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User Name Comments Citizenship Country Applicant Type Sponsor Type Sponsor´s Relationship Sponsor Status Sponsorship Documents Sent Date Appointment Schedule Method Appointment Scheduled Date Fingerprint Appointment Date Fingerprint Appointment Location Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Status Status Date Passport Received Date Visa Stamp Duration Visa Entry Type Travel to USA Date Port of Entry I-94 Duration Granted at POE Notes Date Added Last Updated
radhikannan 0 Comments India Couple Someone in USA Spouse/Child(ren) US Citizen N/A 06/10/2016 India : Chennai India : Chennai Pending Multiple 07/19/2016 06/23/2016 04:40:02 PM EDT 06/23/2016 04:40:02 PM EDT
Ramandeep Kaur Sandhu 0 Comments India Family Someone in USA Brother/Sister US Citizen 05/03/2016 Online 05/30/2016 06/06/2016 India : New Delhi 06/20/2016 India : New Delhi India : Delhi To be Processed 10 Years Multiple 06/28/2016 06/20/2016 06:28:27 AM EDT 06/20/2016 06:28:27 AM EDT
ashwinkc 0 Comments American Samoa Other Other Other 04/10/2007 To be Processed 04/10/2007 04/12/2007 12:44:12 PM EDT 05/11/2016 06:57:26 PM EDT
mumvisa 0 Comments India Single Self None Online 01/30/2016 02/04/2016 India : Mumbai 02/19/2016 India : Mumbai India : Mumbai Granted 03/29/2016 04/05/2016 1 Year Multiple 05/04/2016 04/12/2016 01:54:23 AM EDT 04/12/2016 01:54:23 AM EDT
imtiaz begum 0 Comments India Single Other Spouse/Child(ren) H1/L1 Granted 02/11/2016 02/15/2016 11:27:23 AM EST 02/15/2016 11:27:23 AM EST
Sena 0 Comments Turkey Family Self Other Other Embassy/Consulate Turkey : Ankara To be Processed Multiple 02/06/2016 06:06:39 AM EST 02/06/2016 06:06:39 AM EST
samten 0 Comments Bhutan Single Other Other Organization 10/03/2015 Embassy/Consulate 10/24/2015 10/14/2015 India : New Delhi 10/24/2015 India : New Delhi India : Delhi Denied 10/24/2015 10/24/2015 Single 11/13/2015 Other 12/11/2015 09:03:51 AM EST 12/11/2015 09:03:51 AM EST
telsi 0 Comments Jamaica Widow/er Self Parents Pending 10/31/2015 10:38:37 PM EDT 10/31/2015 10:39:48 PM EDT
Nikita Ambasana 0 Comments India Single Other Employer Company Online 08/13/2015 08/24/2015 India : Chennai 08/25/2015 India : Chennai India : Chennai To be Processed 09/20/2015 10/21/2015 My Visa status is "N...   more> My Visa status is "No Status" on the ustraveldocs - check visa status online site and while online tracking of passport shows the message "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" 09/20/2015 02:29:58 PM EDT 09/20/2015 02:29:58 PM EDT
zarkah 0 Comments India Single Someone in USA Friend US Citizen 08/21/2015 India : Hyderabad Pending 08/21/2015 Multiple 10/09/2015 I am an applicant wh...   more> I am an applicant who is 13 years old. My best friend stays in USA and she used to study with me in the same school. <br>We submitted our B2 application on Aug 20 and me and my mother were called for the interview and were asked several questions. <br>We answered all questions and were issued a 221 g white slip in hyderabad and my passport was retained. They asked us to wait as our case requires administrative processing and we have been waiting since then. I wanted to visit in December as it is winter break for my friend in USA. I asked for a 3 weeks Visit Visa as my School has given permission to visit for 3 weeks. All our documents are correct. Why has the Visa not been issued until now? We were told that we might have an email or an other interview but we have not heard anything from the embassy yet. Any input would be helpful. 09/14/2015 05:52:43 PM EDT 09/14/2015 05:53:28 PM EDT

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