Summer Internship Options for International Marketing Students in the U.S.

Summer Internship Options for International Marketing Students in the U.S.

If your academic year is coming to an end and you are looking to get some hands-on experience in your field as a marketing major, consider applying for an internship. Marketing is a field in which employment possibilities have grown exponentially over the past decade. There are countless internship options that you can apply for as an international student of marketing in the U.S.

Why Apply for a Summer Marketing Internship?

Though you may feel enticed to spend your summer break relaxing and sleeping in, there are a few reasons an internship can really help you both academically, and in your future career:

  1. Classroom teaching can only take you so far. You may be an exceptional student, but you will never know what your future career is really going to entail until you get some hands-on experience. The reality of a profession is often starkly different from the theories you learn in the classroom. An internship will allow you to interact with real professionals in your desired field, and learn directly from them.
  2. Internships help you build connections. For example, you might work as an intern at a marketing agency for your summer break. If you are a dedicated worker and a keen learner, you could be able to secure a job at that same agency after you graduate. Even if you do not get offered a job, the more references you have, the better it looks on your resume.
  3. A bit of extra money can never hurt. If you have student loans, a paid internship is a great way to earn some income and give yourself a head start on paying them off.  

Types of Internships International Marketing Students Can Apply For

In case you are confused about what kind of marketing internship you should consider for the summer, here are a few suggestions for you. Based on your interests, goals, and strengths and weaknesses in the classroom, you can choose which types of positions to apply for.

1. Brand Marketing

There are countless new companies starting up every day, and the service they need the most is branding. If you are always full of interesting ideas, it is time to put those ideas to good use. These are the qualities and responsibilities a brand marketing intern most commonly has:

  • The ability to think outside of the box. Branding is all about thinking differently to create and propagate a brand identity, so this quality is very important
  • Learning to research the market, analyze data from previous campaigns, and coming up with ideas for new campaigns.
  • Studying brand marketing management, and assisting the senior employees in administrative jobs.
  • Collaborating and cooperating with a team to increase workflow efficiency.

2. Social Media Marketing

Marketing in the 21st century is heavily dependent on social media. As a result, the demand for social media experts is growing rapidly. The efficiency of a social media management team can make or break a brand. If you have good communication, research and analytical skills, you could excel as a social media marketing intern. If you become an intern in the field of social media marketing, your roles and responsibilities may include the following:

  • Learning about content creation and the implementation of a social media campaign.
  • Researching and analyzing previous campaigns, and identifying areas that might need improvement.
  • Staying up-to-date with trends, and capitalizing on them to increase traffic.  
  • Analyzing customer interactions and feedback, and using this information to boost the brand’s social media presence.

3. Copywriting

Are you a budding wordsmith with a solid grasp of language and writing? If so, you should try to find an internship as a copywriter. Since the beginning of marketing, long before the digital era, copywriting has been invaluable for a good campaign. If you are well-read and have a passion for writing, you should consider taking up copywriting as your profession. As a copywriting intern, you may be required to do the following:

  • Understand the requirements of your brand, and produce concise and persuasive copy which will enhance your brand’s performance.
  • Learn about search engine optimization (SEO), and using keywords to boost the content you write.
  • Develop and improve your researching abilities to enhance your content.
  • Be creative and compose interesting content to help boost traffic and conversions.  

4. Public Relations

Marketing and public relations are useless without one another. A PR team is monumentally important in building trust between a brand and a customer. Without a good PR team, it is difficult for a brand to maintain its credibility and reputation. If you are good at interacting with others and solving problems, the role of a public relations intern might be perfect for you. If you become a public relations intern, you may have the following responsibilities on your plate:

  • Learning to identify shortcomings and solutions for the current PR strategy that your brand is employing.
  • Understanding the feedback and complaints of customers, and using them to improve the brand.  
  • Helping brand leadership in organizing and hosting events.
  • Writing important notices and press releases.

Finding an Internship – Some Final Words

Now that you know about some of the summer marketing internship positions that are out there, you can make your choice. However, before you start sending out applications, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. Do your best to avoid unpaid internships. Even if you are only looking for experience and are not worried about the money, try to find an internship that pays. The work that you do as a marketing intern will almost always get used for commercial purposes, and the company will profit from it; you should as well. Only opt for an unpaid internship if you feel that the opportunity will have a big impact on your future employment prospects.
  2. The internship you decide on should not consume all of your time. You should still be able to pursue your studies and hobbies. On average, internships require 10-12 hours of work per week. Remember, this is still your summer break, and you don’t want to burn yourself out before the next semester starts.
  3. Since you are still in college, there is a chance that you will face many rejections. It takes time and persistence to land your first internship. Be choosy and follow your passions, but do not let them limit you.
  4. Always be ready to study, research, and learn, no matter how trivial the work seems. Without dedication and engagement, you will not be able to make the most out of your internship.

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