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Sending money to India

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HDFC QUickremit is bad news. Stay away. Tried Xoom, and they seem to be fast, at least on the first transaction.
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Avoid Remit2India
I had really bad experience with Remit2India. They charged me $ 20 for ACH rejection, for which i was totally unaware. I did not receive any phone call or email about this pending charges and they recovered from my next remittance. I had no idea what is going on. There is no one in their office to give proper reply. Only way to contact is their email and there is no responsible person to give proper reply.
Morale of the story : AVOID REMIT2INDIA.
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SBI promptly converts on the 5th working day. and their exchange rates are always better than any other online remittances.
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Avoid Remit2India like plague
I have tried several different options to send money to India. Of all the services, Remit2India has been the worst. They claim to give you best exchange rates, but the reality is very far from that. I did a test transfer of $50 in late June 2009 and they took around 3 weeks to complete the transfer. The exchange rate a dismal 43.9. The dollar-rupee conversion hasn't been this low in almost a year. Still they claimed that this was the prevailing exchange rate at that point. Obviously money2india transfers from around the same time had much higher exchange rates. Money2India has been the better experience to date. I also started to use the online remit service from Citi, it's been surprisingly painless so far for a Citi product.
Moral of the story-- stay away from Remit2India at all cost.
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Avoide Remit2India
Avoid Remit2India at all cost. Its been over 2 weeks since money has been debited my foreign bank account but it has not yet arrived my NRI bank account. I have already called them thrice and send them numerious emails but only response I got is "apology for the deley" without any explaination. Their customer service centre is pathatic. Customer service have only authority to write to [email protected]. Relationship manager is even more kind of gem. She kept calling me for promotions but has disappeared since I have intiated the tranaction. Once I received back my money ,I am done with them…BEWARE PEOPLE!!!!
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ICICI is good
Guys, I have been using ICICI money2india for the past two years and I have not faced any issues till now. Almost on all occasions I have got the transfer done in 5 working days. I am not sure on other banks.
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Avoid Remit2india
In financial services, lack of clarity is almost fraud like. There are other better services that take you remittance amount, which is the amount you want to remit and add any applicable fees by disclosing it at the time of remittance.

Remit2India uses a fraudulent way of remitting money. They use the amount you want to remit, as the amount that they withdraw from the bank and then start subtracting from it charges they feel like. This is obviously fraudulent for at least two reasons:
The fail to disclose the fees and they don’t remit the amount you wanted to remit. By doing the transaction in such a manner that allow themselves to deduct what the like and when they like.

This company should be shut down. Complain to your local/state attorney general’s office and more the complaint, easier will it be to file a class action lawsuit to shut them down to prevent people from falling victims to their fraudulent ways.
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Remit2India is a useless and slow service
Remit2Inida is useless. Takes 5 days for them to even begin doing anything only after you send a complaint. They don’t even reply, but rather get off their sorry rear end to start doing something. I have sent over doezen transfers through XOOM with zero complaints. There may be other good money transfer services too. Poor website + pathetic service = Remit2India. It benefits one to stay away from this crap remitting service. My recommendation - AVOID Remit2India AT ALL COSTS.
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sending money to india
I have found that the only way to trust an organisation is if they can guarantee the exchange rate they offer.

Having experienced icicibank and many others, stood out. They at least provide the exchange rate they quote. They do generally only handle medium to large payments as they specialise in assisting companies but worth a call
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I see everyone wants good money for their transaction. Nothing wrong. Also you try different options (bank or hawala) whoever gives more money when you transfer. In the sameway banks are looking at different options how to gain on your greedy. Do you use govt. banks for the transactions? No, becoz they may give lower rates. But you want to take some risk so obviously this will be difficult to get satisfied as there is some risk. When you use alternative ways like hawala you might be funding terror groups. Also when you buy pirated CDs you might be helping terror groups in their funding. One day you will be shocked and surprised that you might be one of them in helping their funding for terror activities in India. And you just say oh my god these people should be punished for their atrocities but forgetting that you are helped them indirectly.
Yes I will agree that you need reasonable return on your transaction but don't try to be greedy. I saw people combine their transactions to save transaction fees. Means they can go any extent to fulfil their greediness.
Try use govt. services. Probably you can't miss a chance to become billionare from millionare just becoz you got lower rate from them.
Hope you guys understood.
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