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Sending Money to India

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pathetic service from Remit2India
I am having a worst experience with Remit2India.
Firstly they never respond to your queries on phone and say everything requires 2-4 days to respond and without even letting the exchange rate they do transaction.Even before your account gets verified no where mentioned in their procedure they debit your account and do not have answer for the same.
I want to know before one's account verification has anyones account was debited for the amount.
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I registered on remit2india with the link for their scheme of $15 for new customers. But even after couple of transactions I did not receive $15. Whenever you call customer care they will just tell you to write to [email protected] if you write nobody ever responds to your email. Please stay away and don't get cheated by these people.
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HDFC Quickremit complaint regarding non transfer of fund to India a/c

I've transferred money to india thro HDFC Quickremit from Singapore. I've transferred many times before all of them credited within 3-4 working days. but this time they've taken more than 5 working days. anyone please give me contact details & resolution information, please... please...

Thanks & Regards,
[email protected]
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HDFC is btter than ICICI
My observations
1) ICICI gives poor rate compare to HDFC.
2) ICICI have better customer care service compare to HDFC.
3) Both ICICI and HDFC will gives less rate compare to market.
4) Still HDFC rate bit more compare to ICICI.
5) I have no idea about SBI.
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Remit2india is better than rest
I have remitted $150 on 12th june 08 via remit2india online money transfer, they told me that money will be reached within four days and after 3 days of my transfer i got a call from my parents by saying we got money, i am surprised by remit2india service becoz, non other than remit2india was able to deleiver my funds so quickly..
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I recently used HDFC Quick Remit service to transfer some funds to India. I was so disappointed with their service.

The conditions state that the funds will be transferred in 3-4 working days, well they were debited from my US a/c the next day, it took them a week to transfer the funds and the exchange rate provided was around 0.70 paise less than the market rate for the day.

I called the service centre and asked them for an explanation and the answers was 'Sir that was the exchange rate when we transferred your funds'. I checked 5 websites for the exchange rate, all of them quoted around 42.20 - 42.53, the exchange rate given to me was $41.85.

For the date of 02 June 2008, the rupee was never below the Rs. 42 level.

I tried twice to contact a Manager, but as always there are unavailable and I was kept on hold.

How can there be such a huge difference between market rates and the rate HDFC applies.

They say no fees, but then they make complete fools out of customers by applying very low rates, better to use services which tell you the rate when you transfer the funds and charge you a fee upfront instead of guessing all the time and being fooled to think that it is a free transfer.

This is my first experience with HDFC Quick remit and I will not be using their services again.
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never use HDFC quick remit
my money is on hold with these guys for the past 60 days and i am not able to retreive it back. everytime i call them they say that the bank has rejected.

  i was calling them everyday and they give me the same story everyday. changed 3 bank accounts, but here the same stories.

  How can we take action against these guys for doing things like this? Any help here.
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stay away from remit2india-avoid pain and trouble
The best way to identify quality of remit2india is try to reach remit2india people - none of the numbers will work, chat application will be down. You will curse yourself for using their best of worst services.

If your transaction is on hold for any reason, nobody will know about it other than couple of people, so you go and look for your transaction status - it will show status as delivered and amount will not be remitted. If you contact them - you will realize its now only problem-go figure it out. Its like you did a big big big mistake by sending money using remit2india. You will feel like you are asking for a loan...not you own money

please do use legitimate services like banks, DO NOT USE REMIT2INDIA if you want to avoid trouble
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Abut HDFC remit
How Is HDFC service for money to india,

thanks in advance,
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Remit2India is better than the rest
I am recent convert of Remit2India and to put it on record my experience has been fabulous. My brother transfers me money every month from Singapore and so far he was using either western union or money2india(a pain!), but both these offered a really low rate and the also charged a service fee. With remit2india I don’t have to go looking for an authorised center to receive my cash, it comes directly into my bank account. The exchange rate is slightly better too. For me Remit2india is any day a better service than the dozen others out the
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