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Hi , when i found that website i realized that i am not the only one whit the problem i have.I got rejected two times for F1 visa.I don't know why but i am going the the third time hoping for something.I was at school in the US for two anda half years and i have jusnt one year and a half left, i don't know what to do.I just want to finish my school and have a degree.Now i have nothing and i am stuck.Can any one from you give me some advise what should i say when i go there the third time?
I will appreciate every pice of advice.Thanks.
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I was full of **** when the consular officer said i am sorry your visa is refuse for no reason, i peacefully went back home.

tell me how to present my ties to my home town ,

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F1 VISA rejected
My F1 VISA was rejected yesterday at chennai consulate & the reason for the deniel was that the officer didn't think of me coming back after my study course(M.S) ? Suprising fator is that he didn't even look at my documentation inside the file?

When asked, the answer to his question was that I plan on joining & maintaining the software firm that my DAD owes after completing my M.S & apparently he did not buy that & rejected my Visa.

I'm very shaky & depressed now, just completed my B.E & don't know what to do. The job market is too tight & donot hire any freshers & Didn't inquire much of educational prospects in other countries.

Q) Does anyone know of any other countries than U.S, for pursuing higher studies 7 are good in issuing visas?

Q) Is there any forum or Link that discusses frequent F1 VISA questions asked? Please post your reasons for rejections.

Q)How long do you guys think one should wait before appearing for a second interview?

Q) Do they normally ask for the same questions in the second interview too? Please post your experiences

Guys your help is truly appreciated & would help me go in a proper direction!

Please advice. Thank you.
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Visa interview ia a joke
gotta tell you. Visa interiew is all folk. I had beeb hearing that it is very difficult to get visa. But in my interview, i was only asked by birthdate and was given visa. Thats unbelievable for me and completely it redicules.

Its all on your luck more than meeting the necessities.
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I went to Halifax Consulate in Canada to change my F-1 VISA to J-1 in December 2003. Although my VISA application was immediately approved by the Consulate General, I had to wait to get a security clearence from US State department. I was told by the Consulate General to wait until I got the secutiry clearence. They couldn't tell me how long I had to wait. After calling the US-VISA helpline in Washington DC, I was told that security clearence can take from 2 months to 18 months and each case is handled differently. Since my F-1 VISA was already expired, I couldn't travel back into US. According to the new VISA regulations, one must possess a valid VISA to re-enter US.
After 43 days, I was called back to the Halifax consulate to get my VISA.
Even though I was a student in US for 6 years and was already in a post doctoral position for almost a year at a US Federal Government research institute, I had to wait for a month and half to get the security clearence.
I would advise others in similar situations to read all the bulletin board messages on the US immigration web sites and also the warnings posted on the individual US consulate websites before making travel plans outside USA.
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F1 visa
When I went to mumbai consulate for the first time for F1, I got rejection. And in second effort the officer asked me almost same questions with very little change and I was granted VISA. SO DONT GET NERVOUS IF YOU ARE REJECTED ONCE.
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