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suggest me the strong reason for mba
heloo friends this is minhaj from hyderabad ,
my visa interview was on june 10th .and i was rejected because i could not produce the strong reason for my specilization on mba .basically iam a b-tech student but iam very interested in pursuing mba from us .so please can any one suggest or help in finding the relevent reason to do my masters in mba after b-tech .which will help me in getting the visa.
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F1 visa rejection
Hi all
  My F1 visa has been rejected under section 214(b) in the first appointment on 9th June,2005. Now i am reapplying. Can anyone please tell me what new document i have to take during 2nd appointment and What type of question i have to face there?
looking forward for your kind answer.
thanking you.
Tarun Kumar Bera
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MY Visa Exp
My name is Ekta and my visa interview was scheduled for 3rd june at 11am. Almost days ahead of the interview i was suffering from the "visa fever". However, now that it is over, its pretty ralaxing. This is my visa experience.

I reached the embassy office at 8:40am. I have read at a lot many places that there is a queue outside the embasssy, its only when you actually see the queu , you realize how late you have been for a 11am appointment. Anyways, i had to change my original plans of having a good breakfast and then waiting outside the embassy to joining the queue which didn't seem to shorten with time. I joined the queue.

After a long sweltering wait, I was allowed to get in at 10am. I produced teh apoointement receipt and the passport to the security guard and was let inside the Black Door. Once I was inside, my documents folder wasw scrutinized to ensure I wasn't carrying any selaed envelope, cds, floppy etc. Then we joined another queue to the left to pay the Rs. 441/- DD or cash. I just had to show the web appointment and gave the DD. Unfortunately, I had the DD made for the American Consulate where it was supposed to be on the name of TTS. Thankfully, I had the cash and I paid it. THen we went to the cashiers, and gave her the 4400/- DD. It was then we were let into the actual building. We were asked to stand in another queue to submit out documents - web appointment, sevis, i-20, the pink card that was given at the casheirs. Our documents were taken and we were give a card #. I founda seat and seated myself comfortable, waiting patiently for my number to be called out and observing the atomospehere at the consulate. Finally, after an hour s wait, it was time for my interview. I was given counter # 3 and the person just ahead of me was asked to come back after a month. This is my visa interview:

Me: Gud Morning sir ( A wide smile on my face)
Officer: Give me the file
Me: Here
Off: Whats your name?
Me: Ekta, Ekta Goel ( this was a real funny way of saying the name, however with my smile in place, i guess i managed to overcome this error)
Off: When did you graduate?
Me: April 2003
Off: What have you been doing since then?
Me: a long on minute story stating that i joined a one year course and took time to prepare for standardized tests
Off: Show me your certificates
Me: Sure, Here they are
Off: ( looking closely at my two degress.. the Bsc in chemistry and the one year Pg Dip in markteing) Seems like a pretty unusual combination?
Me: I realise that. I needed the 16th year of education and since I couldnt find any scince related course I went ahead and joined this course. Also, this course helped me enhance my communication skills.
Off: Give me your test reports.
Me: Here ( still smiling)
Off: Take back all your documents, You will get your visa in two- three days. (pause) Have a safe trip
Me: (donning the widest smile of the day) Thank you so much Sir.

This was my visa experience. I was really tensed. Yahoo groups have always insisted on the importance of confidence to impress a visa officer and thats the trick. Also, remember the visa officers have no intention to penalise you, they want to authenticate the information you provide and want to ensure the genuinity of the documents. They want to establish the person who they grant visa is worthy of it. All the very best for all visa seekers.
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I ver very want to study in USA. I am a student of 2nd course here in Samarkand State University, Chemistry faculty.
I need your help, Please...?
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hellow my F1visa dte is on end of june
please give me the your experience in embassy
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my freind is going to the consulate on july 1st for an f1 visa so if nebody could give me details about questions asked at the consulate or related stuff like questions posed to previous candidates by the consul i would be very thankfull
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applying for F-1 visa
i m going to apply for my f-1 visas at the end of june probably, so can you plz help me in getting accustomed with the questions that are generaly asked at embassy
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Hi, I have a student visa and I am going to study for the fall semester. I was wondering if I could return to my country for Crhristmas and if there is anything I need to do. Please help me.
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seeking advice 4 F1 after refusal 4 the 1st time..
hi.. m a dentist & had applied 4 F1 a week back,unfortunately cud not make it..241b was the culprit..thru tis forum i want 2 ask fellow dentists or anybody in a positin 2 help me out with info abt wat shd b my projections with reference 2 docus of proof 2 satisfy the consulate of my good intentions 2 return 2 my home country..m preparing 4 a second attempt & want 2 b armed rightly tis time..heelp..
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Refusal of J-1 for the second time.
I am srinivas had applied for the j1 visa. I was refused twice and I already have c1 visa. Just because i was refused first time, second time i had the same person and he passed me on to his collegue and she said I will have to respect my colleague decision and I can not give you. sorry. Can anyone guide , if I can reapply again and please advise me any other alternatives. I am looking out for an advise. please help me.
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