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Nick Name: Appu

Username: r_nunna Citizenship Country: India
Applicant Type: Primary - H1 Application Type: New Application

Appointment Schedule Method: Online Appointment Scheduled Date: 01/29/2020
Fingerprint Appointment Date: 02/12/2020 Fingerprint Appointment Location: Saudi Arabia,Dhahran
Interview Date: 02/12/2020    
Embassy/Consulate: Saudi Arabia : Dhahran Visa Center: Saudi Arabia,Dhahran

Status: To be Processed Status Date:
Passport Received Date: Visa Entry Type:
Travel to USA Date: Port of Entry:

Notes: Hi,

I have been to H1B interview along with my Wife on Feb 12th 2020, the interview went ok ok, after everything is done Lastly the VO said " Right now i can`t issue the visa as petition is not in system,again she said i can`t issue unless i see document in the system as of now i am see any thing in system "
She hasn`t given any form but
when i asked how to contact or check it. She has given 221(g) yellow form on other option she ticked it and wrote
" Petition needs approval".
When my wife asked about passports, VO said it will be with us only, if required any documents we will contact you.

Please someone help me in knowing what is my probability of getting the visa, i am stressed out

Date Added: 02/16/2020 01:35:46 AM EST Last Updated: 02/16/2020 01:39:06 AM EST

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