USA Immigrant Visa – Children Who Are About to Reach 21 Years of Age

If you have children who intend to immigrate with you to the United States or to join you in the United States at a later date, please read this important information.

In order to immigrate with you to the United States, or to follow you at a later date, your children must be:

  • Unmarried
  • Eligible to be listed under your visa classification, and
  • Under the age of 21 at the time they enter the United States.

Note: Children of mothers, fathers, or spouses of United States citizens, must have separate immigrant visa petitions filed on their behalf.

Children who will turn 21 within 60 days

If any of your children will turn 21 within 60 days, please notify the National Visa Center (NVC) immediately.

Notify NVC by telephone

Please call (603) 334-0700

  • Listen to the recorded messages
  • Enter your case number or USCIS receipt number at the appropriate time, and
  • You will be connected to an operator for assistance.

Note: If visas will be available in your category prior to your son or daughter’s birthday, NVC will expedite the processing of your case in order to ensure that your son or daughter will be able to immigrate with you. Unfortunately, they cannot assist you if visas are not available in your category prior to your son or daughter’s birthday.

Notify NVC by mail

Alternatively, you can notify NVC in writing. NVC contact information

Failure to notify NVC

Failure to notify NVC that you have a child who will turn 21 could result in that child being above the legal age at the time your visa is issued. In that event, you will be required to file a separate petition for your child after you immigrate, and your son or daughter will face a waiting period before he or she will be eligible for visa processing.

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