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Subject: Pathetic Customer Dealings
Name: SpiceJet Aircraft:
Class: Economy Route:
Value For Money:
Ground Service:
Seat Comfort:
Inflight Service:
Food / Beverages:
Internet / WiFi:
Carry-On Luggage Storage:
AC Power:
Wheelchair Service:
Overall Satisfaction:
Recommend: Timeframe: Within last year
Review: I could never imagine an airline ground staff to be so rude for a 2 year old kid. Me and my wife with our 2 year old son were travelling from Delhi to Bagdogra on Nov 4. We had an infant ticket purchased for the lil one. At the check in counter, the staff Kamini, asked me the age of the child. Then she asked for the child’s birth certificate which of course I had not carried. She then asked me that I need to purchase a ticket for the child as per Nov 4’s price which was Rs 13,500. I then spoke to her Supervisor Sneha, if I remember it right. I was on my return trip to Nepal via Bagdogra and of course did not have that much of cash with me. I asked her if I could pay at Bagdogra, she blatantly refused. I asked her what could I do, since I do not have that much of money with me. She was like "Sir, its up to you. We cannot let the child board the plane until you pay Rs 13,500 right now. You may leave the child at the airport or hand him over to someone, that is your problem, not ours. You may decide what you wanna do". I even asked them if they could compensate for the infant ticket which I had purchased. They were like, that is your problem - you need to collect the infant ticket money from the travel agent. The Assistant Manager on Duty was of course of no help to us since he had to save his staff I suppose. I am glad I had some relatives in Delhi, you brought me the money at the airport. How can an airline staff, in other words anyone, be so rude towards a kid. This was the first time we traveled Spice Jet, I am sure this is the last time and never ever again I am gonna fly or recommend this airlines to anyone.
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