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User Name Comments Citizenship Country Applicant Type Sponsor Type Sponsor´s Relationship Sponsor Status Sponsorship Documents Sent Date Appointment Schedule Method Appointment Scheduled Date Fingerprint Appointment Date Fingerprint Appointment Location Interview Date Embassy/Consulate Visa Center Status Status Date Passport Received Date Visa Stamp Duration Visa Entry Type Travel to USA Date Port of Entry I-94 Duration Granted at POE Notes Date Added Last Updated
Joceline 0 Comments Haiti Family Someone in USA Brother/Sister Greencard 10/19/1950 Embassy/Consulate Haiti : Port-au-Prince To be Processed 04/02/2014 05:34:14 PM EDT 04/02/2014 05:34:14 PM EDT
Edward George 0 Comments India Family Someone in USA Brother/Sister H1/L1 Granted 02/27/2014 03/01/2014 12:53:39 AM EST 03/01/2014 12:53:39 AM EST
fercy 0 Comments Philippines Single Self Cousin Denied 02/06/2014 02/17/2014 02:23:49 PM EST 02/17/2014 02:23:49 PM EST
paulbaroi 0 Comments Bangladesh Single Self Uncle/Aunt Other Visa Center Pending 12/18/2013 10:44:03 PM EST 12/18/2013 10:44:03 PM EST
bunty03 0 Comments India Other Self None Online 11/10/2013 India : Kolkata 11/12/2013 India : Kolkata India : Kolkata Pending 11/27/2013 11:35:10 AM EST 11/27/2013 11:41:50 AM EST
sara.ramli 0 Comments India Family Other Spouse/Child(ren) Other Online 10/12/2013 10/15/2013 India : Chennai 10/17/2013 India : Chennai India : Chennai Granted 10/17/2013 10/18/2013 10 Years Multiple 11/20/2013 San Francisco - San Francisco International Airport (SFO) 09/15/2013 02:47:46 AM EDT 10/20/2013 03:25:06 AM EDT
vkviswanath 1 Comments India Single Someone in USA Spouse/Child(ren) H1/L1 Online 08/22/2007 09/05/2007 India : Chennai 09/05/2007 India : Chennai India : Chennai Granted 09/06/2007 09/10/2007 10 Years Multiple 09/17/2007 Houston - George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) 6 Months 09/11/2013 03:10:38 AM EDT 09/11/2013 03:11:40 AM EDT
shamsaus 0 Comments Australia Single Self None Other Embassy/Consulate 02/27/2013 02/27/2013 Australia : Sydney To be Processed 02/27/2013 Multiple 09/03/2013 09:47:05 AM EDT 09/03/2013 09:47:05 AM EDT
alexebus 0 Comments Syria Couple Someone in USA Spouse/Child(ren) Pending My parents came to t...   more> My parents came to the US on a B1/B2 for 6 months and it expires in October 2013. I applied for their green card in July 2013. I got the receipts for their applications and they already went for their fingerprints. My questions is: Do I still have to apply for a B1/B2 extension for them while waiting for the green card approval? or a s long as there is a pending green card application, there is no need for B1/B2 extension?? <br>Thanks. 08/08/2013 11:00:49 PM EDT 08/08/2013 11:00:49 PM EDT
novekhinda 0 Comments India Family Someone in USA Brother/Sister Greencard 04/17/2012 Walk-in 04/18/2012 India : New Delhi 01/09/2012 India : Delhi To be Processed Dear sir/ madam ...   more> Dear sir/ madam <br> I would like to enquire about the visa process. Actually my parents and my younger sister has applied for the us visa. They had interview about one year and 3 months ago and now they have submitted all their documents and passports but they have not got any reply. I am sending you their name and other details to check the visa process <br>As you asked me to send these details to find their records . Plz let me know how is their visa process going ASAP. Thx 07/20/2013 10:36:40 PM EDT 07/20/2013 10:36:40 PM EDT

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