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Second Time Applications.
After your first/second/third..or more rejections if you still plan to apply for the visa it is always advisible to take a date after 5 working days from the date of rejection and the usual rule is 3 days.You need not worry if you get a date latter than 5 days. The reason for this gap is not that the counsular dosent want to see your face the next day but it is to provide you with some time in oder to get your documentation and other lacking things in order and some introspection so that you can convince the officer in the next interview.It is always advisible to make some changes in your application forms (better refrences) and also add some more documents to support your case even better based on your previous rejections.(Academinc,Financial,Other)As every time you go they have a case summary and reasons for the previous rejctions so they normally do not ask the same questions, but it is quite possible that the officer might ask you similar or a few of the same questions from the previous time just to make sure that are you genuine.
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Understanding your rejection
This experince and advice i am giving you is specially for those people like Mr.Raj from Hyderabad and all those students who's visas were rejected "I dont think that you shall return back to India after your studies".This is the reason given by the officer to 99% of the applications who's visas are rejected. Therefore it is very important to Understand the Visa Officers working pattern and the working behind rejection of the visa.

The Counular officer is forced to doubt any NON-IMMIGRANT visa applicant having intentions to immigrate to the U.S.A which they do not want. No document or Letter can get you the visa. You have to convince the officer that you shall return to your country after a temporary stay in U.S.A during your interview.The counsular officer may not look at the documents you are carrying and would reject your visa on the basis of the Interview.Like Mr.Raj from hyderabad said that he would be Joining his dads business after the M.S and definetly he would not grant you the visa as you can join him withouth going to U.S.A. You have to show specific arrangements with good firms and also caary letters from Good companies demanding the people with the kind of qualification you have.The point is that you have to convey that you have better payment and job/businnes opputrunites in India after your education.Expressing of financial ties and family ties is also euqally important.Besides you can always join and maintain the family business witht the qualifications aquired from India.It is advisible to go there only if you have speicfic plans and make use of the education you get from America.
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Reducing Stress and Gaining confidence.
'Confidence' the key word to get a US student visa.Just by mearely uttering the word you cannot gain confidence,it has to be built. There ways you can show confidence in your body language and face during the interview.Firstly,if you have all papers in order and you know every word of it.Besides this you should always practice your answers 3 times a day everyday before your interview that willl help you read yourself.Great oraters of the world practiced this.Make sure your answers dont sound memorised, they have to come out naturally.Thirdly,confidence can only be achived if you have genuine intensions. The counsular officer daily interviews thousands of people so just in matter of seconds they can judge you.
After getting the pink token there is the eternal wait for the call and you have butterflies running in your stomach which is good because it keeps you alert but dont let it take over completely. Anxiety kills the thinking process hence try and keep it low. Take deep breaths and release them slow and easy 3-4 times that shall calm you down.Drink a strong cup of coffe before the you leave for the interview,avoid smoking because during the stress it will increase anxiety.Usually the students wear singular clothing or thin cotton shirts during the interview and they are half dead by the time of the interview because of the A/C.The cold air increase anxiety.Its always advisible to wear a T-shirt or a singlet under your Shirt or T-shirt which shall help keep you warm.(Avoid jackets,OverCoats).It may so happen that the applicant before you just got rejected,DONT LOOK SAD..walk in with double confidence and give him a very good smile and wish him nicely.You will win your counsular officers trust.During the wait always allow older citizens to move ahead you and be very alert.Listening to slow rythmic music and a few breathing exercises just a day before will relax you comepletely. Get a good sound 8 hr sleep and wash your face with running cold water for 8-10 times that shall reduce soreness of the face and make you look fresh.
Get some enthusiasm in your body language,Voice and presentation.Dont let negative thoughts come up anytime when you are in the embassy.During the wait keep talking to people around so that you dont become blank during the interview and dont not show any signs of nervousness because you are watched every minute from the time you enter the embassy and till you exit. Many a times it might happen that your interview call is made after 1-2 hrs from the orginial time, DO NOT LOOK TIRED and BORED.Just check your documents ONCE and remember the order in which you have placed.
I am repeating again the US student visa is all about confidence rather than meeting necessities.I have friends in MIT and NJIT who havent given GRE and still studying there.I have a case where the student was rejected for 3 times and on the fourth time he was given a visa with an annual income of just 6.5lakhs.All of these students are close friends and have shared with me one thing in common -"Confidence will get you the Visa".
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Dont Give Up!
Fellow US Student visa seekers, US visa is all about luck more than meeting necessities. I have been rejected for 4 times for different reasons and still have applied for 5th time. Answering the question confidently and honsetly will get you your visas.If you do not know something the officer asks you honestly say i dont know,your honesty will appeal to him. There have been instances and cases of my refrence where people have got visas in the 5th,6th,7th and also 9th time,so DONT GIVE UP! After my first interview everytime i went to the embassy i have felt more confident.I was rejected twice because of my academic backgrounds and the other time for my finances though everytime i had them in correct order.The moment i went to the officer i knew that he had made up his mind for not giving me.There are 5 things according to me which are very important in order to aquire a student visa.

1> Confidence and Honesty
2> Acceptance by a reputed University and a SEVIS mode I-20
3> Enough funds (prefrebly liquid cash) to support your entire education and living costs.
4> Non-Immigrant Intentions
5> Strong family ties and Scope of businees/Job in India.

It is very important to do a little research about your University (no ranks) and the field you are going to get your degree for because the officer might ask you details about it and find out your genuinty as a student.
Never hurt the Ego of the officer and be very polite to all people around you and do not worry or stammer when you answer something wrong always keep a convincing answer if you know that he is doubting you. Mugging up answers wont help rather just understand the jist and be very alert.
Judge the officers intrest in your answer and dont volunteer things if not required.
One more important thing the students usually say "My father/Sponsor pays a IT return of 2 lakhs but his income is more" this creates a doubt about the genunity of the source of Income.
Be very polite while answering but very high pitched and firm. Smile only when necessary. Do not ask him to see your documents if he dosent ask for.You should know every word you are speaking for because everything you say is recorded in the computer. I have given all my exprince and knwoledge to help my fellow Students.You can always mail me if any queries i shall very happily answer them.
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Visa got rejected the first time
I did apply for an F1 visa at the U.S Consulate two weeks back. The officer asked me three points about my university I explained about the program I was interested in and went into the technical details. He said thathe did not know much about the technical stuff.I said that I could explain but the officer was not interested. By the time the mike did not work. And the officer rejected the visa. I have taken an appointment on August 19th. I have no idea what to say when they would ask why I was rejected the first time. Do help me. I would really appreciate that.
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got F1 visa on the second time
I had an interesting experience in getting my F1 visa on the second time. I had my first interview on 3rd June (for F1 visa to join Univ of houston for PhD in chemical engineering in fall 2004). When the officer asked me about the specific area of interest, i told him an area and just named an Indian professor working in the same area (unfortunately, the professor is also the director of admissions and has signed my admission letter which the officer was looking when i named the professor). The next question the officer asked was how many students are going to join. I told him that, as far as i know four more Indian students are going to join. what the officer thought that all the Indian guys are going to join the same indian professor (the fact is that even i am not going to be certain to jion that professor) and in fact the Indian professor is responsible for just bringing all indians into the US. So, he rejected me saying that i would not return. No chance was given to clarify what i said. I was dejected on that day. I was so lucky that when i went to internet centre to book another appointment, I got an appointment on the very next day (4th june 2004). I made up my mind and went the next day. This time different officer, asked me what happened the first time. I told that the officer mistook what i said. This officer just asked what is my future plan and just gave me the visa.
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Hi , when i found that website i realized that i am not the only one whit the problem i have.I got rejected two times for F1 visa.I don't know why but i am going the the third time hoping for something.I was at school in the US for two anda half years and i have jusnt one year and a half left, i don't know what to do.I just want to finish my school and have a degree.Now i have nothing and i am stuck.Can any one from you give me some advise what should i say when i go there the third time?
I will appreciate every pice of advice.Thanks.
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I was full of shit when the consular officer said i am sorry your visa is refuse for no reason, i peacefully went back home.

tell me how to present my ties to my home town ,

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F1 VISA rejected
My F1 VISA was rejected yesterday at chennai consulate & the reason for the deniel was that the officer didn't think of me coming back after my study course(M.S) ? Suprising fator is that he didn't even look at my documentation inside the file?

When asked, the answer to his question was that I plan on joining & maintaining the software firm that my DAD owes after completing my M.S & apparently he did not buy that & rejected my Visa.

I'm very shaky & depressed now, just completed my B.E & don't know what to do. The job market is too tight & donot hire any freshers & Didn't inquire much of educational prospects in other countries.

Q) Does anyone know of any other countries than U.S, for pursuing higher studies 7 are good in issuing visas?

Q) Is there any forum or Link that discusses frequent F1 VISA questions asked? Please post your reasons for rejections.

Q)How long do you guys think one should wait before appearing for a second interview?

Q) Do they normally ask for the same questions in the second interview too? Please post your experiences

Guys your help is truly appreciated & would help me go in a proper direction!

Please advice. Thank you.
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Visa interview ia a joke
gotta tell you. Visa interiew is all folk. I had beeb hearing that it is very difficult to get visa. But in my interview, i was only asked by birthdate and was given visa. Thats unbelievable for me and completely it redicules.

Its all on your luck more than meeting the necessities.
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