Tweet, Email or Call? The Best Way to Contact Your Airline or Hotel’s Customer Support.

United Airlines announced the addition of 480 daily flights. American Airlines also stated that they would be hiring 300 new pilots by the end of 2021.  

Hotels followed suit, and while the influx of travelers brings business, it’s not the only side of the story.

The influx will cause a higher number of customers trying to reach customer support, which means longer wait times on the phone. To help you beat the race, let’s examine the best ways to contact your airline or hotel customer support — tweet, email, or call.

Tweet for Quick Results

A tweet offers the quickest results compared to emails and phone calls. Mike McCready, a patron of Delta Hotels, witnessed it.

He once tweeted expressing his grievances for not getting a good view from his room. He chose not to ask for a replacement, and he didn’t even tag the hotel. Delta, however, noticed.

They offered a new room with a better view within an hour. The staff also placed a dish of sweets and a handwritten card for Mike in the new room. Astounded by the gesture, Mike wrote another post about it.

Airlines haven’t stayed behind. American Airlines receives 4,500 tweets a day. The tweets bring to light issues involving everything from baggage delays to troubles with reservations.

Fliers turned to Twitter to voice their grievances, and the airlines listened. Southwest Airlines now has a social media team of 35 people. The dedicated team offers quick solutions to all customer complaints posted on social media.

Remember, Twitter provides exceptional results when:

  • You strive for quick solutions
  • You can explain the issue within 280 characters  
  • You failed to get any result over the phone

Email to Get Access to Authorities and Submit Supporting Documents

Emails offer you a chance to connect with authoritative figures, and they allow you to share supporting documents as well. A tweet or a phone call won’t offer that benefit.

Spirit Airlines gifted John Dignam two free flight vouchers. He and his daughter earned them as they volunteered to give up their seats in a flight. Later on, when he attempted to redeem the vouchers on a new flight, the scenario changed.

The ‘free’ vouchers lowered the cost by only $26. Bewildered, Dignam called the customer service team. A representative informed him it was the best they could do, and Dignam would have to pay the remaining $188.

That’s when Christopher Elliot, a columnist of The Washington Post stepped in. He contacted the company over email.

The officials replied back stating they never heard about the incident. They termed it as an IT issue and resolved the problem. Dignam received the free vouchers he deserved.

According to Elliot, most customers pick up the phone to resolve the issue. However, he argued that a well-written complaint holds a lot more merit.

Emails serve you the best when:

  • You called many times, but with no solutions
  • You need to provide supporting documents to strengthen your case
  • The call representatives don’t have the authority to resolve the issue

Call to Explain Complex Issues

The character limitations in a tweet render it useless when you need to explain something complex. Emails offer the space. However, the back-and-forth lengthens the process. Phone calls are the solution to these issues.

If you cancel a holiday trip, the airline company is bound to refund you. British Airways, however, chose not to abide by it. In 2020, instead of refunds, they offered vouchers to their customers.

The agitated customers used different tricks to get their money back. The Daily Mirror published the entire issue in an article titled “British Airways customers share top tricks on how they secured holiday refunds.”

One of the customers, Angela Lam, remarked that she phoned the customer service at 6:00 a.m. right when the lines opened. The early morning call helped her to talk to a customer service representative, and she received her refund.

Another customer named David advised that in order to get a refund, it works best to call. He cautioned, however, in case anyone hears an automated message, they must hang up and call later.

A phone call offers astounding results when:

  • You anticipate questions
  • You want to discuss something that’s personal
  • You want to explain something complex

Even with all these tricks, it’s possible that you still might not receive a refund for your money spent. To avoid this scenario, trip cancellation insurance is your best bet.

Under this policy, you can get reimbursed for the nonrefundable, prepaid part of your trip. You can compare dozens of such plans and choose the best one for you on Insubuy.  

Four Tips Get Solutions from Customer Service Quicker

Irrespective of the medium you choose, these four tips will get you quicker solutions from customer service:

1. Be Polite

In August 2019, London City Airport published a video on their YouTube channel. The video was titled “Day in the Life of a Customer Services Agent.”

In it, customer service agent Rihana Stanford talked about her day. It begins at 4:30 in the morning, and she handles the social media accounts of the airline, including their Twitter. Her other duties include helping passengers check in, prepping them for security, and managing the Information Help Desk.

Airline and hotel customer service reps work under immense pressure. A word or two of compassion inspires them to go the extra mile to solve your problem.

Remember, they aren’t the creators of your issues.  

2. Share Positivity

Lynn Stines, a customer service representative of American Airlines, offers customers free Wi-Fi codes and champagne on special occasions. Imagine what such a person would do for you if you post a positive review.

3. Realistic Expectations

Customer service representatives work within limitations, so you should have realistic expectations. A basic economy ticket won’t convert into first-class just because you want it to.

4. DMs over Posts

Posting your grievances on social media feels good. You shamed the company in front of the whole world. However, it’s imperative you head over to the DM to solve the issue so that you can protect your privacy. Otherwise, your personal details will be scattered all over the internet.

Choose Which Medium Works for Your Issue

Tweeting, emailing, and calling all deserve a place in customer support. You need to find what works best for your issue. These tips will help you choose the right medium. 

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