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sai_1234 0 Comments India Primary - H1 Extension Embassy/Consulate 12/19/2019 12/17/2019 12/19/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Pending 02/03/2020 01/08/2020 Single Hi I went to intervi...   more> Hi I went to interview on 19 th December in Hyderabad ,I got 221 g because of previous employer which he did some thing and company has been closed and they asked to me interview again on jan 8 th 2020 and they said they have to update department and returned the passport till now no update still it is showing under processing . <br> <br>any went to same process h1b stamping and how many days it will take. 02/03/2020 04:06:09 PM EST 02/03/2020 04:06:09 PM EST
sushil221G 1 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 09/23/2019 09/24/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending Hi All, I had my...   more> Hi All, <br> <br>I had my H1B visa interview on 24th Sept 2019 but was handed a blue slip 221g. <br>My employer submitted documents on 2nd Jan 2020 and on 13th Jan I got <br>Email to submit my passport. I did it on 21st Jan and the officer told I will receive <br>update in around 10 days. My ceac status is still showing Administrative Processing <br>with last update date as 24th Sept 2019 ie interview date. Can someone please help <br>how much time still it may take to complete the processing? <br> <br>Thanks in advance! 02/01/2020 11:04:02 PM EST 02/01/2020 11:04:02 PM EST
dearbharat 1 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Online 01/24/2020 01/24/2020 01/24/2020 Canada : Toronto Granted 01/28/2020 Multiple Waiting receipt of p...   more> Waiting receipt of passport. My status changed from Attend Appointment to Appointment to Issued. I am awaiting receipt of passport. 01/28/2020 12:16:47 PM EST 01/28/2020 12:16:47 PM EST
Kriyansh 1 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 12/19/2019 12/18/2019 India : Chennai 12/19/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai Granted 01/22/2020 01/22/2020 Single Washington - Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) I had consulate appo...   more> I had consulate appointment on 19 dec 2019 and go returned my passport with 221g blue slip and checked boxes to submit client letter and 12 pay stubs and project deduction with my roles and responsibilities and I submitted documents on dec 24 2019 <br>Jan 8: got email to submit passport after that no status or date update after that <br> <br>Jan 21: case updated ...AP in ceac site <br>Jan 22: Case upsets visa issued <br>Jan22: got passport through blue dart <br> 12/26/2019 06:20:54 PM EST 01/23/2020 04:41:03 PM EST
enkrao 0 Comments India Primary - H1 Transfer Embassy/Consulate 11/22/2019 11/21/2019 India : New Delhi 11/22/2019 India : New Delhi India : Delhi Pending Single Attended Visa interv...   more> Attended Visa interview on 22 Nov 2019 and received 221 g blue slip. <br>FTE and no end client. <br>Employer submitted documents on 10 Jan 2020. 01/17/2020 01:26:30 AM EST 01/17/2020 01:29:23 AM EST
user919 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 12/05/2019 12/09/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Pending F1 to H1 .. Had VI o...   more> F1 to H1 .. Had VI on Dec 09, Visa Officer asked basic questions and retained passport with 221g white slip without any checks on slip. No documents requested during interview nor requested via email from consulate. <br>My case last updated on dec 16th and no status update since then.... Still shows 'Administrative Processing'. My work location is expecting me ASAP. Anybody? Same boat? 01/16/2020 11:32:31 AM EST 01/16/2020 11:32:31 AM EST
krishna909 1 Comments India Couple - H1 / H4 Extension Embassy/Consulate 01/16/2020 12/22/2019 India : Hyderabad 01/16/2020 India : Mumbai To be Processed Multiple 01/16/2020 03:39:47 AM EST 01/16/2020 03:39:47 AM EST
johnnykhil 0 Comments India Primary - H1 Extension Online 12/27/2019 01/06/2020 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Granted 01/13/2020 01/14/2020 Dec 27th Submitted D...   more> Dec 27th Submitted Dropbox Hyd Consulate <br>Dec 30th Case Created <br>Jan 3rd Passport returned with 221(g) and interview request <br>Jan 6th Attended Interview <br>Jan 10th Case Updated <br>Jan 13th Issued <br>Jan 14th Picked Passport 01/14/2020 05:46:27 AM EST 01/14/2020 05:47:23 AM EST
swe10 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 12/11/2019 12/10/2019 India : Hyderabad 12/11/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Pending Single 01/14/2020 01:46:29 AM EST 01/14/2020 01:46:29 AM EST
H1BHYD_DEC16 1 Comments India Primary - H1 Extension Embassy/Consulate 12/02/2019 11/27/2019 India : Hyderabad 12/16/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Granted 01/13/2020 Single 12/17/2019 05:13:40 AM EST 01/13/2020 04:25:07 PM EST

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