The Nitty-Gritty of Planning a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Abroad

Planning the most epic bachelor or bachelorette party for your friend can be very stressful.

You want to make sure that they have fun and have an experience that they will remember forever. What you need to remember though, is that the party is not necessarily about extravagance, but about celebrating your friend.

Keep reading to get the scoop on what your action plan should be. 

Know Your Audience

Ask yourself what the bride and groom enjoy doing. If the celebration isn’t a surprise, make it easier for yourself and all parties involved by asking them what they might want to do. The bride or groom should be the stars after all, and contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants a blowout that leads to a blackout.

Second come those who will be in attendance. As it’ll involve a group of people with their own busy schedules, the safest bet is to plan ahead of time. Check people’s availability at least two months in advance, and ideally set up the trip for a month before the wedding. Also, run the guestlist by the bride or groom to avoid that awkward situation of inviting someone that they don’t like.

While it’s not realistic to organize the party to each invitee’s likes, their basic needs should be taken considered. Find out if anyone has accessibility, health, or dietary restrictions, and try to accommodate those needs. Reach out to the places you’ll be staying to find out how they can help. If you can’t, at least inform the person that you’re thinking about options and discuss alternatives.   

Firm Up Financials

The next, and fairly important, order of business is that of budgets. Money can be a touchy topic to broach in any scenario, but it’ll likely determine the scale of the trip, so it is best to do it upfront. You might be able to splurge $1,000, but it’s unreasonable to expect that everybody can, and a falling out over this will sour the whole affair.

Along the same lines, clarify who is paying for what, and how much everything will cost. Everyone could be chipping in equally, or this might be a gift for the bride or groom. Whatever it is, ensure that everyone’s on the same page so there are no unwanted surprises. Write down expenses from the get-go using apps like Splitwise or Tricount, where invoices can be attached, and the math is done for you.

Another money matter to remember is to carry enough cash for essentials and emergencies. U.S. currency is accepted in many countries globally, but if in doubt, check beforehand and take pocket change in the local currency.  

Communication Is Key

The fun begins long before setting off, as the bride or groom’s tribe gets buzzing about what’s to come. Creating a group chat will help with building excitement and being clear about arrangements. Pair this with a Google Sheet where all details can be put into writing, and collaboration is easy.

Event planner tools like Guestboard, or ones specific to travel like TripIt, can keep the conversation around planning, and be useful to record said plans. If you want to go the extra mile during the initial stages, create a Trello board to track to-do tasks and assign responsibilities amongst the lot.   

Top tip for managing communication however you choose to do it: don’t add anyone who isn’t coming. Sure, the bride’s aunt would love to be clued in, but it can quickly become a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. 

Designate and Delegate

Hidden talents may reveal themselves, and you might discover that you’re the ultimate party planner, but you don’t have to do it all alone. Take the lead so there’s no confusion on who’s running the show, but leverage strengths that others can bring to the table.

Someone could use their air miles to upgrade flight seats, someone else could get insider information from their cousin in Cancun on things to do, and yet another could get a great rate at the Parisian hotel with their charming French. While coordinating with a group can get hectic, opportunities and connections are multiplied, so it’d be a shame to not make the most of that. 

Opt For a Special Stay

Sometimes, choosing quaint over extravagant can be the way to go. Boutique hotels or vacation rentals are unique accommodation choices compared to chain hotels. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, especially when they are the epitome of comfort, but would you want to travel halfway across the world to be surrounded by four white walls that you could find in any city?

Through rental platforms like Airbnb, GlampingHub, or Vrbo, your group could find itself in a chalet in the woods, a countryside cottage, or a gorgeous villa by the sea; maybe all three if you are feeling particularly adventurous. With good timing and a little additional research, you could get accommodations as unique as yurts and treehouses. This would not only shave off a few hundred dollars, but also give you the experience of a lifetime.

Explore Exceptional Experiences

Tours by Locals, Show Around, or With Locals can give you access to private tours and resident guides, while TripAdvisor or TripSavvy can help you discover possibilities based on firsthand reviews. If you want something different to do, you can book through Airbnb Experiences or CocuSocial. From cooking to concerts, horse whispering to jungle treks, the choices are endless.

Be cautious to not fall into the trap of trying to do it all. The trip is meant to be fun, and can become the opposite with too many events crammed in. Space out the day so there’s plenty of time to relax in between activities, and enough flexibility to make changes as you go if need be.  

Prepare To A T

After the extensive plotting, you’ve probably got your bases covered. But, just as a reminder, here are the five most important things to do before leaving:

  • Book activities and make reservations at restaurants in advance
  • Purchase travel insurance or travel medical insurance
  • Consider transport for traveling locally, especially if it’s a group of more than four 
  • Look into weather conditions at the destination and pack accordingly
  • Take gifts for the spouses-to-be and keepsakes for the crew, if any

There’s a lot that goes into giving your sibling or best friend the pre-wedding soiree of their dreams, but when you get it right, you’ll be crowned ‘Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Organizer of the Year.’

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