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kobimehta 1 Comments India Dependents - H4 New Application Online 12/02/2019 India : Mumbai 12/03/2019 India : Mumbai India : Ahmedabad Pending 12/10/2019 Multiple Date of Fingerprints...   more> Date of Fingerprints- Dec 2nd Monday. <br>Date of consular interview- Dec 3 Tuesday. <br> <br>Visa approved by VO. No 221g. <br> <br>STATUS- Administrative Processing <br>Dec 10, 12pm - Last case updated Date- Dec 3rd(interview date) <br>Dec 10, 3pm - Last case updated Date- Dec 10th. <br> <br>Status still Administrative processing. 12/11/2019 01:44:24 AM EST 12/11/2019 01:44:24 AM EST
sin221g 1 Comments India Family - H1 / H4 Transfer Embassy/Consulate India : Hyderabad India : Kolkata India : Kolkata Pending 11/26/2019 Multiple I had visa interview...   more> I had visa interview on Nov 4 2019, Visa officer asked basic questions salary,client and location and handed over 221g white slip with administrative processing and documents requested. I have submitted documents on Nov 11 2019 but still no update on status. 11/26/2019 01:39:52 AM EST 11/26/2019 01:43:55 AM EST
Deepthi1404 0 Comments United States Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 10/14/2019 India : Chennai 10/15/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 10/15/2019 I attended H1B visa ...   more> I attended H1B visa interview on Oct 15 2019. I had a few questions on salary, project and company. Consular have given a pink slip(221g) and took my passport. I submitted the documents on Oct 21 2019 and its almost one month, still the status is administrative processing and last updated on Oct 15 2019. My petition is till March 15 2020. Can anyone help on this and when can i expect a mail to collect my passport? 11/18/2019 10:35:37 PM EST 11/18/2019 10:35:37 PM EST
New_H1_VK 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 11/07/2019 11/06/2019 India : Chennai 11/07/2019 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending 11/18/2019 VO asked basic quest...   more> VO asked basic questions and issued 221g blue-slip with latest job duty as job duty letter is 6 months old. Passport returned <br>Went to VFS centre to submit the document on 11th November but they refused to take the document as VO does not tick submit option in 221g. Sent mail to support team on the same day and they took 2 days to respond stating to submit the document to VFS centre. Submitted the same on 15th November and waiting for their reply. 11/18/2019 07:53:20 AM EST 11/18/2019 07:53:20 AM EST
navsha1015 0 Comments India Family - H1 / H4 Extension Embassy/Consulate 11/17/2019 India : Hyderabad 11/18/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Pending Hi Frirends, I Ap...   more> Hi Frirends, <br> <br>I Appeared H1B Interview @ Hyderabad on November-18-2019. <br>VO Asked me Below Questions: <br>VO: what is your current I-797 Expiration Date: <br>my Response: Dec-2020 <br>VO: Please let me know exact Date <br>My Response: checked my I-797 and let VO know the Date. <br>VO: What is your current Designation. <br>My Response: XYZ Designation. <br>VO: What is your highest level of Education <br>My Response: Masters of Science in Information Technology. <br>VO: are you working for client or any vendor. <br>My Response: I said direct client XYZ company. <br>VO: asked question to my spouse, how long have you known him. <br>my Spouse response: 4 Years. <br> <br>interview was over and VO gave 221g white slip with "Your Application require additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made" option as selected. and VO gave case numbers along with the slip. <br>VO kept our passports with them and not returned to us. <br>can you please let me know anyone has experienced same pattern and how many days it took to get passport 11/18/2019 06:23:32 AM EST 11/18/2019 06:23:32 AM EST
sunnykhabran1986 0 Comments India Family - H1 / H4 Extension Online 10/23/2019 10/24/2019 India : Mumbai Pending 11/08/2019 10/28/2019 04:39:50 AM EDT 10/28/2019 04:39:50 AM EDT
hk1016 0 Comments India Primary - H1 Transfer Embassy/Consulate 09/06/2019 09/11/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 10/22/2019 10/23/2019 Case summary: 09/...   more> Case summary: <br> <br>09/11/2019 - H1B visa interview (visa approved, no slip given) <br>09/19 - Application Received <br>09/24 - Application Received <br>09/30 - Administrative Processing <br>10/18 - Received email from the consulate saying that they are ready for final processing and to submit my passport and 221g. I had to call and write email asking for clarification because 221G was never given to me and passport was with consulate <br>10/22 - Visa issued <br>10/23 - Passport pick up (I also received email from consulate stating that they erroneously asked for passport) <br> <br>Overall it took 6 weeks !! This process is frustrating and need not be this complicated. 10/02/2019 08:50:55 AM EDT 10/23/2019 06:09:57 AM EDT
deep571 1 Comments India Dependents - H4 New Application Embassy/Consulate 10/09/2019 10/07/2019 10/09/2019 India : Hyderabad India : Hyderabad Granted 10/16/2019 Multiple I have attended for ...   more> I have attended for H4 visa and received 221G white slip. Not sure how long it takes i am currently working on H4 EAD and my wife is on H1B visa working as Fulltime Employee. Please let me know how long it takes to get my visa approval as i have planned only for 4 weeks of vacation time in India. 10/09/2019 11:15:17 AM EDT 10/21/2019 11:08:41 AM EDT
Rn4stamping 2 Comments India Primary - H1 Extension Embassy/Consulate 06/27/2019 06/26/2019 India : Mumbai 06/27/2019 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 10/10/2019 10/14/2019 Single Addding my experienc...   more> Addding my experience <br>06/27: Went for stamping after 4 extensions in USA, <br>currently valid till aug 2020, <br>Usual questions about Job, location, salary etc <br>Asked about GC, since I answered yes he got up (No documents other than passport and I-797 asked) and went for 5 minutes, <br> came back with slip asking 1. Vacancy verification, 2. Project itinerary, 3. Project market analysis <br>Passport Returned <br>07/12: my employer replied with requested documents <br>07/23: I have flight tomorrow but don’t see any updates, my case last updated date is still 06/27 <br>08/25: No Change <br>09/05: Received response asking end client details, contact and such, replied <br>10/01: No change in status, still says AP last updated 06/27 (interview date) <br>10/02: finally decided to write email (to: traveldocs) about asking status; got standard reply and case created <br>10/04: got email requesting to submit passport, submitted on 10/07 <br>10/10: first time ever in more than 100 days case status changed to Issued, phew... 07/22/2019 01:52:02 PM EDT 10/14/2019 06:47:22 AM EDT
Ashwinh1 0 Comments India Primary - H1 New Application Embassy/Consulate 10/09/2019 10/01/2019 India : Chennai Granted 10/14/2019 VO:What is your name...   more> VO:What is your name <br>Me:Answered <br>VO:Where are you located in us? <br>Me:State City in US <br>VO:I like your suit and tie <br>Me:thank you sir i bought this when i was in Newyork <br>VO:I am Newyork too..do you like it there? <br>Me:Its a beautiful place with worlds most talented people <br>VO:R u talented? <br>Me:Most definitly sir <br>Finaly the golden words came out of his mouth <br>VO:Your Visa is aproved 10/14/2019 03:23:29 AM EDT 10/14/2019 03:26:08 AM EDT

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