is sammy.,Jst wnt to let u knw abt my Visa Exp as this might help u ans few of ur q's.I'm from hyd but did not have dates for Chennai,so applied to Delhi Embassy.....First come first.....please do not hesitate to go to Delhi embassy if you DO NOT HAVE DATES FOR CHENNNAI.If you are confident then you would get your Visa in any consulate.

I saw a lot of messages reg Visa Int at Delhi.I thought let me face my Int and then I would be in a better position to tell u the status...I had my Int on Nov 16th.
My visa interview went like this...

I went to embassy at 12PM,My int ws scheduled at 1.30pm,I ws allowed in 30 min prior to my int time there was a long queue.n i joined the queue.. (tip: at delhi your web appointment time really matters,they would not allow you in........)

before u join the queue they would check ur file and ur handbag if u carry one........I knew the rules n i removed all the coins n electronic etc..

Next the security asked me to go to a particular counter...there u wuld find the Indian clerks....have everything ready otherwise u wuld hve a tough time ...they were bugged by the time I went there...I had everything in my file but I didn't keep that ready and the person was I wuld sugesst u to hve ur passport,ur I20,sevis fee receipt,DS forms,ur 4600 DD,u don't hve to show the tts DD here.he would check things and then staple it and would hand that to a diff counter then I ws asked to go to the other counter,he checked it and gave it back to me.I went into a lobby n as i stepped in a a gentleman asked me my appointment n i showed him.he then asked me to go to another counter.I gave my finger prints,that is the first tim u encounter an american officer........after I'm dne with my finger prints,I ws advised to go to the TTS counter.I went there,they asked for the 441 DD.they would give u a receipt,keep that safe...then I joined the queue for my VISA INT.

That was a BIG QUEUE....but I had few intersting people appl frH1in the queue so were jst talking abt their Visa Exp...from the time u enter the embassy,u r being noticed...they c everything.....There was a lady officer who was rejecting all Visa's and she was taking her sweet time to int people and v were keeping our fingers crossed that v do not end up at that counter.........Just keep telling yourself that you are here to get ur Visa...u have finished wth everything and this is ur final step towards ur goal....don't get disheartened when u see someones Visa being rejected.Tell urself u will get it and believe me that helps...........there was a family infront of me and their Travel Visa got rejected.Keep ur cool...I was so confident that I would get my Visa because I prepared well for this Day..I knew almost eveything abt my Univ that I applied and I knew what r the prospects when I'm bk in India.I knew everything abt the Curriculam.....PREPARATION HELPS........then there was a gentleman in another counter and it was almost 3.45pm and now only 2 counters were functioning and all other counters closed.So I either hve to go to that lady who is asking all questions in the world or I end up at this gentlemans counter who is issuing Visa if he is convinced with your answers,and if he thinks u r worth to be in US.

Tjat gentleman ws done with one person and now its my turn.I was jst going to his counter but another lady hurriedto his counter,she ws applying fr an Immigrant Visa and then I ws told by one of the lady there that he would complete with the IMMIGRANT visa and then he wuld start taking the NON-Immigrtant Visa,but he did notice me...and I ws a bit disapointed but I kept my smile in place and aftr that lady left from his counter,there ws another uncle who was again for the Immigrant Visa going to his counter but he asked him to wait and asked me to come..I was sohapy,Believe me.........and the Lady officer,in her 40's or 50's who is rejecting Visa hadbeen with the same person int for GOD knows how long......but if she is convinced,she ws giving the Visa's.I ws prepared for BOTH VO's.
He was a person in his 20's .I handed over the DS forms and my passport along wth my I20....he was smiling all through,I smiled and wished him.
me: Very gud evening sir

VO: hello mam(and ws all smiles)

then he was looking at my DS forms and passport

VO:How are you?(still smiling)

me:pretty good...How are you today?

VO:tired...I'm working since morning.

me:hmhm,I realise that with jst 2 counters functioning..u might be having a tough time.

VO:yeah...thats true...a lot many people ahead.

me: hmhm...yes...

VO:so which university?


VO:why this Unviversity?

me:I chose this university bcoz of the student faculty ratio and dual specialization offered to the Business students.(and how it helps after I return bk to India)

VO: whats your ambition?

me:I want to be a Financial anlayst in an International Bank like HSBC.

vo:what course have you done in India?

me:xxxx(got impressed and smiled bk at me)

Vo:who is sponsoring you?

me:my father

Vo:whats your father doing?


Vo:(he was looking at my DS forms and suddenly)R u from Kerala.

me:yes but all through my life I ws in Hyd.

Vo:(cut me thrugh bfore I culd tell him why I ws here)what are you doing in Delhi embassy.

me:(very confidently)I did not have any dates for Chennai embassy till Feb mnth end and I had to report by 7th Jan and there is note in the embassy website which says canditates can apply to New Delhi if no dates available for Chennai.

Vo:(convinced and smiled at me)YOU GOT THE VISA.Please go to the TTS counter and they will help you further.(he gave me the TTS receipt bk and a token)

me:thanks a million Sir and You have a Great Day.

I went to the TTS counter,he gave me a courier envolope,filled my address,my phone no.s.when asked him the time frame in geting passport and I20.he tld me it wuld be wth me in another 3-4 days.

I thanked GOD.Its all bcoz of my faith in GOD and my,parents,and my boyfriend prayers were answered.

Guys ...all that matters is your confidenc...If you are scared then you would not be able to give ur best..they will be observing u every moment...the more confident u r the more chances of getting success...and keep smiling...thatz it..u will get your visa... I was never tensed bcoz I ws prepared for all the possible questions that I wuld hve to encounter...and do your best and GOD will do the rest..

Bye friends.. Have fun..All the best..dont cool and happy...

hey,if u ahve any questions for me,please d not hesitate to email me.

[email protected]

take care
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          I am gonna b applying for F1VISA.BUT ny weak point is my parents and my brother are staying in usa.Can anyone help me outto prepare for this kind of difficulty.
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German exchange student here on J1
We need to transfer the exchange student to another school, we had to pull out our daughter and we feel it best that the two go to school together. What do we have to do to get the transfer and still use the J1 visa. She is being sponserd by the Rotary Club, they will still be sponsering her, we are not sure what form she needs to fill out to get the transfer apporved. Please e-mail us with any helpful info.

Thanks JG
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Hey freinds,
I am a BCA student and I want to pursue student visa to USA.. I have a lot of relatives overthere ..and I am planning for either further studies in computers or MBA.. SO if anyone can enlighten me about the the procedures about how to go ahead .. I will be very obliged as I have no knowledge of the procedure whatsoever... Waiting for ur replies soon..
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F1 / F2 accepted---unusual circumstances
I am a doctor and my wife got adm to PhD in USC fully funded
We applied together
The V o was a cheerful lady who also knew hindi and spoke some too
She was asked--USC Why?
Which course?
What r u doing right now
After Phd plans
Next was me--she read oh u r a surgeon
I said yes I work at-
u will stay in US
No my mother is alone and I work in this hospital
Will you give any exams
Saw marriage certificate--When did u meet
How did u meet--
who introduced
marriage hall name
where do u live
where she lives-before marriage
Your visa is granted -next day we had our passports at home
Now you know--nofile opened only I-20 seen and No finance checked
The key is confidence and truth on your face
I am sure they are good psychologists
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Visa rejected under form 214(b) URGENT, PLEASE HELP
My Father had gone to Chennai for an interview for visit visa to US.and they asked him for my mothers passport. Since he did not have it with him, he was asked to come back with it. He was given form 214(b) They did not give him a date to return. I would like to know if he should get a new interview date (which is not available immediately)or if he should just go back and stand in line to get into the embassy. If anyone has had a similar experience please help me out.
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