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Description : Hello,

My mother-in-law will be traveling from Bangalore (or Chennai) to the US during the first or second week of June. She can handle English, but, this is her first international flight and it would be very helpful if she can travel along with someone. She would require help mainly at the transit airport (de-planing, finding the next gate and boarding the flight) and during customs clearance in the US. She is comfortable in speaking Tamil and English and can manage Malayalam and Hindi. We're planning to request for wheelchair assistance just in case we end up booking a ticket with transit in a large European airport.

Departure City in India: Bangalore (or we can also go to Chennai)
Arrival City in US: Cleveland (preferably ; or we can also do Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Newark)
Travel Date: First or Second week of June 2018

Thank you
First Time Traveler : Yes
Wheelchair Requested : Yes
Ticket Booked : No
Travel Date : June 01, 2018 to October 15, 2018
Languages Spoken : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil
Need Help With : Chat/Company, Immigration/Port of Entry, Transit/Connection
Notification of Matches : Partial Itinerary
No. From (City / Airport) To (City / Airport) Airline

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