Visa Stamping at Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Tijuana is located in Baja California, Mexico. It is less than 20 miles south of San Diego, California. San Ysidro is a community on the U.S. side (San Diego) that borders Tijuana. San Ysidro, CA is the world's busiest land border crossing, where U.S. interstate 5 (known as I-5) crosses into Mexico at Tijuana.

Lines are long and crossing times are very high, especially by car. Therefore, many people prefer to park the car on the U.S. side and cross the border by foot. Pedestrian crossing lines are usually faster.

The information mentioned on this web site should be sufficient for your visa stamping trip. U.S. dollars are accepted at the bank and at most other places. Therefore, you do not have to convert any U.S. dollars into Mexican pesos. However, if you want to pay people in exact pesos instead of rounded dollars, you can get some Mexican pesos, equivalent to $25 to $30.