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Need advice before I go to the US embassy for Interview
I Read all of your comments about US visa,it was interesting, and I need your help if possible.
I am going this Manday to the US embassy for the interview for Student visa, what do you suggest me before I go there?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Flamur KOSOVO(Ballkans)
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Do anybody know about appealing for a Jvisa if it is rejected on the grounds of 214-B.Please provide your experiences and advices.
[email protected]
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Pending visa's for my husbands children
My husband and I met online and married.sept.15th 2000
He has 2 children in Bhopal,India.
We applied for thier visa's that same year.
The visa's were approved here in U.S.A. and were sent on to Mumbai.
The children were interviewed 3 times in that office....thier last visit being jan 15th 2001. with a promise from that office that they would receive a phone call...they have heard nothing from that office since.
I just sent an email to:[email protected]
This was the reply:
These files are pending for administrative review at the consulate.
When are they going to release these children to our custody?
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My J1 visa was rejected recently at the Us consulate,Chennai,ind.I had every required documents with me.But the Consular officer didnt take interest to look on them.He just asked me to tell something about the program that i m going to do.He just checked my passport and DS 2019 and produce 214 b.I am planning to reapply,so it will be grateful if u could advice me about how to appear next time.Thanks
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J1 visa application

I am an Indian citizen currenly living in Israel. I am planning to apply for J1 visa. Someone told me that I need to go back to India before I am allowed to apply/ get that. Is this correct? Can anyone please help me? I shall appreciate your help. Please send your comments and help to: [email protected]
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f1 rejection

My name is santha got rejected for f1 on dec 17th.I would like to take another appointment.Please help if anyone knows the contact numbers of persons in hyderabad who would help help me in ggetting the date
i appreciate the earliest help.
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help me
I like to apply to any university can you help me?
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f2 visa rejection
Hi ,

Iam a F1 visa holder , doing my masters in US from Aug 2004. My wife applied for F2 visa from Chennai consulate today and got rejected ( reason is insufficient funds in US). Infact she was not carrying my bank statement in US since she did not receive my mail on time.

Could you please advise me on the following:

1. when and how many times can she reapply?
2.How much funds should i show in my account in US?
3. Do i have to show the source of funds as well?

I would highly appreciate if someone can give me a reply


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hy readers,i was readin the expereince of you guyz and i feel some waht satisfied that i m not the only one who is rejected for US visa for no reason,i had interview for 35 minuts and visa counsler was asking em questions like wat is the area of university,how many deaprtments are there,name of dean of unjiversity,adress of university.i answered them all bcoz i went there with full preparation.i had a well-setteled family business here and i was really going for just STUDIES.and i told that visa counsler but at the end visa counsler said i can issue you visa becoz of no reason.and i was like.hello it took me 6 months to complete my documenst as i have completed all my documenst my self and i had everythting ready for studies,but she said NO COMMENTS..its such a bullshit.but anyways i m not aplying for US again never.I Will go for UK ,i hope britishers are good people than american.
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Rejected for America ..Go elsewhere..
Though America being the most popular choice for students around the world for Higher studies becuase it is a land of opportunities and plenty but it is not the only country.Since US has follwed open door policies till 2000 the demand for American studies has increased in comparision from other countries.Therfore it is very important to know that there are other countries having an equally great repute in higher education and other opportunities.After America there are 4 other countries which stand in equal stature with U.S.A for higher studies and specalizations namely Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, France and Germany.Being a student of canada for 5 years also allows you to work or study in American Land for 2 years additonaly.Countries like france and germany also today host about 80,000 international students.America and Australia today are the two countries popular for all students seeking to purse higher studies and both these counrties are ranked #1 for their Universities and student exprinces.They host about 1,60,000 international students annually contributing 11 billion dollars to both the economies.Sometimes it is very necessary to explore other oppurtunites and options because life cannot just be stuck with one. Great Leaders of the world have also got their education from australian universities. Nicole Kidman,Foriegn Affairs minister of singapore, Prime Minister of New Zealand,Foriegn Affairs minitser of United Kingdom,President of the Motion Pictures Association of America and till the extent that during the world war 2 most of the congressmen and senators had send their sons and daughters to Australia for studies and education.Even the Ex-Fedral Justine of America had completed part of her studies in Australia.America had 2 decades for it complete flourishment and enrichment and today it has reached saturation. It is no more a land of oppurtunity and plenty. Crashing economy,Lack of jobs and constant harrasment by Immigrations and nuteralisation people has made life difficult for Non-Immigrants.The land of free has no more that freedome it used to enjoy.
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