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Nick Name: L1-L2 Visa tracker for my family

Username: ajaysamby Citizenship Country: India
Applicant Type: Family - L1/L2 Application Type: New Application

Appointment Schedule Method: Online Appointment Scheduled Date: 08/05/2019
Fingerprint Appointment Date: 09/20/2019 Fingerprint Appointment Location: India : Mumbai
Interview Date: 09/24/2019    
Embassy/Consulate: India : Mumbai Visa Center: India : Mumbai

Status: Pending Status Date: 09/25/2019
Passport Received Date: Visa Entry Type:
Travel to USA Date: Port of Entry:

Notes: I appeared for visa interview with my spouse and two kids on 24th of Sep. VO said my visa is approved and i will get my passport with visa in 3-5 days. When i checked status of my application, it was administration processing. I am waiting for status to change.
Date Added: 09/25/2019 12:56:59 PM EDT Last Updated: 09/25/2019 12:56:59 PM EDT

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sgpune     10/25/2019 14:22 PM

Do you have any update ? I am also on the same boat. Appreciate it !


Jigs79     01/02/2020 11:24 AM


Need your help guys. My company is preparing to apply for L1A this year. I need guidance on having an attorney or immigration lawyer in India for the process. Could you please suggest. Thanks in advance.


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