USA Immigrant Visa Medical Examination in Various Countries

General information for all consulates

Dhaka, Bangladesh
The medical exam can be done at Dr. Wahab’s chamber in Baridhara (he is one of the three recommended physicians). They are highly professional in their approach. They take appointments, but one can also go on a walk-in basis. A good time to go is between 3 PM and 4 PM. There is usually very little waiting there. The procedure is as follows:
– Blood test
– Urine samples taken
– Measles and Tetanus shots are given (you can also take the Rubella shot, but that’s not mandatory)
– Chest X-ray
– Finally, Dr. Wahab performs the generic stethoscope routine

The results are given the following day in a sealed envelope. They also tell verbally that everything is OK.

Frankfurt, Germany
They usually send medical and visa appointments out for the same day, although sometimes there are people who didn’t get a medical appointment with the P4 letter. The appointments are usually 2 hours apart, e.g., medical at 8 AM and visa appointment at 10 AM. The consulate advises in the P4 that some applicants are sent to the medical-only after the visa interview.

It is possible to do the medical without the appointment if this is done in the days before the interview. The doctor’s office is open Mo-Fr, 7:30 AM – 11 AM for this.

The medical is done at
Internistische Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Peter Kroneberger & Associates
Ulmenstrasse 43
60325 Frankfurt

This is about a 10 minute walk from the consulate.

The fee has to be paid in cash or Eurocheque (a type of check common in Europe). Credit cards or American checks are not accepted. It takes 1-2 days for the results of the medical to reach the consulate.

Guangzhou, China
You can take the exam at several hospitals, however only “The first hospital of Guangzhou Medical University” can complete the exam in one day. Other places may take more time. At this university, you will have to go for the medical exam in the morning and you get the report on the same day afternoon. You don’t need an appointment for the exam.

Hong Kong, China
There are various doctors in Hong Kong where the applicants for an immigrant visa can go for the medical check-up. You will need to make an appointment for the exam. Medical exams and immunizations are done in one day. The report is usually given after 2 days, although it may vary depending upon the doctor you go to. Please check with the individual doctor.

London, UK
Packet IV contains a lot of information, the Part II form, map to the doctor’s office for the medical, fees for inoculations, etc, and a medical questionnaire (have you ever been admitted to a hospital? have you ever had a test for Syphilis). Answering YES to any of these question’s isn’t a big deal – it’s just so when the doctor talks to you he has a clue.

They don’t let you in until 8 AM sharp. They are very friendly. You have to give your passports, inoculation records, and questionnaire to the secretary. They seem to process people in alphabetical order, so don’t turn up extra early, or push to the front to get in. After a while, the secretary calls your name and you pay the fee (85 pounds each). Absolutely 100% they take credit cards.

After sometime, you would be called for your blood tests (children under 16 don’t have a blood test). The person draws the blood and asks that you verify that the name on the tube is yours. Then back to the waiting room.

Again after sometime, you would be called for the X-Ray. You have to strip down to your waist, and then pose like a chicken while the X-Ray is taken. Then put your clothes back on and go and talk to the doctor.

The doctor is very friendly too (like everyone there) and just goes over your inoculation records, tests blood pressure and breathing and tells you what shots you need. Then go and wait for your shots.

You pay for the shots right there (can be paid by credit card also). You get inoculation certificates for your own records, and you are given your X-Rays. In short, everything is over in 1 day and actually within couple of hours.

There are a few little booths to change in for the chest x-ray, you will have to strip down to the waist however they do give women a gown to put on! After the x-ray you’re instructed to put your bra back on and then the gown on top of that for when you see the doctor. The doctor listens to your chest as you breathe in and out, looks into your eyes and throat and that’s about all.

As most UK people didn’t have the mumps vaccine so they usually will have to give the MMR jab (mumps-measles-rubella) to applicants. Basically, if you didn’t have written proof of any vaccine they needed, you will have to receive it again. Both tetanus and diphtheria shots have to be less that 10 yrs old, so even if your tetanus is up-to-date you may have to have a diphtheria shot separately.

The blood test is usually rough. You may get a bruise. You may get a “localized reaction” to the MMR shot and it may be an itchy 4-inch diameter raised patch, but not too bad. It may also be the size of a quarter.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
You should go to the doctor’s at the specified time of appointment. The procedure is quite straightforward and the doctor is a nice person. You will have to get a cursory physical examination done, but you will not have to strip, as in other countries. Your blood sample is taken HIV I & II testing as well as VDRL (Syphilis). They also take your chest x-ray. You are given MMR (or MMR booster) shot and another shot for varicella. All procedures are done in about 20 minutes.

Montreal, Canada
The medical exam takes about an hour to have x-rays, blood tests, tetanus shot, blood pressure, and exam. They also do a drug screen (via urine sample), something that is not mentioned in the letter. The exam is your basic eyes, ears, throat. You will have to touch your toes, show that you have a good balance, and the doctor also checks your peripheral vision. After 2 days you will be able to pick up the results in the afternoon.

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