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Sending Money to India

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AXIS Bank Remit Service
Wondering if any one can share their experience of using the Axis bank remit service ... ? I have been using ICICI so far, but felt that AXIS's rates are more attractive.
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Just wanted to express my thanks to all the folks who have written about their experiences. A big thank you. I was almost ready to use HDFC quickremit for transferring about 20K euros to my NRE account, but now I'm quite a bit wiser. I've been using Citibank till now. The service has been excellent, no horror stories, but the exchange rate has always been lesser than other channels. I was getting lured by a higher rate being offered by quickremit, but the risk is simply too great. So I think I'll go back to shittybank, ooops, citibank.

BTW, I've been seeing a lot of people complain that they have been offered 50-70p lower than the market rate. Thats perfectly normal, no bank will offer exactly the market rate...
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Remit2India Fraud / SBI Good
I had numerous bad experience with Remit2India. They never pay actual exchange rate. If you book transaction for 50.55 rupees, benificiery account in India will be credited for 49.45 rupees. One time booked the transaction and cancelled it as I was in the need of money. They did not return that money until one month, though I made so many calls to to get the money back. Finally they told that they can not return money, but they can remit to India. After that I never used thier services. I always prefer to send through SBI remittence service, they are reliable and ran by goverment. Thier exchange rate is fare and not like remit2india. To verify that you can keep watching the exchange rate for 2-3 days after sbi withdraws money from US account and compare the rate you get. if you want to send immedialty there is a fast remittence service in SBI. Find good remittance service and dont be victim for fraud services.
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No accountability for the delay in service by Express Remit SBI service
I am very dissatisfied with the service... I have posted a transaction on 13th Feb. and expected it to be completed in 5 days.. even after 11 days its showing it in 'In Process' status.
In between i had posted 3 tickets to them but their standard answer 'it will take 3 days from the account debitted'
funniest thing is that they even dont see that these 3 days have been exceeded.
There should be some accountability of the delay.
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stupid HDFC quick remit
Dis s really a very bad xperience with HDFC bank.
I sent money to india on 19 jan 2009... but it was not reached yet. I m calling to the customer service from last one week. They are saying call after 2 days. Again i called back. they are saying that we r trying to trace the detalis . But they r not responding properly.It s almost 1 month. This s very bad bank.Low rate service.
I transferd many times through ICICI . But i had never xperience a problem like dis.
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Transfer money problem
Hai. . every body remit2India persons are not fare, 7 days back transfer the money to India but till today not receive the payment. Payment has been drawn in my account.
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REMIT2INDIA's Service sucks..even after 2 weeks of aading my bank account details they are still not activated...i initiated transfers....even they are on hold. How can YOU RELY ON A SUCH AN IRRESPONSIBLE COMPNAY. IT IS COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL.

After one week when i called them they said there is some problem with verification and please send us an email to our compliance department and they will call you in 2 days. Its a week again and no resolution....
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fraud at remit2india?
I feel, Following reasons are enough to advise not to do business with remit2india.

Fraud in Remit2india service? MAY BE YES... i sent money 25 days back and the money still haven't reached the recipient......................

Is customer service good @ Remit2india? ABSOLUTELY NO.... when checking about transaction status, even they don't have authorization to give 100% details of the transaction and the only guys have access is "COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT" who can be reached only by e-mail.......................

Can you expect response from compliance department @ Remit2india immediately? ABSOLUTELY NO....... every time, you ask to check into transaction further which can't be handled by customer service, you get an e-mail from compliance department which says, we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs.... and u know what, you will get final status of the inquiry only after a week. this happened to me thrice on the same transaction which took for a total of 3 weeks and still no result as of today......................

Can you take legal action aginst remit2india? ABSOLUTELY YES..... yes... you heard it correct... this is what I was told by remit2india customer service when asked if I can do anything on a transaction with no status even after 25 days......................

Does customer service @ remit2india show courtesy? ABSOLUTELY NO... when asked to talk to a higher manager to inquire more about a transaction that was not complete even after 3 weeks, the response I got was " customer service agent hung up the phone on my face"......................
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Remitting money to India
Just wanted to ask one things:-

"Is there any remitting service to India, which displays a quote of exchange rate Rs/$ for on a daily basis on there site? So that even if you are not satisfied with the rate, at least you know they had this rate public".

There seems to be a big need of something like this.
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Remit2india Fraud
I made Transaction around USD 3000$ to India by remit2india. This was my first transaction in remit2india. They did all their regular formalities, it’s been a week now my money is not credited to my Indian account neither my email is responded nor customer care give correct solution, I am in panic about my money status.
No response from bullshit customer service and management, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
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