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Subject: Fine Experience
Name: SpiceJet Aircraft:
Class: Economy Route:
Value For Money:
Ground Service:
Seat Comfort:
Inflight Service:
Food / Beverages:
Internet / WiFi:
Carry-On Luggage Storage:
AC Power:
Wheelchair Service:
Overall Satisfaction:
Recommend: Timeframe: Over one year ago
Review: Even though this particular experience was good, I would still not recommend them due to my previous negative experience with them and two subsequent negative experiences with them. My I went to check in at the gate, they asked me how many bags I had. I said 3. They asked me whether I had international connection and I said yes. She asked me to see my international itinerary and proof of my international baggage allowance. She allowed me that baggage allowance without any problem. Rest of the flight was noneventful. I was satisfied just with this particular flight experience, but was dissatisfied at all other times.
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